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New Life

“From life’s first cry to final breath. Jesus commands my destiny.” – Natalie Grant

This momma misses her dad.

And then – there were a number of numb years, where I made poorer and poorer choices.

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Magdalena's Kirkus Review

My new book has been released and so has its Kirkus Review. I’m actually pleased with it. It’s obvious that the reviewer skipped through the end, something Kirkus is under fire for. 173 more words

Sit Right Back and Hear A Tale...

   The happy Brinson family – Barney, Phyllis, Clarice, Marsha, Faye, Bill and of course little Barrett were traveling the world! Of course, I remember nothing of this except what I was told. 697 more words


Trends in Illinois Birthrates

By Lauren Yard

Interactive Graphic

The above graphic describes some of the trends in demographics of women giving birth including births by young mothers under the age of 20 and the women’s marital statuses. 12 more words

Say NO to Irresponsible Sex-Ed

 There is a stigma in the American society. This stigma, fueled by age-old traditions and beliefs has inhibited our country from educating its youth on safe sexual behavior. 493 more words

Family knows? Well, kinda...

So we decided to finally sort of tell our family. My mom has been suspicious on whether I was pregnant or not, but when I took a pregnancy test to prove it to her it was a false negative. 718 more words

Excitement over the baby

So J has recently been actually excited about the baby. He’s been happy and sort of excited about being a dad, but the last week or so he’s been super excited. 449 more words