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How To Spend Halloween When You Have No Friends

Hey guys!

So recently there’s been a lot of makeup tutorials, costume ideas and decorating tips based around Halloween. But what about those of us who don’t have any friends to spend Halloween with? 416 more words

Short Films? Blog Ideas? Anniversary?

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking…how would you guys like to see some short films made by me?

Film is something that’s always interested me and I have contemplated making a Youtube channel for short films multiple times but always decided against it. 309 more words

Blue Fatigue

My realm
rains a little dimmer
without the light
from your tears.

Time no longer glows.

The memory
of your voice lures me
into blue fatigue… 43 more words


Where Did The Time Go?

When you are a child, time seems to take forever, and you get so annoyed by how long some things take to happen. I remember the times where I looked at my clock thinking hours had passed, but no, it was only 5 minutes. 346 more words


10 Fictional Characters To Dress Up As This Halloween! 

Hello everyone! Finally it’s October, the leaves have started falling, the cold has started to creep in (hopefully it has where you guys live, I don’t get much cold weather here). 542 more words

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My mom and dad are divorcing, you’d think I’d be sobbing on my bedroom floor asking God why this had to happen to my family but I’m actually cool with it. 1,073 more words


Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. My name is Charlotte, also known as Indie Style, and I’m a teen who will be blogging about lifestyle topics that include beauty and skincare, food, travel, fashion, organizations and causes that I care about, wildlife, photography, and more! 36 more words