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The Future Of Complex Surgeries!

The field of study such as medicine is so enticing and alluring that I somehow get hooked to whatever relates well and is off my professional life. 333 more words

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How I help free innocent people from prison - TED Talk

Imagine that you take a 19 hour, very long drive to Disney World with two kids in the back seat. And 15 minutes into this 19 hour trip, the immutable laws of nature dictate that you get the question: “are we there yet?” so you answer this question easily a hundred more times, in the negative, but you finally arrive.

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How does the mind of a procrastinator work?

I have been checking out a few TED Talks lately and yes, they mostly cover serious topics but some are quite funny too.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few talks that I love most, so to start the ball rolling let’s take an important insider look at how the mind of a procrastinator really works (presented by Tim Urban) … because that pretty much covers most of us at one time or another :-) 54 more words

Daily Living Tips

The Power of Presence

In the video above social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains how body language influences our self-confidence and how a small change can create a big difference in confidence when we need to prepare for a challenging experience.


End of Summer Update- Academic/Professional

I’m not sure if I ever posted this but I graduated with my Bachelors degree this past May. This has put me in an interesting place with about one year left on my National Guard contract plus one more year for my girlfriend to finish her Bachelors. 306 more words


The Workshop #19 – Ümläüts för däys


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Today’s episode has a little bit of everything. We ponder what it would be like if The Workshop Podcast were a TED Talk, relive childhood nightmares discussing weirdly creepy scenes from kids movies, and finally talk about what Eric actually wanted to in the first place: summer church youth camps. 12 more words

The Workshop Podcast