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Slow words

Sometimes we suffer in silence hoping something could change.

A little about me♡.

I usually don’t write about awards and such – just because I don’t really understand how they work, but I was nominated for the Liebster award by TheBloomBrain who guilted me into writing a response, so here it is. 411 more words


Liebster Award// Secrets Revealed!

Last Saturday was a interesting day for me. I was having a good and productive day(mostly getting my school work done) when one of a sudden, my phone vibrates and guess what it is? 995 more words



Helloooooooooo Falllll!!!!!!

So yada yada about why I haven’t posted, but I wanted to make this one real quick!

I’m going to start off by saying that fall is my favorite season! 288 more words


Stinky Feet

I lost my left shoe today,

And when I went to look for it

I discovered that it ran away.

Well, it didn’t actually run. 147 more words


Part 32

Jeff’s Tales of Woe Pt. 32

So I was really excited earlier today because it was allowance day. Today’s allowance, my allowance while I was grounded, and a little borrowed cash from my sister meant that I had enough money for what I wanted! 172 more words