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What Policies Will Help At-Risk Adolescents?

The Glenn Show, Glenn Loury’s semi-monthly discussion show on blogging heads, is always outstanding and I watch most of them if I don’t discuss it here. 1,998 more words


TGIM says "Y.E.P." to President Trump's proposed 2018 Budget

No one wants to think that their tax money is being “wasted” through inefficient programs and bloated government agencies.  Making the government “efficient” sounds like a noble goal. 444 more words

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Why not a .com?

When you clicked on this title, perhaps you were expecting some enlightening research on web domains, and whether or not your business web domain will impact your site traffic.  710 more words

Community Programs

Inspire a Lifetime of Change: Support Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Did you know that just $7.99 per month can launch a lifetime of change for our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants?  Your membership to Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Digital Content Shelf  is one way we are able to offer our program at no cost to our participants.  375 more words


"Not far from Democrats’ soiree teen unemployment is 42%."

Not far from Democrats’ soiree teen unemployment is 42%. What if minimum wage doubles? https://t.co/P3SsLEFIiB @Mark_J_Perry @Mike_Saltsman

— WSJ Editorial Page (@WSJopinion) July 27, 2016

Mark J. Perry

Former McDonald’s CEO Drops Hard Truths on What $15 Minimum Wage Does to People Who Need Work

By Katie Lapotin – Re-Blogged From Independent Journal

It’s no secret that Democrats (and labor unions) are clamoring for a raise the minimum wage in the United States to $15 per hour. 356 more words

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