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Wait for your love story


Little girl soon you’ll be in a world all on your own.

You’ll feel alone, scared, and excited at the same time. You’ll meet some guys who may use you and abuse you and you may let them. 431 more words


The World Revolves Around Stereotypes

Hey guys! Back at it again with another post.

This isn’t exactly a rant, but more of an irksome observation I made in the 2 years I’ve been back at my motherland. 462 more words


Dear teenage me

Dear teenage me, your looks don’t mean anything, you’re going to change one day into the person you’re meant to be. 

Dear teenage me, your mum doesn’t hate you she just wishes you’d listen and not do things that will make you look bad.  591 more words

Make Me Die

Sorryyyyy!!! I know I have not blogged I've been...busy. But as promised to whoever is
 reading this today I will talk about the Make Me Die group. 527 more words

Sunday's Shenanigans

Hiya Humanity!

Today I’m back at NMIT and enjoying it…mostly. Today seems to be paperwork day in a usually practical environment. I’ve finished my mood-board of 2017 autumn beauty trends, now I just have to write the report on it…. 637 more words

Teenage Life

Blog Tour: Noah Can't Even - Embarrassing Moments

At the end of last month, I talked about how Noah Can’t Even, Simon James Green’s debut, was coming out earlier this month. Since then, I’ve read it and it was absolutely hilarious – if you’re looking for something to lift your mood or bring on some laughter, I would definitely recommend this book! 922 more words

Young Adult

Continuity and Frozen Peas

Bonjour Humans!

After writing a stress beating technique every day for the last week, I’ve realized just how much I love writing in my blog. I’ll be the first to admit, this means I haven’t exactly been keeping up with schoolwork, but I’m already so much happier lately. 506 more words

Teenage Life