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Thursday 13th August:Is an Energy Drink classified under Soda?

Dear Life,

I find it very weird that in America, they call fizzy drinks, Soda and then, on the other side of the border, they call it Pop. 89 more words


Thursday 13th August: Book Moments

Dear Life,

You know those moments when you’re reading a book, and a character does something so cringe-worthy, so utterly mortifying, that you just have to put the book down for a sec while you die a little inside. 28 more words


Teen Thursday: Eugenia's Most Anticipated!

Today, Eugenia shares four YA books releasing in September that she is really, really, really excited for– and hopes you pre-order through bookpeople.com

Why do pre-orders matter? 437 more words

Girl, Jailed For Not Doing Homework, Gets Released.

The story of a 15 year old girl, only known as Grace, to protect her identity, has been released from the Children Village juvenile detention center. 118 more words

News & Gossip


A purple ray of sunlight beams through my window- it’s morning when I’m with you.
Gleams of love with brightened hues encircle me as I fall in you. 6 more words


The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee

The Thousandth Floor Series (Book #1)

Age Range: 13-17 (According to BN)

Our Opinion For Age: Adult

Book Summery

A hundred years in the future in New York there is a Tower that is a thousand-story tower. 287 more words

A Kind Welcome

Written by a 14 year old pickle

Here’s a book to waste some time.
To help to keep you occupied.
To venture deep within your mind; 102 more words