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Alcohol and Men

Has anybody else ever felt that there’s a huge correlation between addiction to alcohol and addiction to Love and Sex. I know that addiction to male attention is something that I may never shake. 780 more words


When your child/ren’s father is a deadbeat and seems to be getting off scot free, devoid of the thousands of responsibilities of parenting that we are faced with each day – it can be easy to hold animosity and often the kids are the ones to feel the rocky water between 2 parents. 519 more words

My Story


The foster care system in this country is a necessary evil. Me and my siblings are blessed, we eventually were reunited and over time our mother regained custody and jumped through the hoops needed get us out of the system. 356 more words


Three Seconds: A JONAS drabble fanfiction

sister (Moon Bound Fantasies) is making me write this. If I get 100
reviews, I have to make it a chapter fic instead of a drabble. 903 more words


The How & the Why by Cynthia Hand

Gr. 8-12  Being adopted as a baby has given Cass a good life with loving parents and the best friend ever. But now that she’s 18, she feels the urge to search for the woman who gave her life. 72 more words

Book Reviews

Angel baby

Eighteen and pregnant

Couldn’t say I didn’t expect it

All I wanted was to feel love

Even if it was temporary

I was blinded by the fact… 259 more words


With the Fire on High: A Sweet and Savory Tale

Ft. Elizabeth Acevedo, WTFOH

Hello and welcome back! This week we will be diving into a book that hit shelves earlier this year! As always, there might be content in this post that upsets some people as we discuss the trials and tribulations of single parenthood as a teenager. 559 more words

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