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There is Always Hope

I rounded the corner and the sight that greeted me brought tears to my eyes. The closest place to park was two blocks away from the gym; the parking lot was full as well as all parking a block on the other side. 509 more words



Along with my usual splatter of boring schoolwork and studying, I love the arts. Painting, drawing, writing—these are all things that are genuinely interesting to me. 142 more words



When I was younger, I really, really wanted to be a princess. To have my own story, one more magical and compelling than any other that had been told. 145 more words


The Toy I'll Never Give Up

The other day, I found myself flipping through the dusty pages of an old photo album from 2007. I saw myself with short bangs, missing teeth, and a big bright smile. 453 more words


Are You Still Around?

Meet me under the pale and light kiss on the swollen moon—where the gentle touches of the sun’s rays embrace the darkness of it.

Take my hand and dance me away from the burning grasses of our daily existence. 277 more words

Creative Writing


So rn I’m laying listening to the weeknd’s new album and I must say, I’m impressed. I’m not surprised because all his music bangs but this album really hits the spot. 13 more words



Everybody hates pimples but it’s apart of life , (at least for some people )
and then when you pop them it leaves an spot /scar depending on your skin color it can be red or kind of dark (dark mark or dark spots ) which we all hate now for you guys that are currently dealing with acne/pimples I’ll lay down the ground rules so you don’t make it worse for yourselves and I know some of you know this already but…. 400 more words