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Experience the TED2017 conference in movie theaters, with other curious minds

You probably watch TED Talks on an assortment of small screens. But next week, you’re invited to experience them on the big screen.

As the TED2017 conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada, special sessions will be… 729 more words


Alimohamed Jaffer: Perception Vs Reality | TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa

Have you ever thought about how our perceptions are formed? Do our perceptions really form our individual realities? Alimohamed Jaffer explains the reasons behind why we perceive things the way we do and questions the fact if a universal truth exists despite how our individual realities differ. 142 more words

Ismaili Muslims In The News

TEDxExeter 2017

The lunch interval may have been by default vegetarian, but we have had plenty of meat to get stuck into in the first half of the day at the TEDx 2017. 305 more words

Niki Bezzant: Our world is set up to make us overweight and unhealthy

We are so bombarded by the noise around healthy eating that it has acquired this veneer of difficulty – we think if we’re not going vegan or paleo or buying special super foods we must not be doing it right.

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TEDx Adventure

  1. What your speaking style, like, says about you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAGgKE82034

    People with different social structural categories use words in the same language. Language classifies jobs, social classes, future ambitions (staying in the country or leaving), friends.

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