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The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

“I just had the worst thought. I’ve got to spend the rest of my life with myself.”

Is the world finally realizing that the 90s high school movie was one of the all-time heights of comedy cinema? 819 more words

Brandon Ledet

A Geeky Girl's Guide to 90's Television

So this is it, I’ve made it through to the end of my look back at 90’s culture, I’ve looked the the films and the music that made the decade now I’m turning my attention to the television shows that did the same. 1,511 more words


Double Take: Mean Girls

So for this week’s Throwback Thursday movie edition, I am revisiting the popular movie Mean Girls. Back then I remember people all around me couldn’t stop talking about Tina Fey’s screenplay debut onto the big screen. 744 more words


Superbad - Film Review

2007’s Superbad is possibly the funniest American teen comedy I’ve ever seen. The ridiculously crude sexual references and cringe-worthy attempts at impressing girls reminds me of my time at school. 407 more words

Harry Potter and Context Is Everything

I really love how clever (and not so clever) editing can show how completely context-sensitive visual media can be.

For example:

This has been popping up on my Facebook for a few days now. 249 more words


Dazed and Confused

The genre of the teen coming of age comedy has had its up and downs. Often mired in gross out or lost in sentimentality, much like the process they reflect these movies can be notoriously messy. 641 more words


Pitch Perfect (2012): Back to School

Y’all ready to go b-aca to school? Sorry, that’s the only aca pun I’m going to make because to be honest, most of those seem so forced and awkward in the movie. 120 more words