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Ideas of Clay Shirky

Clay Shirkly
Clay Shirkly explains through his insightful TED talk that open source programmers have an idea to combine distributed version control with our own government laws. 29 more words

Clay Shirkley

When My Voice Can't Find The Word's To Say

When my voice can’t find the words to say my heart speaks for me. My arms wrap around him with the silent words of comfort. My lips touch his with the whispers of love. 291 more words


Why we laugh?

Sophie Scott explains the neuroscience of why we laugh, in this great TED TALK. Did you know you are 30 times more likely to laugh when you with others than alone? 22 more words

TED Talks spoken by Danielle Feinberg

I was asked to select one of the following videos from TED talks

This focused on the idea of creating a imaginary word with aspects from reality. 110 more words

Professional Design Practice

Life Long Learning: TEDx Nantwich

I am lucky enough, once again, to be heavily involved with this year’s TEDx Nantwich event held at Brine Leas High School on Sunday 29th October. 247 more words


All aboard! We're following the leader!

If you read the tag line of my blog you will see the statement “I believe everyone is a leader”. I absolutely believe that! I also believe that leadership has many forms and functions. 856 more words

Neri Oxman

Design at the intersection of technology and biology, Neri Oxman