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Tales from a Happy Hour Rookie

Today I went to my first happy hour with my favorite person in the world.. and those of you who follow my blog will know that it’s… 469 more words

The Deep End Of The Dating Pool

In my early 20’s, after my first serious relationship had breathed its last, I marathon watched a whole lot of episodes of Sex & The City.  1,208 more words

The 'How I Met Your Mother' ending isn't as bad as everyone says

After the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale premiered back in 2014, the fans sort of gave a bad reaction.

I don’t mean that they were upset that it was over, I mean that they were upset with how it ended. 344 more words


The Ted Mosby Effect...

Everyone has their ideal relationship. The one that we look up to and see what we want and then look down and see what we have. 547 more words




I love how those who are in long-term relationships love giving those who aren’t in long-term relationships advice about being in a long-term relationship, or rather, how to get into one.  361 more words

Hi there!

I’m a legal adult with far too much free time on her hands who very much enjoys How I Met Your Mother, and I am here to answer the age old question: … 333 more words