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Lamar: Part X

I hesitated to divulge to anyone about my plans to move to North Carolina with Lamar. I knew no one would truly understand, especially not my parents. 1,984 more words

Growing Pains

Lamar: Part VIIII

Before I detail this baby shower, I think it’s important I make it clear why the actions of those present was so significant. To begin, everyone who was in attendance, were thought to be my friends at the time. 1,839 more words


Lamar: Part VIII

The funny thing about being pregnant was how fast it all seemed to be happening. Once I hit my 4 month mark in November, I had started to show. 2,095 more words


Robot babies lead to more pregnancies and more births

Ann Althouse brought some interesting information to my attention

“… but a new study using lifelike simulated babies in Western Australian schools had a surprising result: girls enrolled in the Virtual Infant Parenting Program (VIP) were…

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Lamar: Part VII

The next time I went to work, I got fired. It was a stupid argument with a supervisor who had it out for me. I was already hopped up off hormones so an emotional tirade was bound to happen if she kept poking the bear. 1,633 more words

Growing Pains

Lamar: Part VI

My mother was calmer than any mother I know. She simply sighed and told me we would talk about it when I got home. Everything seemed to be happening while I was still stuck in one place. 1,340 more words

Growing Pains

Lamar: Part V

After the incident with Tommy I thought that I should take a break from sex. I wasn’t really getting what I wanted from it, whatever that was. 1,434 more words

Growing Pains