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The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

At 4 years old, H still struggles when it comes to expressing herself. She can utter 2-3 words at the same time and can say a sentence when prompted. 844 more words

Special Needs Awareness

Is Your Progressive Nonprofit Committing the Sins of the Capitalism You Swore to Destroy?

After reading the Atlantic’s recent piece on overworked nonprofit employees, all of my disenchantment and cynicism reared forth. Nonprofits fulfill needs not met by private industry or representative democracy, but they also mirror bad habits from both sectors. 1,028 more words


NASA Director Reveals the 4 Places Most Likely to Have Alien Life in Our Solar System

Is there life beyond Earth in the solar system? NASA director of planetary science James Green says we don’t know yet, but that we’re “hot on the pursuit” and will answer that question in 10 years. 805 more words

Toads and Diamonds: Why Fairy Tales are Essential to Childhood

More and more I’m finding that traditional fairy tales aren’t being read to children. In fact, almost half of parents won’t read Rumpelstiltskin to their children. 599 more words



Whenever the word CANCER is mentioned, it will get immediate attention.  When a dentist we know receives this diagnosis,  in our minds we know a difficult journey is about to begin.   495 more words


Hacking This Reality

You may have heard the term ‘hacking’ come up recently. Whether it’s computer-hacking, bio-hacking, life-hacking, it seems to be around in a lot of conversations. 457 more words

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