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10 Cool 'Gotta-Have-Them' Accessories for Tweens Back to School

Accessories are essential for every girl, especially when it’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL or even dressing up school uniforms! Here I have handpicked a few of my favorite items for Back to School, from HEAD to toesies! 313 more words


Daily Dilemma #31

Hello there,

So yet again I feel asleep last night totally forgetting to write something… I blame it on a migraine but you know what they say about excuses, so let’s just move on. 113 more words

Daily Dilemma's

The Tree of All Time Part One by Vlatka Herzberg

I remember staring deeply into its eye seeing a liquid pool of emotion, maybe not human emotion. Maybe not even animal emotion. It surpassed both. Maybe it was the emotions of our ancestors seeing me, seeing our world and seeing beyond it, filling me with hope for something more beyond violence, beyond beauty, something I couldn’t put into words, but in the lion’s piercing golden eye I felt emotion ripple like waves crashing onto a shore. 1,276 more words


I might be a little bit in love with Zac Efron finally...

I’ve never really had a HUGE crush on him or anything, but then I saw this picture.. And.. *starry-eyed me*

<3 <3 I can’t think straight…. :-D :-D :-D


The Love/Hate Challenge

I’m backkkk. Just kidding, I was only gone 3 days, no big deal. I was camping! However, camping with 5 siblings, my mother and step-father, and my increasingly pessimistic self turned out not to be quite the thrill I was looking for. 535 more words


4 Popular Jobs For Teens [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

On average, kids and teen earn about $35 a week just from an allowance. But for teens who do work, the most popular jobs are in fast food, grocery stores, camp and retail. 123 more words



Hello World!

So, as a teenager, I can’t help but recognise the amounts of stress young people are under at the moment. The pushes and pulls seem never ending with pressures from almost all aspects of our lives. 209 more words