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Sticks and Stones And Words That Hurt You

I was recently “cat fished”.

In case that’s a word you’re not familiar with, according to Urban Dictionary, here is the definition: Being deceived over online profiles as the deceiver professed their romantic feelings to his/her victim, but isn’t who they say they are. 979 more words

Owning Your Awesome

What's Your Story's Worth??

I was folding laundry while I watched TedTalks on Netflix this morning.  I’ve learned if I want to be productive with the TV on, I can watch… 676 more words


The history of keeping time - Karen Mensing

Where did time-telling come from? What are time zones and why are there so many of them? Get the answers to these questions and more in this journey through the history of time — from sundials to hourglasses to modern clocks. 6 more words


Bitcoin & Remittances: a Match Made in Heaven

I recently penned this little piece for my economics class, and I thought it might be cool (in a great, nerdy sort of way) to share– especially given the fact that my campo mom, who receives money each month from her son in the States, and I discussed the topic over our beans and rice this weekend.   681 more words

Hailing From La República Dominicana

Ted Cruz First Candidate to Announce Bid for the Presidency: Why It's A Good Thing

Last night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) formally announced he’s running for President of the United States.

I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!

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