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considering the perpetrators of sexual violence

Comment: Hi Amy,
I’m watching your TedTalk and I just wanted to thank you for bringing up this issue of considering the perpetrators of sexual violence. 72 more words


TED talk Michael Kimmel

How masculinity is changing?

This video talked a lot about gender equality and how gender equality counties score higher levels of happiness. He expresses how when men help out with home and housework and childcare the children are happier and healthier as well as the wife is happier too. 160 more words

TED Talk Tuesday

How is your physical health?

How is your emotional health?

If we have a high fever or chest congestion, we will see the doctor…

If we have bone or joint pain, we will see a physical therapist… 129 more words


14. Before I fall asleep(BIFA)

Hello my fellow forgetters! (LOL) If rumble-bumble time, upsy-downsay days and higgledly-piggledly life’s irking you ensuing from your forgetfulness, like me, let me share you one tip to overpower those uncalled-for stuffs. 419 more words


Under Construction

I’ve been doing some research about changing mindsets so I can develop a thoughtful action plan that’s realistic and achievable but life-changing at the same time. 354 more words


Mellody Hobson: Color Blind or Color Brave

Mellody Hobson promotes cultural competency by challenging us to have open conversations about our differences, oppressions and privileges, and the use and effect of microaggressions.

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Cultural Competency

The Power of Mindset

I just stumbled upon this video, “Change your mindset, change the game”, a TED talk by Dr Alia Crum.

In this lecture, she talks about the power of mindset in different areas of our lives and how we can apply this power within our minds to change the final outcome while doing the same thing. 140 more words