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Opinion: Now isn't the time to cut Alberta spending

By Jeff Loomis, Patricia Jones and Franco Savoia

Re: “Budget 2015 feels like deja vu all over again,” Ted Morton, Opinion, Nov. 12.

“God Please Give Us Another Boom. 610 more words


Budget 2015: The Neutrino Problem

Scientists solved the problem of the Ghost Particle in less time than it’s taken the Alberta government to come up with a creative approach to economic diversification. 1,029 more words

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NDP plan gets approval from past and present Alberta investment officials

The NDP plan to mobilize $2.1 billion through its financial institutions to spur economic diversification and create jobs has merit and does not necessarily pose a threat to taxpayer savings, says the former head of the Alberta Investment Management Corp. 682 more words


Premier confident new Alberta investment policy won't risk taxpayers' dollars

Alberta’s savings will not be put at risk by a plan to invest in Alberta companies because politicians will stay out of the decision-making process, Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday. 672 more words


Ewart: Meet the new NW Refining and its now-bigger oil refinery

Ian MacGregor likes to joke that he got the name for his oil refinery wrong when he called it the North West Upgrader more than a decade ago and he apparently had issues with its size all that time, too. 797 more words


Now is the right time for royalty review, says Alberta's energy minister

Alberta’s energy minister is undeterred in her push to conduct a review of royalties, despite the financial pressure the collapse of oil prices has placed on the industry. 525 more words


Editorial: Leave business to business

It’s perhaps not unexpected that western premiers would want to diversify the economy, given the now long-standing plummet of oil prices. It would be nice to wave some magic wand and wipe away the red ink on government ledgers and get breadwinners back to work. 393 more words

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