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Short and Accurate Post on Life With a Teen Boy

Snapshot of a Week in the Life of Being the Mama of a Teen Boy:

Scenario 1: (Watching the garbage truck pull out)

Me: “Well hm.  123 more words


Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 8

Finally several good scenes of 15 yo Robby’s blue jeans bibs in today’s episode. Bibs are baggy and when standing it’s bib is mostly at low position. 85 more words


Update: The Waltons – Season 5

This time some more updates of Jim-Bob and Erin in season 5.

Pic 1 is (I think) from ep 4 at 38 minutes (disc 2). Jim-Bob kneeing in the barn in his medium blue bibs (long straps till the butt). 101 more words


Update: Over the Edge (1979)

I’m currently checking especially movies and series of the (mid and late) 1970s. By coincidence I noticed next to the teen boy also at least one teen girl in bibs (pic 1 at 14 minutes sitting in the classroom) and I think some more and also cycling but from a distance. 85 more words


Katrin ist die Beste - ep. 7

No young girls in this episode (but an older girl) and no teen boy, except for the intro showing 15 yo boy Robbie both in blue jeans bibs and the beige corduroy bibs. 114 more words


Update 4: The Waltons – Season 4

As announced this final update of season 4. I also have partly updated discs 1-3 of season 5. Pic 1 from disc 5 at 16 minutes (= ep 17) showing Jim-Bob barefooted sitting lazy in the tyre swing in his medium blue bibs (appearing lighter in the sun) and Erin sitting in her orange bibs and a straw hat. 110 more words


Update 3: Katrin ist die Beste

Next to the 15 yo teen boy (beige corduroy and dark cotton bibs, blue jeans bibs), see previous entry and main entry also at least 2 girls (probably 13 yo Natalie Spinell-Beck as Harriet, younger looking) in colorful striped bibs in today’s ep 6. 60 more words