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Book Cover Reveal: The D.B. List

And without further adieu, I give you the book cover for The D.B. List (which will be out in June). EEEP! This book is super close to my heart as the main character suffers from mental illness, which as some of you know I have child and other family members who also suffer from it. 264 more words

13 Reasons Why: Warnings for Parents and Help for Students

I am a guidance counselor in a high school, and perhaps that’s part of what inspired me to watch the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why… 654 more words


Not the Typical Teenage Dream

What were you interested in when you were sixteen-years-old?

Friends? Clothes? Music? Sports?

Madison Lamb enjoys many of the typical things most teenage girls do. She likes hanging out with friends and drinking coffee. 780 more words


Art & Soul

Art & Soul by Brittainy C Cherry

4.5 stars!

“Love openly,” my heart whispered. “Love unconditionally,” my heart begged. “Love the struggles,” my heart taught. “Love in the moment.” … 366 more words


Look within

Most of the qualities that make me beautiful aren’t visible. I’m beautiful for what’s on the inside. I don’t have a perfect shape. I don’t have the face of a movie star. 33 more words


Review: All the Forever Things by Jolene Perry

I love strong female characters.  I especially love unique, strong, teenage female characters.  It’s hard enough to be a teenager.  More so if you’re female and march to the beat of your own drum. 189 more words


Empty envelope! 

​He missed those faint kisses that embraced his skin. The touch of her hands soothed all wither, the warmth of her breath felt comforting.

With time, all faded; the kisses,the warmth and the touch. 22 more words