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The first affair

Part 1

I had no idea where you were, and no way of finding you. Other than wandering around aimlessly, hoping that I would miraculously come across you. 686 more words

pineapple trauma and feeling uncharted things - august

My favourite way to start a blog post usually is by recapping a sky observation, but as sad as it may sound, I’ve forgotten to look out my window. 382 more words


The hate we give.

I’d like to answer a question, a question that a 15 year old boy with hormones asked. “Is it bad that I hate teenage girls? “ 775 more words


I'm stuck

I’m stuck in a relationship that I want to get out of. I don’t know what to say to someone I love but am not in love with that I want us to end the relationship. 47 more words

Shell shocked

It’s late now and I feel simply drained. To be honest I don’t know how I felt while going through the emotions of getting my results. 616 more words

Thursday 13th August:A glorious epiphany!

Dear Life,

Oh my gosh! I just had a glorious epiphany! If I traveled (by plane) from, I don’t know, somewhere where it was midday, to, I don’t know, somewhere with a different time zone and I arrived in the afternoon, my say would basically be longer than 24 hours. 31 more words


Thursday 13th August:Irish Jumps

Dear Life,

A sudden memory just came to me of me and my primary school friends spending multiple break times trying to do those Irish jumps where you jump and click your heels together. 15 more words