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I broke into my school |#LjoysAdventure


I’m going to be doing a series called Ljoy’s Adventures where I post about my rebellious moments and any of my exciting encounters. 839 more words

Teen Blogger

Letter To Myself - The Reply

A year ago (maybe slightly over), I was challenged to write a letter to my future self, and then a year later, if I wanted to, which clearly I am going to, to give a reply. 849 more words


Hedonic Adaptation

Like or not, we are all impacted by the Hedonic Treadmill (also known as Hedonic Adaptation).

Hedonic Adaptation – the theory that states that humans have the tendency to return to a relatively stable level of happiness, despite any positive or negative events or life changes. 645 more words


The Secret To Gaining More Readers | Tips & Tricks

I would like to do a little disclaimer I think is necessary to state before going on to the post. I am in no way, shape or form an expert or qualified to teach others how to earn more readers, thus this post contain merely tips and tricks that I have researched about that will possibly work and is for educational purposes only  :) 725 more words

Teen Blogger


Acceptance is a big thing people need to deal with these days. Today i’ll be talking about is positivity , some things we tend to have hard time dealing with. 566 more words


YouTube made me buy it🤔

Hey lovely readers💜

Today as you can tell from the title I am going to be talking about makeup which YouTube inspired me to buy. Many of these products you have probably seen in other YouTube made me buy it posts/videos but I hope you enjoy reading this post and are having a good day. 845 more words


Why you should wear lipgloss again👄

Hey lovely readers❤️I know I haven’t posted recently and I am so sorry for that as I have been busy with school but as you can tell from the title I am going to be writing a post about lipgloss today. 582 more words