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Things Book Lovers Don't Want To Hear You Say

Hey Guys,

We book lovers are a fickle bunch, but usually very nice people who love to immerse ourselves into new worlds and meet new characters as often as we can, which is great, but unfortunately some people don’t seem to understand our love. 479 more words


Choices to Make, Life to Live

This past year has been so hard for me. I’m struggling in school, I can’t find a job, sports aren’t as fun, family life is kinda sucky, overall my life is a huge mess. 340 more words

One of Those Days

Hey guys,

Today is just one of those days where you don’t want to see a single pencil, and you just want to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. 191 more words


1o Movie Adaptions To Watch Right This Minute

Hey Guys,

As a fan of literature, I am no stranger to my favourite books being turned into movies. The only problem being, they are not always translated well on screen but I have to learn to accept that movies only have a limited amount of time so they can’t squeeze every last detail into the movie. 561 more words


Troye Sivan 💙

Hi guys!

After my last post I knew I would have to let you all know about the Troye Sivan concert, even though I am still on a break 😂 471 more words

jackets in the heat

Hola friends

Fun fact when you actually look up “street style”, it’s quite literally people wearing denim in the streets. But then when you cue in another keyword which is “celebrity”, then you’re on a whole new different fashion dimension. 78 more words


happy day

I wrote this in my journal last night and thought that it was raw and real enough for me to publish. It was a byproduct of happy feelings, which made for a happy day when I re-read it today, despite the fact that it’s kind of cheesy #cheesecity. 623 more words