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Interesting Article on Effects of Meth Abuse

This certainly explains why you can look at someone several years later and tell if they had a drug abuse problem in the past.


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Features of Teenage Rehab Centers

Teenage drug addiction has been more rampant in the recent past. This has led some states and regions to equip themselves with rehab facilities, because teens are the future, and if nothing is done, they will become never fulfill their potential because of drug overdoses or addiction. 347 more words


Finding a Florida Drug Rehab for Co-Occurring Disorders GoodFutureTeenRehab.com

A “co-occurring disorder” means that a person suffers from an alcohol or drug addiction as well as other mental or behavioral disorders. If you or your loved one is suffering from dual diagnosis, as it is also called, you should consider exploring dual diagnosis… 384 more words



What is the TRUE gateway to drugs… marijuana or alcohol? Everywhere you look they refer to marijuana as the “gateway to drugs” but I just don’t believe that to be true. 281 more words

Drug Abuse


Please support Jennifer Kobuki to become an Amazon #1 Best-Seller. Get your copy of “Slipping Away: Complete Parent’s Guide To Recognizing Teen Drug Experimentation and Abuse” on July 17, 2014 from 1am to 11pm PST… 21 more words

Drug Abuse

POEM: You Failed To Understand

You saw the grades fall
And the set of new friends.
You thought nothing at all
Of the new styles and trends.
Arguments each night. 87 more words

Drug Abuse

A Mission to Fight Against Teen Drug Abuse

“After working closely with teenagers for many years, I saw an urgent need for realistic young adult books. With teenage suicide, drug abuse, and bullying on the rise, I knew something had to be done to help teens realize their worth. 343 more words