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Nothing good happens after 2 am or knowing me

“When it’s after 2 am, just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2 am are the wrong ones.”
-Ted Mosby

See, don’t believe what you tell yourself so late at night. 53 more words


Tick tick tick... or another story of how I met your mother

Kids, have I ever told you the story of how I met your mother? Well, it’s a long story, and some moments of it seem to have happened faster than they actually were. 136 more words


Are Ted Mosby And Ross Geller #Goals?

I once saw a post on Tumblr say that Christian Grey from 50 Shades Of Grey is a bad example of what a relationship goal should be like, and I think most people know that to be true. 942 more words



‘There’s a kindness deficit going on everywhere’

Note: This QNA of Josh Radnor was done by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) in October 2015 for… 2,532 more words

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Word of the Day Challenge: Sillage

So, I binge-watched How I Met Your Mother on Netflix over Christmas, and this is the result… I am so, so sorry…

Sillage – the impression made by someone or something (through scent or feeling) after they have left/the trace of someone’s perfume… 448 more words

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