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book review: Somebody Else's Kids

Just this week I finished reading the Book Somebody Else’s Kids by Torey Hayden. Torey Hayden is a special education teacher and psychologist who has written many nonfiction accounts of her work with children with emotional problems that prevent them from being successful in a regular classroom. 1,694 more words

Mental Illness

U.S. Teen Trends In Sex, Bullying, Booze and More

The latest statistics on teenagers paint a rosy portrait of American teens. They’re drinking, smoking and bullying less than they used to, and fewer are getting pregnant. 545 more words

Sex Ed for Kindergartners? The Dutch Model

Take a look at the following article about the Dutch and their approach to teaching sexuality in schools and in their communities in general. No surprise that their rates of teen pregnancy and STD’s are some of the lowest in the world.  43 more words


Pregnant In Middle School, She's Now A Valedictorian

It’s a sad but all-too common story – a promising teenager’s life is derailed by a teen pregnancy. With the grim statistics on teen single mothers and how many of them are mired in poverty, it might be hard to see anything positive in the situation. 369 more words

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High school senior overcomes homelessness, raising a child to become valedictorian

Trameka Pope of Wendell Phillips Academy High School in Chicago continues to defy everyone’s expectations – just not her own.

The teenager has overcome homelessness and giving birth just days before her freshman year  191 more words


Chapter Seven: What Have I Done

That warm, fuzzy feeling quickly fled in the face of the all-consuming, soul-crushing nausea that pulled me from sleep and sent me sprinting to the toilet. 1,136 more words


Chapter Six: Hindsight is 20/20

I called Mike and we met at a park near my building. I don’t know why he didn’t want to come straight to m apartment and I didn’t bother pressing for a reason. 664 more words