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Slide Design Project

This is What Enduring Love Looks Like from Micole Mayfield

Process: First I found a Ted Talk that interested me. You can find the link below. 283 more words


One Second Everyday

Let me tell you about this app.

One second everyday is an app that was created by Cesar Kuriyama over five years ago. His idea was to record one second of his life everyday for a year after his thirtieth birthday. 553 more words


Ted Talks: Rethinking the Power of Social Media

I like Ted Talks.

They make me think.

One ritual I have is that I watch at least one Ted Talk a day.┬╣ The range of speakers available are amazing, and they give such great food for thought. 608 more words


"The Hilarious Art of Book Design."-Chip Kidd

After watching this TED talk by American book designer Chip Kidd, I started to think about my book design in more tactile terms. My current design incorporated a lot of text as well as image, which went against his reluctance to fuse form and content to create a much more effective and striking cover. 96 more words

What is a TED talk?

I often find myself scrolling through Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram and seeing TED talks dotted around, and I always have the question in the back of my mind…who is TED? 892 more words


Cocktail TED talk

Hey dudes! No recipe or recommendations today because…I have been prepping all week to see just how much basic cocktail knowledge I can give in 8-10 minutes Wednesday night. 31 more words

How to be a Peaceful Busy Person

As much as we’d all like to live a low-key, relaxed lifestyle every day of the year, the reality is that for most of us that’s not even in the realm of possibility. 869 more words