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Invisible Ink

Hello! My name is Caroline and I am a novice writer. How much of a novice am I? Well, let’s see. I am a teen in high school with absolutely no degree in creative writing, I have never written my own book(but I’m planning to), and I don’t usually critique on writing. 546 more words

October Babies!

October is here so do my upcoming birthday! I’ll be 20 this year alhamdulilah praise to Allah. My studies is almost over, final and then off from studies so for today’s blog I will just share you literally 30 Facts about me seems my Birth date is on 30th. 545 more words


The Trials of Apollo - Book 1: The Hidden Oracle - By Rick Riordan

Hey Jared,

Since I’m waiting for The Hammer of Thor to come out in mere days, I figured I could finally get around to reading the first book in this new series. 417 more words


Dear Thrillseekers : A Poem, An OOTD, A Letter

In life, there are two kinds of people. The people that do – and the people that watch whilst slowly shaking their heads and quizzically raising an eyebrow. 792 more words


Weekly diary entry...

HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! So today will be a diary update as you can see. I’m currently lying on my bed unable to move from the tiredness and the fact I’m quite possibly the biggest idiot ever and never want to be seen by anyone again. 379 more words


The Hardest Rule

Sotd: not yet found but will probably add one later, in my eagerness to find a song I liked today I skipped a half dozen fire tracks. 442 more words