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It’s been a while since I put a blog post up, or it feels that way anyways. I’ve been a busy bee, been up in Hartlepool for a week – came home – went up to Cornwall for a week and finally got home after an 8 and a half hour car journey yesterday 🙃 (most uncomfortable car journey of my life seeing as the sunburn on my bum and back of my legs was the same colour as mr krabs🦀) 378 more words

Bombs in a box

The biggest mistake I’ve done in my life is that I’ve been always honest with my feelings…

Rough Draft

I know that I said I wasn’t going to be writing for awhile, but someone that I care about deeply told me that I shouldn’t stop doing what I love. 1,822 more words

2:21 AM

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

Little Miss Moira

Pitch Perfect (2012): Back to School

Y’all ready to go b-aca to school? Sorry, that’s the only aca pun I’m going to make because to be honest, most of those seem so forced and awkward in the movie. 120 more words


Lamar: Part IV

Summer was in full effect and so was the change in me. My best friend Shannon had come to work at my job so it was like work was one big hangout session at all times. 2,047 more words