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Chapter 3 Destiny

Chapter 3 Destiny

My father was offered a promotion with West trec Marinas which meant another relocation, this time to northern Georgia. Not really a big deal for me as I had moved my entire life, at present I have lived in 2 different countries (United States and Italy), 9 different states, 21 separate towns, and total of 29 houses. 2,979 more words


A Family of Young Parents: How Teen Pregnancy Has Changed Over a Generation

An average of one in four girls will be pregnant at least once by the time they turn 20, according to the National Conference of State Legislators. 260 more words

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How do we face this Evil?

Honestly, the pictures of aborted fetuses haven’t ever really made me cry or anything. They have always made me mad. I fought in the pro-life movement for a little bit and I saw a lot of things that just didn’t seem right to me so I stepped aside and did other things, like work on myself. 811 more words


Story Pitch: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Advances As Statistics Fall

Mrs. Chavez, who had her first child at 15 in 1985, and Angel Gonzalez, who had his child at 19 in 2014. By pursuing this intimate portrait of teen pregnancy, Real Chi Youth reports are investigating how the landscape of teen pregnancy has changed. 155 more words

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Review: Trouble by Non Pratt

Trouble by Non Pratt
Genre: Contemporary
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Trouble, as you can probably tell from the excellently designed cover, is about pregnancy. 836 more words


A Teen Pregnancy

When I was 18 years old, a couple months after a bad breakup with a guy that was somewhat emotionally abusive, I met Dave. He was the cousin of my best friend’s boyfriend, which my friend and I thought that was so damn cool. 1,675 more words


My Parents Pt. 1

When you are a child, your parents are your whole world. They put your needs above their own, love you with all their might, and do everything in their power to help you succeed in life. 1,159 more words