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I don't know

Haven’t posted anything in a long time, why? Because I have been busy, is that the truth? I don’t know!

Recently this question has been bugging me a lot, am I really busy? 301 more words


It´s time for a song

Good day everyone!

So, has been a while sense I showed you one of my songs and I think it´s time to show you one more. 256 more words

Carnival Time!

If you’ve seen this post already, well, I deleted the last one.

So, I’m going to the less dangerous version of the Notting Hill Carnival today, with my dad and my friend Odd (she IS coming after all!) 32 more words


You can't choose your family.

The other day I was sitting eating my coco pops as I do on a usual Sunday morning when my dad came down the stairs and told me that my grandma had hurt herself falling off of a Segway. 259 more words


Beginning Your Middle School Journey; (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote the first part to, “Beginning Your Middle School Journey.” This Saturday I am writing part two, and maybe next Saturday I will write part three if I can think of anything else, if any of you give me suggestions, or I might just add some more information into this blog post? 2,358 more words