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Thank You For Making Me A Single Mom

While I was pregnant, my biggest fear was becoming a single mom. I hated the thought because I mean how lonely would that be? No one likes being lonely or raising a child by themselves. 638 more words

Just Me

Runaway Train: new from "Pushing the River"

Marie is poking at a few hundred cloves of garlic she is roasting in the oven when Madeline comes into the kitchen.

“Are you mad at me?” Madeline asks her. 388 more words


Balancing Life and Parenting

I feel that due to all of the expenses and obligations in daily life a
lot of parents are not able to spend all of the time they would like… 316 more words

Young Parent Voices

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Mom, I’m pregnant!

After the shock has worn off and you have picked yourself up off of the floor, you start to dissect what your daughter just announced. 1,314 more words


Chapter 21-22

“Strike one!”

Marshal tossed the ball back as the umpire spat tobacco from under his mask onto the dirt behind him. Leering into Marshal’s crotch for the sign, he dropped two fingers then padded low in his right thigh; slider, low and in. 1,403 more words


Elvis Has Left the Building: NEW from "Pushing the River"

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take
She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake”

That’s what she’s thinking about; those two lines from Elvis Costello are twirling around and around in her head. 479 more words


kids are having kids?!

I was calmly watching some of my favorite YouTubers when I found myself looking into the life of a beautiful 15 year old girl who was pregnant: Sierra Watts. 486 more words

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