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Teen Mom 2 recap: Homecoming

West Virginia has been flooded-Jeremy’s grandmother lost her house so he’s back from South Dakota to help. Leah is driving with her incoherent brother in law who clearly dressed up for his tv appearance, and she’s in a bind because her landlord won’t pro-rate her rent. 826 more words

'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Javi Returns Home From Deployment & Jenelle Battles Barb

It was an emotional episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ on Jan. 16, as Javi finally returned home from deployment. Plus, Leah and Jeremy got into a fight about communicating with each other, and Barb threatened Jenelle, saying they’ll fight in court over custody of Jace. 597 more words


'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea's Pregnant & Kailyn's Marriage Falls Apart

With a baby and wedding on the way, things couldn’t be going better for Chelsea on the Jan. 11 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ But for Kailyn, everything’s falling apart, as she and Javi officially decide to end their relationship. 713 more words


First blog post

Hello All! Aliens, Spirits, Human Beings, who ever or whatever comes across this little page of mine. I am Ashley. Female. Californian–>Oregonian. 19.Introvert struggling to be an extrovert.Big Sister. 298 more words

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'Teen Mom 2' Season Premiere Recap: Jenelle & Nathan Face Off In Court

The second half of ‘Teen Mom 2’s seventh season kicked off with a bang on Jan. 2, when Jenelle and Nathan came face-to-face in court, where they not only battled over custody of Kaiser, but dealt with Jenelle’s assault charge. 650 more words