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Damn Yankees- Zebra legs

We have here a tour shirt from Damn Yankees for 1993 so they were supporting their second album. For some reason Ted Nugent has Zebra legs. 45 more words

Earth Day: Wisconsin Style

Yesterday, April 22nd, was a day known as Earth Day. Earth Day, ironically enough, was started in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. In fact Wisconsin was once know for producing some of the most famous and most quoted naturalists and “conservationists” the world has ever seen. 1,023 more words

Imported from Detroit - A Few Choice Cuts from the Motor City's Best Merch

You probably (hopefully?) don’t know Luke Seile, butĀ if you’ve ever been sent a viral video of someone doing something extreme chances are you know his work. 223 more words

Band Merch

Katie Hopkins and the Prints of Darkness

Once more, Katie Hopkins has the internet in an uproar; once more, I fail to understand what all the fuss is about, but this time I’m going to write about it and explain why as best I can. 1,075 more words

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Song of the Day: Stranglehold by Ted Nugent


Here I come again now baby
Like a dog in heat
Tell it’s me by the clamour now baby
I like to tear up the street… 85 more words

Song Of The Day

Random Headlines -- 4/15/15

The Huffington Post – Marco Rubio’s Miami church deals in exorcisms, Creationism, and anti-gay policies.
Think Progress – The perfect storm may be brewing in Colorado to pass a ‘personhood’ law. 80 more words


Fill Ted full of lead (pencil)

Ted Nugent IS one of the few real reasons to own a gun.

In honor of poor Ted’s soul that he sold to the devil long ago: 18 more words

Let's Go Steal Some Picknik Baskets