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Middle School? Challenge Accepted! 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

On the first day of 7th grade my English teacher declared, “I hate 7th graders. They’re whiny, immature, and just generally unpleasant.”  As I listened to scary Mrs. 616 more words

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Is Facebook close to its down?

Facebook is the largest social media platform of all history and it will remain the largest for a while perhaps. It has more than 1.4 billion… 272 more words

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Nothing to See Here, Just a Middle-Aged Guy Bitching About Kids These Days and their Damned Music!

Kids these days are so Goddamn normal. Their music doesn’t even bother me.

Back in my day we used to walk six miles, barefoot through rain sleet, or snow, just to piss our parents off. 592 more words


Tips for Setting Limits on Electronics and Screen Time for Kids

There are lots of reasons why it is important to establish electronics rules for kids. However, many parents aren’t sure how to go about setting limits with TV, cell phones, video games, computers and other technological devices.In addition to your house rules, kids and teenagers need specific rules with their electronics. 670 more words


Easy love. Hard love.

This is for parents of teen-agers and “bounce backers”. I just heard that term “bounce backers” the other day. It refers to the dread of all parents-the adult child who moves back home. 680 more words



“You don’t get me!” his 15 year-old sons screams hurled through the door. The ensuing banging noise told him that, currently, his son was destroying his room. 44 more words

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Tell Me A Story

I woke up this morning to find pictures on Facebook of my son’s car being towed from LAX.  Later I will call him and say, “Tell me a story about your car,” and he will begin, “Okay, so I was at the airport. 420 more words

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