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Things I Believed As a Child

Before I start this post I’d like to say a massive happy birthday to BAYANCE!! It’s finally your birthday! I can no longer make fun of you for how young you are (don’t worry – I still won’t expose you😂) We haven’t spoken in a long time but I wish you the best day ever and I hope you spend it just how you want it and that it is full of love and happiness… and cake of course (don’t forget to save me some) This post is for you dude! 596 more words


My thoughts on... The Met Gala

Welcome Back!

As I’m sure you all know, on Monday 7th, it was the Met Gala! And with the theme this year being ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’, so many people looked absolutely amazing that I just had to share my thoughts with you all on the top dresses! 213 more words

Liebster Award #2

Yo my dudes,

So today, the person we have managed to trick into nominating us for an award is –

*drumroll please*



#3 | A letter to my future acquaintance

Dear acquaintance,

I feel like you’re an intriguing human, unpretentious, nice smile, good music taste, decent fashion sense. In our concessional conversations so far I have yet to employ Grammarly on your sentences or get awkward from running out of topics to talk about. 820 more words

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q & a- 25 questions

hi! it’s me, brooke. today i have a super exciting post for you. i’m going to be answering 25 questions. i’ve already done a q & a but it wasn’t that great. 365 more words

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#Chill Vibes

Hola, ¿Cómo están? no sé si se han dado cuenta pero me estoy tomando unas vacaciones, tuve que viajar con escala en México 🇲🇽 para luego ir a Los Angeles & por ultimo conducir a Irvine, California, una ciudad muy tranquila & bonita; a veces tengo días realmente llenos de actividades, pero otros son llenos de ocio & decido vestir de la forma más chill posible; hoy fui temprano con mis hermanos a andar en bici y el scooter también, para ocasiones así, escojo unos pants, una camisa más olgada de lo que acostumbro & mis sneakers favoritos, la chaqueta hacen del conjunto algo más relajado, pero es necesaria para el clima de aquí.

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Sunshine Blogger Award #2

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Hey Dudes,

Our fantastic blog has been nominated for another fantastic award by the fantastic  938 more words