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Do you believe in destiny?

Hey there,

Are you the Ted Mosby of your gang? I mean, do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that you are destined to meet some people and it is not an accident? 454 more words


TOP 10: HIMYM Episodes

If you know me well (although you really don’t have to know me well at all to know this if you follow my tweets and see how I almost always laud this show), How I Met Your Mother is my absolute favorite TV series of all time. 3,177 more words

Barney Stinson

Superstore Review - Confessions of a Romantic Comedy Lover

I’ve grown up on watching romantic comedies my entire life.

I use to excuse it by saying it’s because I’d get outvoted on movie night by my two sisters and while that’s true I have a true love of the genre as a whole whether it’s in television like FRIENDS or movies like 27 Dresses. 448 more words


Air Kicks

“Long distance was, and is, a terrible idea… a really terrible idea” – Ted Mosby.

I don’t understand relationships though I’m fifty percent of my relationship since last eight and half years.

430 more words

7 Simple Reasons Why It's Better To Live With Your Heart On Your Sleeve, And Not Build Walls

​It’s not just because Loki said so. It’s because…

I wear my heart on my sleeve.
And, yes, I am the kind of person to walk up to a stranger and tell them my whole life story from the good to the bad, like Ted Mosby. 640 more words


For a long time, I thought I was a Ted Mosby…until I met you.

Since then, I don’t want to be a Ted anymore. Because, clearly, I am a Marshall and I have found my Lily. 23 more words