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The brand dedicated to Poetry

I decided to start my PO8TREE brand to help keep poetry relevant and mainstream. Poetry isĀ  dying art but with new talented artists and a burgeoning indie publishing market it may just make not only a comeback, but become stronger than ever. 11 more words


Poetry goes POP

Moth Motif


This is part of our poetry goes pop collection go to zazzle.com/po8tree for more.



Religious tee-shirt

soaking up my garden sweat:

how I sveltify!

J Richards

Eye of the Tiger

Finally something you can wear to your next poetry reading!!!!

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A rose by any other name.....

I ordered this V-neck tee, it is my favorite shirt so far…….

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SoCal Collection coming soon....

Since we are based in Southern California it is only fitting that we show some love.

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