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He Couldn't Resist Me

Hi, so I know that the Lea series isn’t finished but I will return to it of course. While you wait, here is a short story. 2,396 more words


Will 5G Bring New Dimensions to Our Wireless World?

The hottest topic at Mobile World Congress 2015 will connect billions of people and things to the internet and one another without wires.

While much of the world is connecting their personal devices to fast data sharing 4G mobile networks, industry pioneers are shaping next generation networks to feed the world’s increasing appetite for the internet. 1,005 more words


Bokeh Kinda Days.

Good morning. It’s Sunday again! :D The weather today is pure bliss. It’s windy, and cold, and blue with not a ray of sunshine. Sounds depressing,eh? 243 more words



I bought another journal today. It’s now 1/a countless number that I have and yes there’s a possibility that I’ll abandon it like I have my others, but before I bought it I made a pact with one of my friends that I will have it filled by the end of my senior year. 558 more words


Jellicoe Road

Bibliographic information: Jellicoe Road by Melissa Marchetta, HarperTeen, 2009, ISBN 9780061431852

Plot Description: When Taylor was eleven her mother abandoned her at a 7 eleven store and called a boarding school to go and pick her up. 481 more words


50 Shades of Reality

Im gonna be honest, im a 17 yr old sex addict..mainy the rough Bdsm kind..the whips,chains,toys..theres just something about danger that ..excites me but yet comforts me…i honestly dont know how to put it into words..maybe thats why i got so off on the 50 shades trilogy..having a Dom who protects and loves you is just everything a girl could want..its rare though..i feel like i have it..he is so sexual my inner goddess feeds off his attention..but then the romantic part of me just wants to cuddle up and just fall withoit worrying whether hes just using me..i just domt wanna be another pussy count…he lets me use his technology for my research,netflix, and blogging..and when i go onto soundcloud because i cant do anything without music..its logged into his account and after what a month of being together he still has a picture of him and his ex…but yet he hasnt tooken any pictures with me or he gets pissy when i take pics of him…then ttoday before i gave in to fucking…he said that even though were taking it slow and we havent gone public i consider you my gf..like what is that supposed to mean..the other day i got into a pity argument with his other ex..and she had said that hes only with me for his convience…how am i supposed to fall for someone who is just using me..so i figured a little distance would tell a bit of truth..so ive decided to move upstate with my Aunt while he continues to stay at my house..i doubt hell even talknto me or anything..but its to see if hell stay faithful and if hell want me when i come home….im not a very physical and trusting person..i hate it when people lay there hands on me or just brush shoulders..its kills me or when someone just expects me to believe everything they say…but him his touch i beg and crave for it…but thats another thing..he says hes not just gonna give me what i want i have to ask him…but when i do its a no or hes busy…it all seems pointless to me..but i havent ever felt close to anyone since the lasdt guy i feel for…but this all seems too familar…much like #50 shades of grey…hes my christian grey and im his Anastasia….but just how loer can i accept my reality before it turns into a fantasy or nyghtmare?!?! 7 more words