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Interesting articles as Brain juice.

Here are few articles that I read this week which had some profound effect on me.

As a man on a mission at 27, this… 412 more words


A really great ted talk on spoken word poetry:

… i am going to try and get it right this time around;)

Why you should embrace "not yet"

As I mentioned last week, my phone died. Yesterday, the new phone we got arrived. It’s an iPhone 5. We decided to go with an iPhone so I can (theoretically) sync my novel and work on it both places. 602 more words

Christian Living

Embrace Your Multipotentialities

When my friends and family ask what I do, I don’t know where to start.

In the last 7 years,  (4 years at Purdue, 2 years at DePaul, 1 year at University of Michigan), I have considered all of the following as potential careers. 373 more words


Sweet Dreams, Sweet Practicing

I recently watched a TedTalk about neurology and practicing. To say it changed my perspective on practice habits and self-confidence is an understatement.

Here’s what I got from the video: 490 more words


The Scamp and the Art of Being Yourself

Or….why I want to learn to be perception free.

Today is the 16th of August. If you looked out my window as I am doing now though, you would think it was late October. 2,105 more words

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