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look who's bACK n doing a LIVE SHOW x

HEY KIDS Oh mY gOOdnESs I have missed you!

I have the same excuse for you, as ever, SCHOOL. Lots. Lots of stuff. Homework exams tired no time sleep busy etc aaand etc. 153 more words


I took a break...

I sort of took a few weeks off my blog, unplanned.

So here’s the deal:

School has made my life a little more busier than usual at the moment as my GCSE exams are very close now! 371 more words


Feeling GREAT and learning about space

I apologise for the fact that I’ve been lacking in posts on here, but it’s actually for a good reason.

I’ve been enjoyed the half term a lot and the space has done me a lot of good. 152 more words


Quote : the easy option

Something to think about.

Be nice kids. c:


from one teen to another xo

Sometimes, being a teenager is the worst.

Stuck in the middle of being too young and too old,

Whilst accidentally mastering the art of procrastination, 21 more words


she's back at it again w/ those videos !

The other day, I decided to cut down on my social media apps leaving me with just two : my blog and my Instagram account. 108 more words


This Blog has turned TWO!

It has been two years since I started posting on this blog and what a journey those two years have been!

All I wish to say is THANK YOU to everyone who has ever read any of the 500 cringe worthy posts I have written on here. 40 more words