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This Or That Book Tag

Hey Guys,

I was tagged before to do the This or That tag, but I can’t remember who it was who tagged me. If it was you, please tell me in the comments, so I can link to your blog. 593 more words




Portrayed By: Tom Hiddleston

First Appearance: Thor (2011)

Based on the Norse Mythological deity of the same name (I love a good rhyme time), Loki is the single most recurring villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (you could argue that HYDRA is but HYDRA is an antagonistic faction whereas Loki is a single figure). 652 more words

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My favorite villain Loki. Read a great review by Maxwell Zwain here!

If I Stay Review | Movie Monday

If I stay follows Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) a High School student who, along with her parents and younger brother, get caught in a horrific car accident leaving her in a coma, but still able to see everything that is going on around her, as well as the family and friends that come to visit whilst she is in hospital. 417 more words


30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 20

How important you think education is.

Very very important in my opinion. Education is the foundation of life. Yes there are exceptional cases to the contrary, but as an average person, without education we cannot get to any heights in life. 174 more words

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A Big Place! An Even Bigger Challenge!

Hey Guys,

The other day me and my mom took a trip to Birmingham, because I was desperate to see what the library was like there. 722 more words


30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 19

Your biggest regret in life.

I mentioned this as one of my lows in one of my previous posts but it turns out that this is my biggest regret in life. 157 more words

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Let's get Studying!


It’s been a while, and I’m truly sorry about that! Study/exam season is a busy time for anyone experiencing it, so I hope you all understand! 824 more words