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TALKBACK4Teens is embarking upon advocating for teens.  Beginning with Clara’s letter to school districts, we will be promoting and advocating for the following issues which affect teens.   448 more words


Review: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

I can’t remember the last time I read a book with such a fitting title.  I mean, when you’re talking about navigating the world of high school as a confused and misguided teenager,  it truly does become the most dangerous place on earth. 222 more words


Teen Book of the Month! -Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan.

Our book for this month is Sarah Crossan’s Apple and Rain. We absolutely loved this book. Grab a copy, let us know what you thought! Meanwhile, here’s our review! 228 more words

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Depression 61.2

Second installment of 61.0 Depression: Host & Segment Producer Clara Wagner talks with Tegan, a twenty-something looking back on her teen depression. Join the discussion by commenting on the blog.


Mom , why can't we watch adult movies?

It was an usual evening pick ups and drops of kids to their classes for me. Causally changed the radio station in car.The famous “O Chitta Ve,,  …” was being played i raised the volume. 994 more words

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Time for a "TIME OUT" !!

For a very long time I’ve been having this unanswered question…”What causes this much STRESS in today’s youngsters ??”. Well,they are seem to be the the ones with much stress levels than adults,who have concerns regarding family,work place and other grown up issues.I’ve been doing some reading regarding this and I was very surprised to know many UNEXPECTED FACTORS that can cause stress in this generation kids.In earlier days,people had many other diversions that distracted them from a stressful situation.But in today’s scenario,these diversions are the main factors that hike stress levels in youngsters. 508 more words

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Young Teens and Makeup: Is it Right?

This post is going to be written based purely on personal opinion.

I will keep it short and sweet, and to the point. I wanted to share my outlook on young teen girls and the idea of makeup. 419 more words