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Bittersweet November

For many years, November has not been a good month for me.

This is due to the fact it was when I gave Matthew up for adoption, when I lost my second family in a professional setting, and when I nearly died at the hands of my controlling spouse. 375 more words


16 and Pregnant: A Journal Entry

In 1997 I was 16 years old and pregnant. I knew my life and focus needed to change in order to provide my unborn child the life she deserved. 581 more words


Mixed Emotions

That moment when a female tells you, “I’m pregnant” and it’s your kid, could be the best and worst day of your life. When you are under the age of eighteen, it’s the scariest. 396 more words


Breaking the Stigma

Now you know a little bit about me, the real reason as to why I could no longer stay studying in Cardiff was actually because I was pregnant. 713 more words


Help Girls Shine Bright: Camp GLOW 2017

In Nicaragua, certain cultural factors, such as machismo, prohibit women from taking advantage of education and employment opportunities in order to fill socially constructed gender roles in the home. 275 more words

Gender Roles

Some Thoughts on Key Guidance Issues

Cyber counseling: Yes or no?

Yes, but cyber counseling and face-to-face counseling can exist side by side! It’s not one or the other. Cyber counseling is great for addressing accessibility issues. 297 more words

Lesson Reflections

Impact of maternal depression and anxiety on child development

A number of new studies have found that stress, depression or anxiety during and after pregnancy can have long lasting effects on the development of your child. 60 more words

Maternal Mental Health