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Storyhelix Review 032: Project: Hero! Atlantis Under Attack

My regular readers might know it very well, but I have a soft spot for indie author superheros (Marvel and DC are old school now, am I right?) 267 more words

C S Johnson

Storyhelix Review 030: A Light in the Darkness

There are so many books in the world, and I just happen to find a lot of comfort in the young adult book genre. There’s something magical about the time of growing up. 264 more words

C S Johnson

Spring Break Giveaway!

In celebration of Remembering‘s release this past week, there’s a #giveaway on Amazon. Check out the link below to see if you’re a winner! (Spoiler: You are, but it’s just a matter if you get to get the book or not.) 8 more words

C S Johnson

The Shield and the Sword

To trust or not to trust, that is the question.

That is the heart of any question when it comes to relationships between people. I see this every day as I watch the news or click on my friends’ posts for political news, and I see in at the heart of every relationship between myself and others. 954 more words

C S Johnson

It's Time for Remembering!

The Starlight Chronicles is my flagship series, and it’s about to get bigger.

Book 4, Remembering, is coming. I just couldn’t wait to get it out, so it will be here soon! 6 more words

C S Johnson

Storyhelix Review 027: Shadows

I grew up reading memoirs, which made me delve into history, and which makes me happy reading when it comes to historical fiction (ironic to me, because I write fantasy set in contemporary times.) American History was also one of my favorite genres to study, so in reading  391 more words

C S Johnson

Storyhelix Review 024: Hidden Deep

One of the best things about reading teenage love stories is how true you get to see love really is. So much of adulthood can erode away the magic. 282 more words

C S Johnson