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And I Darken

By Kiersten White

Set in the 15th century during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, this book tells the alternative history of Vlad the Impaler, if Vlad was born a woman.   325 more words


Review: The Stars Never Rise & The Flame Never Dies

Hello everyone, happy Monday, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends, I am so thankful to have this day off. To me it should be mandatory that we have a three day weekend every month. 423 more words


The Hidden Twin

The Hidden Twin By Adi Rule

The Redwing was supposed to be killed at birth just like all the Redwings, but “Lin’s” life was spared by her loving father. 342 more words


Review: The Living Dead Girl

Hi everyone, welcome to Throwback Thursday! In today’s blog I’m going to be talking about Elizabeth Scott’s novel The Living Dead Girl. 145 more words


Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend

Happy Wednesday my fellow followers! I hope the week is treating you well. Today I’m going to be talking about Kasie West’s novel The Fill-In Boyfriend. 242 more words


Review: Uprooted

Hello everyone, happy Monday! But is it really a happy Monday? You tell me. My Monday is just another day I want to get through, that’s work life, am I right? 210 more words


This Savage Song

By Victoria Schwab

Schwab creates a gritty and bleak backdrop for a re-imagined America in this new Dystopian fantasy duology. The world is broken.  Kate Harker resides in Verity, one of the many new sectors of the United States.   497 more words