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Oregon tobacco age headed to 21 after lawmakers pass new rules

A proposal that would make Oregon the third state in the nation to increase its tobacco sales age to 21 achieved the final go-ahead Thursday. 33 more words

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No buying tobacco under the age of 21, Oregon lawmakers decide

Oregonians under the age of 21 will not be able to buy cigarettes as soon as the governor puts her pen to a newly passed bill. 11 more words

Statesman Journal

Oregon House votes to raise tobacco sales age to 21

The Oregon House took steps to save lives by protecting kids from a lifetime of addiction Thursday when it passed Senate Bill 754 to raise the state’s age for all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, to 21, supporters of the measures said. 11 more words

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Oregon's new smoking age will be 21 years old

Oregon is set to join California and Hawaii as the only states in the country to prohibit the purchase of tobacco products for people under the age of 21. 11 more words

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Few barriers for Keizer youth wanting tobacco

A Keizer kid under the age of 18 has about a 50/50 chance of walking into a River Road business and walking out with a pack of cigarettes they paid for.That’s according to numbers provided based on Oregon Health Authority inspections in 2015. 44 more words

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An Oregon Civil-Rights Pioneer is Helping Big Tobacco Fight Against Raising the Legal Smoking Age

Once the Legislature’s leading health care advocate, former Sen. Margaret Carter is now a hired gun for the company formerly known as Philip Morris.

Until recently, Oregon appeared poised to join California and Hawaii in raising the legal age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21. 60 more words

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Smoking age in Oregon could be raised two decades after campaign against cigarettes began

Oregon Governor Kate Brown marked the 20th year Thursday since Oregon voters became first in the nation to approve an initiative for a fully funded, statewide effort to stamp out cigarettes. 15 more words

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