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New Hit Toy!

My Friend Teddy is the smartest teddy bear you will ever meet! Teddy looks just like your average cuddly teddy bear, soft and comfortable to hold, but he is so much more than that. 281 more words

Animated Bear

Midsummer Night Moonlighting

It’s 2:30 am, and the alarm clock jolts me from a deep slumber. Although freakishly early to be starting the day, I need to get out of bed and get ready for work. 659 more words


What Running to Tahiti Taught Me About Money

I’m not bad with money, per se. Not horrible. I pay my bills on time, always, and keep a very organized record of my accounts. My problem is that I have bills in the first place. 1,246 more words

Just My Thoughts

#1008 - Artistic Process

The artistic process is elusive and bizarre.

Sketch A Day

CogniToys for Kids Uses IBM's Watson to Talk Like a Buddy

It has been 30 years since toys started talking back to kids — in the form of the cassette-playing robot bear Teddy Ruxpin — but a… 598 more words


PayPal's Retail Chief Don Kingsborough Exits 'A Little Frustrated'

Don Kingsborough, the PayPal executive who spearheaded the online payment giant’s move into the physical retail world, has left the company, sources told Re/code and Kingsborough confirmed in a phone call Tuesday night. 561 more words


Kids Today React To Teddy Ruxpin, The Most Nightmare-Inducing Toy Of The '80s

Teddy Ruxpin was easily one of the most nightmarish toys to come out of the 1980s. Although Cabbage Patch Kids rank pretty highly as well (and don’t even get me started on those… 132 more words

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