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Dave Obey to graduates regarding politics: "Only you can change that."

There’s little doubt among supporters of education, and probably most honest supporters of democracy, that we’re in the midst of a very dark period in Wisconsin’s history. 390 more words


TR, Where Are You Now?

I said earlier this week that there is no point in my doing a profile of any Republican candidate for President, because our interest here lies in identifying (and supporting) those candidates who are serious on climate and at present no Republican candidate is. 2,055 more words

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Apples & Oranges

First, here is an apple.
It is smooth and red.
It is heart-shaped.
You can bite right into it.
Its skin crunches, yielding quickly to your teeth. 260 more words

In The Lexicon

The Most Inspirational Quotes Ever Spoken

A few sentences will rarely ever change our lives for the better. It’s up to us to go out every day and actively seek a better self. 434 more words


Theodore Roosevelt, an insightful mind

As a TR, you need to spend a great deal of time reading.  One of my favorite past-times is reading quotes from Roosevelt.  Since he was a prolific author and letter writer (38 books and over 150,000+ letters while President) he has a lot a researcher can review.   210 more words

Teddy Roosevelt's "Rules" for Reading (Book Riot)

If you’re going to let someone tell you how to read, make it Teddy Roosevelt. He managed, somehow, to be incredibly well-read without becoming a book snob, all while president-ing and “carrying a big stick.” (No, that’s not a euphemism.) 319 more words


Teddy Roosevelt's Liberty

The following is from Teddy Roosevelt who was looking for a third term as President against sitting President William Taft (R) and New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson (D) 453 more words

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