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There is this conflict inside of us now and then,between our mind and heart in expressing our desires,anger and sorrows….but thinking of the consequences,it’s finally the appropriate response that is being reflected and sometimes “appropriate responses” can be from our minds rather than deep down from heart.These responses may make us sad and even miserable(in my case) sometimes.Practicing the ‘ART OF PLEASING OTHERS’ does not happen overnight…..but trying to break them is much more harder and a tiring job. 541 more words

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Review: How to Keep Rolling After a Fall by Karole Cozz0

When I read Karole Cozzo’s debut novel, How to Say I Love You Out Loud, I knew I was on to something good.  So it was with great anticipation I began her new release.   258 more words


When you look at the news, television shows, social media, or go outside in some places there’s a lot of negative images. There’s an extreme amount of violence that our kids are seeing and being lead to believe that they should be okay with that. 275 more words


Keep calm and don't be an EMOTIONAL FOOL !!

In the prime age of 15 till 18 (ie) when a youngster’s teen days are on its peak,conflicts and misunderstandings burn between close ones and sometimes these small small varied thoughts takes its toll on the relationship.It is very tough to differentiate the issues of a teenager as emotional and social.The teenager is not at fault…but his/her age makes them at fault.It is very easy for a layman who views things from outside,to pin the blame on the victim.Now the victim,along with the label ‘stubborn’…’hopeless’…’sarcastic’…’emotional fool’ etc……becomes an easy target towards emotional as well as social dilemmas for others too. 554 more words

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In today’s world,people especially teenagers have no time to connect with real life,meet people,hang out with them,spend some quality time with family etc.But they(ie)me too, have all the time in the world to be glued to their smart phones and converse with friends whom we have never met before in our life.And in some cases it becomes one of the causes for us to slip into “DEPRESSION”,since we are practically all alone all the time. 390 more words

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Summer Meals 4Teens 58.0 AAE

Ask An Expert 58.0 Summer Meals 4Teens
Interviewer Layne Wall talks with Aaron Lattanzio Summer Meals Program Director about where you can get fed while you play this Summer! 41 more words


"Bone Gap"

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby  

Finn, the teen oddball in the tiny country town of Bone Gap, is both loved for his quirky personality by most of the town and bullied by the family of Rudes–a common scenario in small town narratives where everyone feels that s/he knows everything about everyone else, where it’s both comfortable to remain in and difficult to break out of the image that folks lock you into. 415 more words