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The Ways of Helping (solsc) 5/31

My daughter and I have a boy in our classes, an eighth-grader,  who wears the same thing every day. A pair of big baggy pants, a long grimy white t shirt under a huge baggy grey hoodie with a hole in it where he tore the pocket off the other day. 392 more words


Selection from The Gestalt of Capitalism in a Small Town

Jill walked with Jake into the recreation hall. David greeted them.

“Well, so you’ve been back a few weeks now; how’s it going so far?” he asked. 1,035 more words

The Gestalt Of Capitalism In A Small Town

Wind at My Back – Season 5

“Canadian Waltons” 5 seasons + film
Year: 2001
-Year in film: 1936 ?
-Country: Canada
-Who in bibs: Fat 15, Maisey ~19, others… 124 more words


Wind at My Back – Season 4

“Canadian Waltons” 5 seasons + film
Year: 2000
-Year in film: 1935
-Country: Canada
-Who in bibs: Fat 14, Maisey ~18, boy ~4… 231 more words


Schloss Einstein - ep 825

A teen girl doing farm chores in medium blue bibs but with a jacket and just one very brief scene. S17e33.

Rebroadcasting next Saturday or online. 54 more words


Story 87: several new historic pics

10 new pics from loc.gov . Mainly or all from the child labor album. Many are simple, floppy and worn bibs, maybe even non-jeans. The FSA farm bibs are often much better. 17 more words



Kids reality TV magazine. 63+ ep.
-Year: 2012-
-Year in film: 2010s
-Country: Germany
-Who in bibs: teen boys, girls, man, woman… 132 more words