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Update: The Waltons – Season 6

As announced some good scenes of the first disc of season 6. Mainly of interest Jim-Bob and Elizabeth.

Pic 1 at 2h47 (ep 4): Jim-Bob working in hickory striped bibs (also sitting at 2h38), Elizabeth in bleached, almost white appearing bibs, also later (both front+rear views). 117 more words


Info 503: Updates

I have checked episodes 66-69 of Tiere bis unters Dach (season 6) and haven’t found any bibs scenes. New boy actor and nice bunk bed (soon on my bedroom blog). 37 more words


Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 15

At the beginning, redhaired girl Billie sitting in light blue bibs. Also sitting straight and arms on her lap and then standing up and walking away and I think kneeing but partly shown. 55 more words


Update 6: The Waltons – Season 5

Disc 7 of season 5 and so probably the final update of this season. (Season 6 updates also coming soon, starting with Jim-Bob in faded and Elizabeth in raw denim bibs). 131 more words


Update: Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights

Yesterday, my post about this movie was on the TOP 10 posts, and then I noticed, that this movie, which is not on DVD is currently on YouTube, unfortunately in bad image quality and pretty dark. 131 more words


Man uses fake Facebook account to get teen boys for sex

This is very pervertish and sad. This past weekend, Venderius Holyfield was arrested by Tarrant Police for attempted sodomy, enticing a child for immortal purposes… 260 more words


Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 14

Again 15 yo Robby in his beige corduroy bibs. 2 brief scenes starting at around 12 minutes. First headshot only showing the rare braces. Later walking and sitting but with a black jacket (leather ?) and a basque cap. 79 more words