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ARC Review: The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  I was a big fan of Ashley Elston’s This is Our Story so I was thrilled when I found her new book  284 more words

Breakthrough by Jack Andraka

This week’s post is a young adult title I found truly inspiring. It features the story of one teenage scientist called Jack Andraka. Yes, he really is a scientist, and a brilliant one at that! 422 more words


It works! (Throw the Confetti!)

Dear Reader,

Here is my Fall 2018 Book Preview.

I know, I said this yesterday, but you know how technology goes. Some day the toaster works, and the next day your throwing your toaster out the window. 16 more words

Thank you, You Awesome Person, you! :) !

Dear Reader,

Thank you. Yes, YOU! My current FREE book on Amazon is by far my MOST successful (Awkward Black Girl). I’m just like, whoa, so happy! 172 more words

Send me your Keto Questions and Hello's!

Dear Reader,

I am definitely catching up on all emails!! (I’m so behind, sorry). Pardon the hail of posts. It’s been a busy week with my current FREE book release on Amazon.com. 222 more words

Oh for the love of Links! :-0 !

Dear Reader,

Oh my! Thank you for the heads up. For some reason, my previous link is loading and loading and….

lol :)

Here is a link of my Fall Book Collection. 21 more words

Is that my New Logo?! ;-)

Dear Reader,

Here is my logo. I’ve been working for sometime trying to come up with something that embodied the essence of my writing, of my style and….here it is! 19 more words