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Movie Night

My  friends and i had a movie night last night and it was honestly a lot more fun than i though it would be. I woke up at around 8:30 to start cleaning the house because if it’s not clean, no friends are coming over. 640 more words

Star Wars Ahsoka Review

I haven’t kept it a secret that Ahsoka Tano is my favorite character from the Star Wars universe going from annoying token kid character inserted into Clone Wars to appeal to kids, to broken hero, to rebel alliance merger, and beyond. 509 more words


Weekend at College

On most weekends, I end up going home even though I’d rather stay at college. The reason for this is obviously my mom but whatever. The point is, this weekend I decided to stay here at college and relax a little and finish some work and it has been so nice. 288 more words

Teen Looks Up From Phone

LOS ANGELES – To the astonishment of her parents and younger brother, local 15-year-old Lauren Sterling glanced up from her phone Monday night to glare at her mother whom had asked about her day. 131 more words


34. Quote of the Week: October 24, 2016

This verse means a lot to me because if you want to translate it ‘differently’, I guess, it means “God has not called you to fit in”. 127 more words