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My 17th Birthday! and Things To Be Thankful For

This has been another grand birthday. It’s not like I threw the hottest party of the year or anything but I did find great things to be grateful for in just my seventeen years of existence. 620 more words


Do It Yourself: Coffee Frappes!

If you have been following me on Instagram or read my March Favorites blog post, you’ll know that I have been obsessing over these delicious Frappes, I thought, why not share it with you guys. 461 more words


Overcoming Social Anxiety

Growing up, I’ve always been consumed with overwhelming fear of speaking up and getting my voice to be heard. Just the thought of having to interact with people… 1,365 more words


Why I Started a Blog

Hello internet! I’m Jasmin and I’m currently excited about three things right now:

One, SUMMER! Because who isn’t excited about summer? Even Olaf is! (heh, sorry non-frozen fans just had to throw it out there, don’t hate me.)  579 more words


Secret Santa Unwrapping!! #TBSecretSanta

I am here to present you with….. my first video! I thought it’d be nicer to do a video form of my opening because that allows my sender (Cat from Through A Cat’s Eyes) to receive something in return…along with my awkwardness (that I tried to edit out completely) because of the presence of the camera…. 82 more words


Wonder wednesday #6


I’m in a hurry. Yeah no, I didn’t post last week Wednesday because I was flat out with bronchitis ( yay) but I’m back now… 113 more words

Weekly Inspiration


This is my blog to show the people of the world what being a teenager in south Africa really is like and that no we don’t ride our pet elephants to school or have to run and hide to avoid fending of the dreaded lions* gasp* .We do have the things like paper, the internet and frozen yogurt… 33 more words

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