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English Accent Reduction for Non-native English Speakers Training

My major is business and I usually talk to my customers every day in my current job. Its kind for my clients won’t mind to talk to immigrant with some accent. 300 more words

Green Lemon In The USA 青檸檬在美國



Green Lemon In The USA 青檸檬在美國

Learning Points from Gretchen Carlson's TED Talk on "How We Can End Sexual Harassment at Work"

In light of the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, I thought it would be appropriate to learn something from this TED talk by TV journalist Gretchen Carlson on how everyone can be a part of how we end sexual harassment at work. 132 more words

TED Talk

TED Talk: Lessons I learn In Prison​

In 2011, Teresa Njoroge was convicted of a financial crime she didn’t commit — the result of a long string of false accusations, increasing bribe attempts and the corrupt justice system in her home in Kenya. 104 more words

Videos That Will Make You Think

UU Gathering: Self-Care

Meeting held by Cori Bezan

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

-Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Additional Reading: Whimsy’s Heavy Things, by Julie Kraulis


Head In The Clouds

I know that I am in a pocket of relaxation when I find myself watching clouds. The calming sensation of simply watching tufts of vapour gather and take on massed formations before splintering into separate threads – it symbolises a shift into deeper thoughts or just pondering. 303 more words

Mountain Life