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Always Ask Questions, Always Listen

I’ve attached some videos related to development and the importance of listening

“The first principle of aid is respect” – Ernesto Sirolli

Seeking Change

Stigmatism and sexism in science?

I really thought I had been lucky enough to grow up in a world where sexism had died, I never felt I had to prove myself at school or college, and I was always encouraged by my parents and my teachers to pursue science. 939 more words


Bienvenue Février

Bagi sebagian orang, tanggal 2 Februari 2016 menjadi tanggal yang penting. Kenapa? Karena pada tanggal tersebut merupakan pengumuman tahap 1 untuk seleksi LPDP. Dan sekali lagi Allah SWT memberikan kesempatan bagi saya untuk mencoba seleksi wawancara untuk mendapatkan beasiswa LPDP. 303 more words



If you have the time to sit through the whole TED talk, please pay attention to every tiny detail. Her words carry behind them the weight of experience and beauty. 22 more words

Beauty Science: Weight Loss

I wanted to follow up on the previous post on losing weight. I use to be in the category of people that didn’t have any idea what happened to fat when we lose weight. 120 more words

Beauty Science

A New Commute

My first experience living in a large city happened in Alexandria, Egypt, where I learned how to commute between apartment and university. I had transportation options other than the hour of walking: taxis, micros, and the iconic Alexandrian tram.  431 more words


Multimedia Object as Database/Interface

In class we read an article by Lev Manovich called Database as a Symbolic Form.

Found here.

In the text he discusses how interaction with multimedia objects differs and in that we can categorize different objects by those interactions. 271 more words