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This is a pretty great TED talk from Canadian performance artist and trans lady Nina Arsenault. I think we should all take a moment from the never-ending-bathroom-debate and watch it. 197 more words


Shame On Us

All too often I get a Facebook notification that brings up a post or picture that I sent into cyberspace over seven years ago. It could be an embarrassing selfie, braces and frizzy hair included, with a friend sarcastically commenting, “Cute Aeropostale t-shirt, girl!” Pretty soon a flood of likes and comments overtake the picture. 711 more words

TED Talks: Embrace the Shake

Phil Hansen’s TED Talk is probably one of my favorites! He seems like such an interesting guy with a different philosophy on art.

Hansen developed a shake in his hand during art school because of doing too much pointillism art. 180 more words


Learning to be Awesome

Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. – Zig Ziglar

Have you ever wished that you are awesome in the things that you do?

191 more words

Update on TEDx

A month ago I announced being part of a TEDx team here in Paris and preparing an event in May. Back then, we had only revealed one speaker. 356 more words

My Journey

Hey, Podcasts Are Cool Too! | My 5 Favourite Podcasts

Hey hey! Today’s post is going to be a bit different than my others. As much as I love writing about beauty stuff and reviewing products I also love other things. 739 more words


Monica Lewinsky: Public relations and the final burning of that blue dress

It was the scandal that rocked the world.

I won’t go into the dirty details, because I feel like maybe we’re finally done beating that dead horse. 894 more words

Public Relations