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Duty free buys and mini reveiw!

hello lovelies!

Okay I know we’ve been slacking with this blog and we haven’t posted in ages but we just haven’t had the motivation. However, this morning I did wake up some what inspired too write a blog post. 617 more words


Fangirling Over The Liebster Award

I leave for the beach for a few days and when I come back, I’ve been nominated for not one–but TWO awards! This is one happy fangirl! 748 more words

The Fangirl's Life

A Quick (Shameless) Plug


I should be getting a Tracklisting Tuesday post up later, but first I just wanted to reiterate the fact that BLOG OLYMPICS IS NEARLY HERE! 108 more words

A Teen Philosophy

I Love You Guys... #TeensTellTheirStory

Dear Awesome Reader,

Thank you so much! We have had an overwhelming amount of people signing up for the #TeensTellTheirStory Project already and I honestly love you guys so much. 230 more words


Meet The Feministas!

OK, so you know that blog chat on Twitter I was talking about yesterday? Well, 11 of us have now only gone and started a new blog…all about feminism! 127 more words

A Teen Philosophy

An Outburst of Bloggily Love (Yes, I Just Made Up That Adverb) (That Is An Adverb, Right?)

Blogging is officially awesome, I’ve decided. Why? The people. What’s brought this on? Well, you may have noticed that in my post yesterday, I mentioned HOW INCREDIBLE WOULD A WORDPRESS/BLOGGING MESSENGER APP BE??? 294 more words

A Teen Philosophy