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The Bear’s Morning

By, Tatyana

One day there was a bear and he walked through the prickly grass that got pressed down every step the bear took. The bear was walking the same path he walked every day. 287 more words

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My Elephant

By, Zach F.

When I was a little boy I had a pet elephant. He was the best elephant I ever had. His name was Elephant. 286 more words

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My Life

By, Nick

Hey there I’m Nick. This story is true just letting you know… Okay let’s begin…

So October 31, 2015 – today – Halloween. Wait; let’s go back to when everything started. 328 more words

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The Nightmare

By, Tristan

One day there was a new teacher in our school but nobody really liked him; everybody had their suspicions about him. His name was Mr. 296 more words

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By, Derek

…When I got to town I went to the gold store to see how much gold I could trade in for money. Bob weighed the gold and came back with it and said I could have a million dollars with how much gold I have! 201 more words

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By: Brian Dorantes

One day a group of astronauts traveled to a far away planet. It took them a few years and months to finally land there. 370 more words

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Sh4rk Ke$ha

By, Sebastian K.

Once upon a time there was a family that was stranded in the middle of nowhere, and they have no food or water. 162 more words

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