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No this is not a scam I really am posting a blog post. Hey everyone I’m hoping all of you are doing well. It’s been a minute since I last posted something, I missed y’all. 394 more words



I feel like I haven’t properly introduced myself to quite a few of my followers – since the start of the year this little community had expanded some, so if you’re new here, hey!! 591 more words


The Silent Streets of Chamonix

A short while ago I travelled to France and visited a little town – which was on a mountain- called Chamonix.

When we just reached for the first time, we were roaming around in a car and when we stopped to get out for a moment and feel the cold, we were on this beautiful street with snow covering it like a blanket. 92 more words


2017 Round Up and a chit chat

Hey guys,

So it is 2018 and I feel like I need to get my posts together, I have a busy year a head with lots of unexpected surprises being thrown into the mix such as a week away in Scotland (Yay), and another surgery (BOO!). 510 more words

speed updating

it’s been a while since I wrote here just to write.  tbh sometimes blogging feels just like journaling except it’s public so I feel the need to avoid my usual run-on (and on and on) sentences. 900 more words

A Dignified Fail

I haven’t revised for the philosophy exam that I have tomorrow and its past 6 in the evening, which definitely begs the question as to what exactly am I playing at? 101 more words


Winter Walks

Like most of the U.K populations I’ve had a cold for the past week so haven’t been up to much other than keeping myself busy round the house.But I have found some time for some dogs walks.I love walking in the winter, even if it is freezing and you can’t wait to get home to warm up, it just feels nice to have the fresh air.And even more so when I have been ill it has been amazing getting that fresh air and actually enjoying being at home where I have poped out for a little walk. 56 more words