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Valentines Day + 300 Follower Thank You

Hey Guys,

I always told you I would be topical so I am going to be.

Right about now.

It is almost Valentines Day, but I am not in love, nor am I currently seeing anyone. 365 more words


All out eighties

It’s no doubt that the eighties has produced some of the best dance music or just music in general. Everyone loves the eighties either it’s for the hair, or fashion, or the music. 186 more words


Blue & Grey Crochet Blanket

Hiya! Today I have a different kind of post….a crochet post!

After Christmas, I had the desire for a big crochet project. Crocheting for me is normally just rectangles, squares, hearts, and other random shapes, but I really wanted to learn some new skills. 306 more words

Red Velvet Pancakes

Serves 10

Prep 10 Minutes

Cook 15 minutes

Helooo everyone so as it was pancake day yesterday, I thought I would do a recipe on one of my favourite pancakes, even though I didn’t make this yesterday, it looks so yummy and it’s quite unique so I thought I would share it with you. 303 more words

The Little Things In Life

It's A Celebration Up In Here!!!

Hey Guys,

I know, it’s Wednesday, and I shouldn’t have a post up today, nor should I have a post up before 4pm, but I just couldn’t help it, I was just too excited because it is my 18th birthday today!!! 322 more words


Concentr8 Review | Book Club Tuesday

Title: Concentr8 

Author: William Sutcliffe

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s

‘In a future London, Concentr8 is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD. Soon every troubled teen is on it. 517 more words


Pan Review | Movie Monday

My mom, the amazing woman that she obviously is, won tickets with Free Radio a while back to see a screening of Pan on the new XPlus screens in Showcase Cinemas before it came out. 583 more words