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Glad We Had This Talk...

So we grow up, meet that special someone, and have a baby! Great, right?! We spend the early years of that child’s life teaching them right from wrong, educating them, and basically making sure they have everything they need to succeed. 463 more words

Health Programs

Rights To Health; Maternal Health.

Reducing the world’s maternal mortality ratio by three quarters between 1990 and 2015 is one of the objectives of the Millennium Development Goal, actually its number 5. 526 more words

Uganda And Its Things

Erin - The Birthday - April 2000, cont. 2

When I returned to Erin’s room, I saw an autumn leaf, cut from brown construction paper, taped to the outside of her door. I would soon learn its meaning – this leaf was the symbol of loss. 495 more words


Al Ver Necesidad: Incorporando a las Jovenes Embarazadas en Familia

El artículo es un parte de un serie más profundo desarrollando la 
tema de adolescentes embarazadas en Ecuador. Lee más sobre el proyecto aquí. 975 more words

Grandma's Hands

I was 15, pregnant, scared and didn’t want to be in my mother’s house with my stepfather another day. Remember in my book the time when he got mad at me about the ironing board, and I ran away? 581 more words

Students trading sex for drugs ... in rural Canada

Students trading sex for drugs or alcohol happens also in rural Canada

Source:  (As reported in ScienceDaily, August 1, 2012)  University of British Columbia. (2012, August 1). 69 more words

International Experience

Erin - The Birthday - April 2000, cont. 1

A few minutes later, Erin’s obstetrician confirmed what that sonogram picture, filled with such horrible stillness, had already told us – that her baby was gone.  596 more words