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Hey NerdyGirl,

Some people always know they want to be entrepreneurs.

For others, it’s a journey — often a surprising one.

Recently, I’ve gotten to know a fellow online entrepreneur who never planned to start a business: a woman named Tara Reed. 255 more words

Bad, like bad? Or Bad, like good?

One of my biggest take-away’s from this week was from Roxane Gay.  Roxane focused on what being a “bad feminist” meant.  Roxane struck a cord with me because I have always been nervous to label myself as a feminist in social settings because of the different negative connotations that seemed to go along with it. 253 more words

Words and Pictures Review #1

This is a personal experiment that I decided to share, so bear with me. Every once in a while when I have the time, I am going to try and share my days highlights. 659 more words



When I went through a phase where the decisions in my life got harder, and the risks got higher I started to panic. My emotions were all over the place and I felt so stressed and anxious it was like I was drowning in my thoughts and could no longer think clearly. 763 more words



You don’t know what your life purpose is? Great! You don’t have to and it’s unnecessary.

I believe I have many life purposes and the beautiful thing is I don’t have to focus on just one, be defined by just one, or even realize I’m practicing a life purpose given to me by the big guy upstairs. 579 more words


Making & Taking Up Some Damn Space (#VOWelevate)

I had plans to pray this week. Or to try it perhaps. It’s been many, many months since I have raised silent words to the ceiling, letting them float beyond it carrying my concerns and gratitudes. 922 more words

This Week's Vow

My Stress is My Strength

A week or two ago, I was searching for a TEDtalk to send out to my students relating to stress and stress management.  I wanted to find a way to ease their minds and help these first year students to approach their second semester midterms with clear and calm minds.   249 more words