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Ted Talk Thursday | My Philosophy for a Happy Life

Sam Berns gave this Ted talk in October 2013, shortly before he passed away in January of 2014.

I saw this talk many years ago and was totally in awe by this kid. 190 more words

Ted Talk Thursday

New TEDx Talk Coming: Once Upon an App

This weekend, I’ll be sharing my newest TEDx talk titled Once Upon an App: An Online Dating Fairy Tale.

TEDx Education events traditionally explore thinking around teachers, parents, and kids on how to build a better school. 81 more words


Learning Points from Richard Dawkins's TED Talk on "Militant Atheism"

The never ending debate between evolutionists and creationists. How did life in the form of different animals and humans come about? Shaped by an intelligent creator, or naturally evolved from simpler organisms? 292 more words

TED Talk

Ted Talk Reflection

What? So What? Now What?

The most important aspect of the TED Talk by Simon Sinek that I gathered is surrounded by a three letter word… … 108 more words

Leadership Education

Ted Talk #2

This Ted Talk talks about the need for likes, for validation and how this need is hurting young people – and changing the way people think about themselves.

Ted Talk #1

In this Ted Talk featuring Bailey Parnell, she talks about the effects social media has on the mind – especially on the minds of 18-24yr olds. 17 more words

Learning Points from Tim Ferriss's TED Talk on "Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals"

A 3 page approach for you to start taking action. But instead of goal setting, Tim Ferriss proposes a different approach, using your fears to motivate instead of your goals. 160 more words

TED Talk