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Erin - Early 2000

At what point does a mother begin to guess that her sixteen-year-old daughter might be pregnant? When she sees her walk across the room, and wonders when her girl had picked up the extra weight, and why she hadn’t noticed before now? 1,353 more words


The Male Role in Juvenile Pregnancy

According to the teenage pregnancy site www.dosomething.org/, “8 in 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child”. An Average American views unplanned, unmarried pregnancy by teenagers a bad thing. 466 more words

Chapter 19

Whispered bits of conversation echoed in my ear, even as I blasted Memphis May Fire on the Queens bound train.

“…can’t believe…”
“Knew one day he would…” 1,139 more words


#528 Annie's Baby edited by Beatrice Sparks

Annie’s Baby edited by Beatrice Sparks

Sometimes you see a teenager with a baby and you wonder what in the heck went on in their minds to make them think it was a good idea. 1,222 more words


Teen Pregnacy: Who the? What the? How the?

I was recently looking at a video and it mentioned 7 teen girls got pregnant on a frield trip. Thought of it bothered me so i decided to write on it.  186 more words


Dedicated to the fifty seven million whose cries have been forever silenced under the ruling of Roe Versus Wade. We still hear you.


“Impossible.” I murmur in disbelief. 2,408 more words