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Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 5/6

Siya from Amazing Juvenile is our guest blogger today.  Thank you Siya!   If you are interested in writing your own teenage post, please check out the blog that started it all.   406 more words


Charlie The Astronuat

You know that one friend you have no clue why you’re friends, or how you became friends? This is that friend for me (I have quite a few friends like that but) 277 more words


Losing Him and Loving Him are the same thing

That’s what they don’t tell you. Nearly every time you love someone, you lose them. That’s not just my inner pessimist speaking, that’s reality. If you’re lucky, you part ways, you go on living separate lives. 831 more words



Yeah, I mean if there’s something I can be considered a pro at, it’s procrastination. I procrastinate every single blog post that pops into my mind and I’m so tired of myself for continuing this dreaded cycle. 184 more words


Good v. Bad

It’s funny, don’t you think?

That literally one thousand positive things can happen to us in a day.

All thousand smiles, laughs, hello’s, hugs, and jokes. 336 more words


Short Story

She walked up to the door and knocked, hoping that maybe this time the door would hold an answer. She knocked again in vain. No one is home. 335 more words