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47. TEDx MSU

On March 4th, 2015, Michigan State University hosted TEDx event which brought over a thousand students, faculty members, MSU alumni, and neighbors all over East Lansing and Lansing. 198 more words


Grit, Money, and Moral Support in Education

Americans have a long tradition of throwing money at a problem. Our focus on the government budget is just one example. But money does not resolve every problem, or even most problems. 458 more words


Is there a downside of ‚sharing’ and ‚renting’?

The “Sharing Economy” has become a term that appears almost daily in the media. However, what is particularly noticeable is the fact that the media seems to focus particularly on problems of the sharing economy. 482 more words


Pico Iyer, On Travel and Stillness

Sometimes I think I travel in order to be able to think. In order to dream fully. In order to write. In order not to have demands placed on me by myself or by others. 603 more words


Where should we draw the line regarding computers?

As my father would have said in the 1980s, computers are the future of education. He went on to work for Person County Schools in North Carolina promoting the use of technology before I was born, received his masters in education from North Carolina State University, and in the process was promoted to work for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction from which he retired when I was in grade school. 435 more words