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Low Point

Warning: This poem has some unpleasant themes in it and details a point I reached in my mental health today where everything felt, and feels, really awful. 430 more words


One Wrong Move

I’m not struggling but I feel like one wrong move and I could be.

There’s a makeshift foundation under all that I’m doing

It’s weak and not used to being there… 116 more words


Pick a better topic.

So far, this blog has mainly been about break ups. The saddest thing about that though, would have to be the repetitive break up/getting back together process with the same guy. 55 more words

↠ Introduction ↞ 

Hello to whoever is currently reading this. My name is Olivia Moulton and I am an aspiring writer and I thought why not start a blog to hopefully help me to get better at writing. 180 more words


day 1

these are the days, the days i’m meant to be living my life, fulfilling my dreams or whatever bullshit our parents force feed us.. summer is meant to be the time for self growth and happiness, full of adventures and new experiences but instead i spend my days laying in bad listening to tame impala, eating jumbo sized tubs of ice cream in the dark. 219 more words


So like.

It’s the summer again, I’m broke again, and I’m still a teenager. I really hate the summer. Time just stretches on and gets wasted. If I wasn’t stuck with my parents it might be better. 154 more words


Powerlifting Session #2 – July 16

Today’s Powerlifting Session was much better than last weeks’.

I hit all the anticipated numbers at reasonable RPE’s.

You can look at the workout below: 333 more words