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i belong to nothing and i feel so alive.

i used to spend a lot of my youth wondering and wasting away trying to belong, to fit in, and oddly enough, i always tried to fit in with the people who seemed to not belong. 385 more words


Why We Love Anime #42

Showing you how awesome anime is…with epic, bad-butt pictures!!!

What an awesome wallpaper!

In case you missed it, I published my newest book yesterday!  Volume 5: Kiilda… 41 more words

No where near independent

I feel like this is a constant problem I have with myself. I have dealt with this since I was young. I’m not independent.. at all. 256 more words


Taking Time

If you’re reading this I promise you’re not seeing things. This is real, I have really just made a blog post. After my two month hiatus I figured it was about time to post something. 284 more words


It's time you knew the truth.


This is something I’ve never spoken about, nor have I really openly wanted to talk about it. But thanks to a fellow blogger I’ve recently come into contact with, (you know who you are<3) I’m starting to realise that it isn’t something to be ashamed of, it isn’t something I could’ve changed or had any control over. 1,016 more words


My Obsession

I have a problem. It pretty much comes from having no self control. The thing is that I can’t just enjoy something.No. I have to become obsessed with it. 319 more words


To the Fallen

What is a hero?

A hero, to me, is anyone that takes selfless risks to save others.

Just like those who served this country.

The United States of America. 174 more words