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Dad does Desert Island Discs...

I recently see @DaddyPoppinsBlg take part in this Desert Island Discs blog/series. His amazing selections from Massive Attack and Rage Against The Machine made me want to get involved. 730 more words

Senseless Music Experience takes over Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks

(By: Josie Mills, with photos by Mansoor Tanweer)

Senseless, held in Toronto on July 10, promised to be an “immersive experience using music, art, technology, food, scents, architecture, and innovative design.” But that is a hard promise to keep, especially for a new concert offering. 690 more words


Story Behind the Gay Who Beat His Mother Up Will Surely Make You Teed Off!

A short video of a gay man physically abusing his mother has been making a noise in the internet and social media. A Facebook user Datu Jhoar Mocsin posted the video wherein the gay which is identified as Dheng Cheonn Alvarez can be seen hurting his mother in front of his friends. Their violent…