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The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Bill Gross has founded a lot of startups, and incubated many others — and he got curious about why some succeeded and others failed. So he gathered data from hundreds of companies, his own and other people’s, and ranked each company on five key factors. 14 more words


Vulnerability in the Gym

Walking into the gym for the first time I was nervous. I was out of my comfort zone. I was a weak girl struggling to use 10lb weights next to men pumping 100lbs as a warm up. 127 more words

TEDTalk | Rory Sutherland: Perspective is Everything

This is one of my favorite lectures by one of my favorite speakers.


Runtuhnya Kejayaan Antibiotik

Saat ini, umat manusia sedang berada di ambang dari akhir kejayaan antibiotik (post-antibiotic era). Diperkirakan 700.000 orang di dunia dalam setahun meninggal karena resistensi antibiotik. Dan pada tahun 2050, diperkirakan 10 juta orang dalam setahun akan meninggal. 347 more words

Sudut Pandang

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This man is BRILLIANT! This talk will make you want to dug deep into yourself for your creativity!

It’s hard to question a system that has administered our education since the 19th century. 104 more words

Written In Italy

Pride 2015: TEDx speaker Orlaith Hendron on fake tan, sexual harassment of lesbians and the taboo of female anger

“We are conditioned to be placid and I sometimes feel like all the anger of every woman in the world is inside me. I use it constructively. 2,771 more words

Gender Equality

The Grocery Story

I just watched a Ted Talk given by photographer Brian Skerry. He talks about the beauties and horrors of ocean life. At one point he said something that will never leave my mind. 161 more words