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Ted Nugent is right that we really need to clean house of the media, not just the government...

Not only that we really need to clean house of the US government and the White House, we also need to clean house of US mainstream news media. 361 more words


: a thanksgiving what if :

I was stopped behind an ancient red truck with rust holes so spacious I could’ve stuck my head through them. Stickers and decals abounded, loudly proclaiming the joys and manliness of bow hunting. 252 more words


Whitford St. Holmes (Ft. Aerosmith Guitarist and Former Ted Nugent Vocalist) announce Fall Tour and New Album

Whitford St. Holmes featuring Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and former Ted Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes are gearing up for a fall tour kicking off November 12th in Milwaukee and wrapping up November 22nd in New Hope, PA. 156 more words


What A Shame

Florida Called Off Its Big Black-Bear Hunt After It Became a Black-Bear Massacre


“A combined mortality rate of 20% of the entire bear population has become Florida’s ghastly new definition of sustainability, while the human population of the state increases by more than the entire bear population every single week, a fact that human policy-makers regard as a source of pride, not a cause for grave concern.” 15 more words


"If I Only Had A Gun…": It's Clear To Me Now, Jewish Civilians With Revolvers And Hunting Rifles Would Have Made All The Difference

Of course. It makes perfect sense. Why couldn’t I see it before?

There could never have been a Holocaust had the Jews been armed. Granted, the Nazis swept aside the armies of Poland and France like dandruff, and it took six years for Great Britain — later joined by Russia and the United States — to grind them down. 619 more words

Gun Violence

Adulthood, True Bravery and the Gunsense Movement

“…those losers amongst us – spinelessly discarding self-evident truth, logic, common sense and pure human instinct – continue to fall for the big lie of political correctness, and get cut down by murderous maniacs like blind sheep to slaughter.” … 1,058 more words

Another Mass Shooting: When Did the Constitution Become a Suicide Pact?

Another week and another mass shooting. Another loser with unlimited access to numerous weapons destroys the lives of dozens of people in a matter of seconds. 1,796 more words