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a trip to greece - where i went and what i did

Hello loves!

I hope you are all well. The last week has been an emotional roller-coaster; just school work, mental health and life in general. I found myself feeling really unmotivated to blog, so I may or may not have forced myself to write this post (not that I didn’t enjoy writing it). 496 more words

Opening up about my insecurities

This is a very recent thing for me and this is the first time I’m opening up about it so publicly, so apologies in advance if this post is a bit….everywhere. 564 more words


The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

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Hey Dudes,

Now this is LONGGGG overdue but I’m gonna do it anyways alright??

Now we’ve been tagged by the awesome… 1,032 more words


It's November!

heeey everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in ages but there’s a lot going on and the past two weeks were devoted to tests and assessments and it was studying & studying & studying every. 236 more words

Teen Blogger

October 2018 Playlist

I feel like it’s only been yesterday since I posted my September Playlist and now it’s November????

Don’t tell me I have to put Christmas decorations tomorrow because I horribly fail at that. 251 more words


Kingdom of Ash


There is so much fangirling going on right now, I don’t think you can even imagine it. UNLESS you are holding a copy of Kingdom of freaking Ash in your hands!! 139 more words


Made My Day: Reading


Today I found out something about a guy in my class who I’m not really close to. And it was amazing!

We were supposed to be working in groups and my book-soulmate, Olivia, and I were raving and fangirling over a book that had just been released, (*cough cough* Kingdom of Ash). 124 more words