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Hey guys so I know it’s way too late to be telling you all this but I am going to be doing Blogmass this year. Last week sometime after I had made my mind up that I was not doing Blogmass as I wouldn’t have the time: I started seeing other people’s blogs on Blogmass and had a second thought so decided I was going to do it. 92 more words

The Little Things In Life

Roo's Thoughts.

Of course, life doesn’t happen like that. In life, even if someone says “You complete me,” his hair still looks funny, or he has a bad cold. 345 more words


Does Time heals?

I used to believe in the saying that time heals all wounds. I thought it was true. I thought as time goes by, the wounds will vanish until it will go back to it’s original form. 192 more words


Room 125

Hi,everyone! So I’ve started to write this small story thing. I’ve just finished writing my first chapter and I hope you like it! Please tell me what you think in the comments below :) 622 more words


Thankful for...

There are a myriad of reasons why I love Thanksgiving.

First, it’s a five-day break from school, a little slice of sweetness to tide off student anxiety until winter break.  842 more words


Ever thought

My life recently has taken a massive down.

👎I’ve started my GCSEs (welcome to 2 years of torture)

👎And recently my only friend decided I wasn’t good enough anymore and told everyone to never talk to me again. 280 more words


Overcoming 'depression' and anxiety

Hi everyone! So recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts about depression and anxiety. I feel like our blogging community has huge amount of bloggers who have issues and use blogging to let it all go. 539 more words