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Now the National Review is Calling for Ted Nugent's Head on a Pike

Having miserably failed to do so much as slow the Trump juggernaut, the National Review hopes to have better luck kicking Ted Nugent around. The once venerable conservative opinion magazine flamed out spectacularly with it’s vastly overhyped… 846 more words


Ted Nugent vs The ADL – Who Is Behind Gun Control?


This video, Dr. David Duke, PhD and former member of the House of Representatives-LA completely and utterly refutes the vicious J. Greenblatt, ADL attack on Rocker Ted Nugent. 39 more words

Daily News

Ted Nugent Calls Himself A 'Motown Black Man' Who's Ready To Set Democrat Slaves Free

It’s a Black History Month miracle as conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who once compared President Obama to a “chimp” and “subhuman mongrel,” has declared himself a black man, specifically a “Motown black man.” And The Nooge’s first order of business as a “large, in charge” brotha with the “defiance of Rosa Parks”? 334 more words


Headlines -- 2/13/16

An Ohio police officer mocks the suicide of a Black Lives Matter activist, rocker Ted Nugent doubles down after sharing an anti-Semitic photo, a neo-Nazi group promotes ‘white jihad’ and more. 95 more words


Ted Nugent


The definition of racism has been slowly morphing through the years so that it no longer means what it once did, which was a belief in the genetic superiority of one race over another. 453 more words

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Motor City Madman takes aim at Organized Jewry

Ted Nugent exposes the Jews behind gun control. The legendary activist Dr. David Duke breaks it down in his  latest video.  It’s like a journey to the center of the Jewish mind. 19 more words

Elton John and the Rolling Stones Upset at Donald Trump

By: Beau Daniels

You often hear about political campaigns upsetting music artists by using their music at events. This time it’s Elton John and the Stones who don’t want to be associated with a politician. 212 more words