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I’ve been sitting at home today watching TED talks and pondering about life. I’ve always been an overthinker, I’d say its a boarder line problem. I can overthink every scenario no matter how simple it is. 590 more words

Moving To Norway

An Ultra-Low-Cost College Degree | University of the People | Shai Reshef |TED2014

At the online University of the People, anyone with a high school diploma can take classes toward a degree in business administration or computer science — without standard tuition fees (though exams cost money). 25 more words

Global Learning News

Going to Lisbon for the Web Summit? Here is Margrethe Vestager on Ted Talk

Margrethe Vestager is the most interesting speakers at Web Summit in Lisbon

In case you don’t know.

Margrethe Vestager is the woman who hit Google, Apple and Starbucks with Billion Dollar fines.  168 more words


#60. Looks aren't everything.

I am guilty of judging a person based on how they dress or how they look. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Most of us are guilty of doing that every time we see someone new. 251 more words


How I Built This.

There are so many fantastic podcasts for entrepreneurs and people in business that it’s kind of hard to choose one to review. So I’m going to start with the one that was first recommended to me:  286 more words


Poetry for people who don’t like poetry

Poetry is a divisive subject, to say the least. It’s not even a case of love it or hate it, as there are so many types of poetry, and it can be a hard form to figure out. 899 more words