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There’s something I stopped telling people a couple of years ago, not because it’s a secret but because the words carry responsibility. I wasn’t ready to be responsible. 1,147 more words

Compassion International

Well let me start off by saying i am now 21 weeks (3 more days and i’ll be 22 weeks!) and so far, this pregnancy has been a total worry. 486 more words

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The day I found out I was going to be a mom!

O. . . MY. . . GOD!!! Those are the only words that made their way out of my mouth after I yelled for my husband, who was playing Call of Duty in the living room. 452 more words


Abuse.  Sexual, Physical and Emotional, all are hard to bear and recover from. Having a first hand experience to all three has given me a pretty good insight as to what the recovery process is. 178 more words

Reconciling Teenage Pregnancy and the Church

The United States has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the western world. Due to conflicting religious and political dialogues, American society as a whole cannot determine any particular method of prevention or response to teenage pregnancy that is both moral and effective. 1,304 more words


Review: What You Left Behind

Hello! Happy Monday folks! I hope the start of your week is going swell, today I’m going to be reviewing Jessica Verdi’s novel What You Left Behind. 179 more words


Choice Summer The Nikki Sheridan Series by Shirley Brinkerhoff

Wow! This book is really good. I read it back about 10 years ago and I keep wanting to go back to it. Written in a Christian Perspective, this book, Choice Summer by Shirley Brinkerhoff, is the first book about the summer Nikki Sheridan’s life changed forever. 285 more words