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How Fake News Grows in a Post-Fact World | Ali Velshi | TEDxQueensU

Welcoming him back to Kingston and Queen’s: Ali Velshi

As a journalist with extensive experience, Ali has had the opportunity to witness all forms of news. 705 more words


Discover your “YOUniqueness” - Anand Pillai - TEDx Talks

Some points to remember in branding yourself from the video:

  1. Believe in Yourself
  2. Discover Yourself
    1. Yearning
    2. Rapid Learning
    3. Flow
    4. Glimpses of Excellence
    5. Satisfaction
  3. Reinvent Yourself …
  4. 23 more words

This TEDx Video Turned My Thursday Around

I’ve been having a difficult few days. I’m not really present mentally or emotionally. The best way to describe it is a numbness feeling. I have days, sometimes weeks, when I feel like this, particularly when I’m stressed or have a lot going on. 472 more words

TEDx - Common Traps of Speakers

There was a famed author at TED not too long ago who Chris Anderson was so excited to see because of his speaking capabilities.

What happened instead horrified him.   351 more words

Personal Development

Gallery: The many faces of life in Pakistan

Photographer Danial Shah wants to show the world a view of his country that is rarely seen in news stories: its diverse cultures, crafts and landscapes. 1,588 more words

Arts + Design

Catatan Samping TEDx [Part 2] : Kesempatan Datang Ketika Kita Pantas

Tulisan ini adalah bagian dari serangkaian pembelajaran yang saya refleksikan dari pengalaman saya ketika menjadi Pembicara TEDxBinusUniversity.

Bagian 2.

TED Talks dan TEDx menjadi acara-acara yang sangat saya kagumi dari sejak lama. 1,285 more words


Why emotions are our invisible driving forces!

To resolve any confusion right away: YES, this is me – at the age of 3 – the year in which my sister was born. As you can see, it wasn’t the easiest time for me (and my parents) emotionally. 622 more words