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New Book: Saying Goodbye to London Review

I’m thrilled to share the first review on the Advance Copy of my new book Saying Goodbye to London. (Second Story Press) My fellow writers will know the work involved in seeing a new book coming to life! 37 more words


I wish I had known about youtube when I was pregnant with my daughter. I often find myself watching videos of those young girls who are 14-17 and pregnant. 885 more words

Keaton's Story

I just turned 18 in August I was still in school I was a senior in September I met a guy named Brady we were dating for a month I had unprotected sex with Brady’s. 321 more words

Unplanned Pregnancy

What They Didn't Tell Me About Birth Control pt. 1

Anyone who knows me probably knows how passionate I am about women’s healthcare, primarily due to my own experiences. I’m well aware that I was born into privilege, and as a result, I’ve had pretty easy access to relatively high-quality healthcare my entire life. 808 more words

Birth Control

Testing the Waters


That tumblr really is the gift that keeps on giving…

While it’s worth debate whether the author’s last name really is McNew, I hope it is, because it’s a solid name. 93 more words


Teen Pregnancy Side Effects: Introduction

12 years ago I was 17 and pregnant.

Now I am 29 and have an 11 year old.

A little background, before I explain the purpose of this blog. 405 more words

13 Things I Should Tell My Sons

Listen, I don’t want to be the perfect parent.  It’s too much work. But I do want to make sure that I equip my children with the necessary skills to be successful in life. 877 more words