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my heart breaks for all the things we


to acknowledge

and all the lies we learn to


my heart

it slowly cracks

as i stand alone… 155 more words


Sunkissed Pt. 1

The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.

-Isak Dinesen

Swimsuit: Forever 21 // Hat: Nike // Sunnies: Rayban


be a 

​be a princess who knows how to

be elegant

but also a princess that knows how to

walk around in scuffled shoes, and messy hair, 152 more words


Exams Are Difficult, But They Don't Have To Be!

The end of the school year will quickly be coming to an end in the next few months, which unfortunately means for many of you, it’s exam season. 632 more words


untitled two

It felt like the air was thicker, my heart was pounding in my chest. Our escape was so close yet so far.

“Quick, Mike in my room,” I say looking behind me to see my mother almost hot on my heels. 592 more words


Life Update - ...Sorta?

I’ve been away for 23 days. Has anything happened in my boring life? As a matter of fact, yes. I’ve officially become an unemployed high school graduate (as of tonight). 335 more words



I look up to the sky, my eyes squinting from the bright light of the sun. I take in a long drag of my cigarette letting the nicotine overtakes my senses. 696 more words