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#YouthLivesMatter: the Most Important Lesson I've Learned from The Middle East

By no means to I wish to challenge the Black Lives Matter movement.  After all, they have their own campaign for their own specific reasons.  But what I do wish to highlight is the importance of focusing on youth in various conflict zones around the world.   1,158 more words

Andy's Life

Proud to Be Weird as All Get Out and A Photo Album of My Most Embarrassing Moments <3

If you’ve known me from anywhere between 2 minutes to twenty-three years, you certainly know this one thing about me:

I thought I was a cat in 5th grade. 1,507 more words


Dear 19 year old me...

Hi 19-year-old me, how are you doing?  Oh you’re in and out of a psychiatric hospital!  Why’s that?  Where is that bad boy boyfriend of yours?   1,015 more words


Dear 18 year old me...

I’m giving my 16 year old self a break for now.  So you’re 18, 18! Legally allowed to go out and discover a night life.  Oh wait that’s right, you’re not really allowed to are you.   1,032 more words


Dear 16 year old me...

Did you think I was done with you? I told you it would be brutal! So you’re 16 coming up to your seventeenth. Where are you? 946 more words


Dear a barely 16 year old me

Wow you’re 16! You made it! GCSE’s under your belt and your parents have finally lifted the no dating ban. So what do you do now? 500 more words


Five ways to get young people reading

Okay, so getting teens and younger ones to read can be like pulling teeth. Especially with social media demands and temptations, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and apps on their iPhone or other devices. 269 more words

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