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Deplorable Ted Nugent sold his soul to the NRA

Yellow-bellied, draft-dodger Ted Nugent is now a board member for the National Rifle Association and has compared Democrats to “rabid coyotes” that should be hunted and shot. 643 more words

Ted Nugent compares Democrats, media to rabid coyotes: 'Every time you see one, shoot one'

Ted Nugent compared multiple groups he opposes to “rabid coyotes” on Friday, adding that you “keep your gun handy” to shoot them on sight.

Nugent, a musician and National Rifle Association board member, … 215 more words


Ted Nugent suggests political enemies should be shot like 'rabid coyotes'

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent intensified his partisan rhetoric Friday during an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Days after claiming student activists who survived February’s school shooting “ 136 more words