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​If you experience the worst of days, then you will experience the best of days. You have to feel the unhappiness to feel the happiness that you get from a good day.


R&W: Wrap up to RA Intro Work

We first wrapped up Ken Robinson’s TED Talk regarding the lack of creativity in schools and worked to discuss the ways in which his 20 minute speech displayed Ethos, Logos, or Pathos, and also what his motive/purpose was. 60 more words

Reading And Writing For The College Bound

Quote of the day...

You won’t embrace the best days if you haven’t been through the bad days.


Wed Dec 6 - Why do we need to sleep?

  1. Show You Know
    1. Friday:  Quiz makers, Kahoot makers
      1. Straight comprehension
      2. Show me know you know how to apply your knowledge
      3. Quiz making – Johannah, Hannah, Rebekah, Jordyn, Nakita…
  2. 41 more words
Awake And Asleep: States Of Consciousness

Smash Fear, Learn Anything

One of the first things I found on Tim when I fell in love with his perspective on learning anything and becoming a human Guinea pig. 15 more words


Learning a New Language

Early in November, the media organization Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED), posted the article “How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators.’’ The author of the article Krystian Aparta gathered the information from TED translators and suggested 7 strategies to learn a new language. 279 more words