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The Heartbeat of 9 Million

The email was short and sweet,

It’s here!

Followed by the link.

A link to one of my dreams come true, the hardest work of my life, and a story of my sacred truth all there for an audience of over 9,000,000.

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Three Steps to Transform Your Life

The Three Main Points

Lena Kay is a transformation life coach. She was born a refugee and was an university dropout. But despite her circumstances, she was able to become a cooperate leader. 493 more words


The holidays aren’t happy for everyone. Here’s how you can connect to friends who are depressed

Some heartfelt advice from writer Bill Bernat, who’s been there

When I lived with severe depression and social anxiety, I found it extremely difficult to talk to strangers. 1,506 more words

We Humans

Microsoft Leads Tech in Northern Nevada, Sponsors TEDx University of Nevada

I’m excited to announce that I joined the TEDx University of Nevada team. This blog post was written by me, and was originally featured on our TEDx University of Nevada  568 more words


We Should All Be Feminists, C.N. Adichie, (ed. 4 the state)


We Should All Be Feminists, C.N. Adichie, (ed. 4 the state)

Number of pages: 48

Price: £5.00

Release date: October 2014

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The TEDxLingnanUniversity team has created some interesting TED Ed lessons…feel free to share them!
  1. Putting Yourself Out There | Lori Granito
  2. Living Up to Expectations | Andrew Smith…
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Post-adrenaline amnesia

I wonder if other public performers have experienced this particular phenomenon.

As I stand on the red spot, ready to give a TEDx talk, a combination of others’ expectation and my desire to deliver a good form of entertainment is enough to banish the nerves and summon the adrenaline. 244 more words