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Wah, 7 bulan lamanya gak update blog lagi. Aku kembali jika ada “tetek bengek” yang pengen kucurahkan tanpa orang harus mengetahuinya secara langsung. Yah. Ngomong soal kebaikan, mungkin kita tahu ada pepatah mengatakan, “Jika tidak bisa berbuat baik, setidaknya jangan berbuat jahat. 608 more words


So God, Who Am I in "The Breakfast Club"?

To what extent are our lives like the ones we see on the silver screen?

Maybe it’s the existentialist post-high school grad in me that’s too caught up in reflecting on her high school years, or maybe it’s the countless high-school/college based dramas I’ve binge-watched on Netflix that have lead me to think that I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with my social life right now. 568 more words



Having friends wasn’t the easiest thing for me, but it wasn’t the hardest either. I had experienced a lot of loss concerning friends, but luckily, I now have great, loving friends that I know will always be by my side. 579 more words

don't // tineo #2

if there’s one thing i should always remember, 27 more words


growing up

Many claim that finding yourself is during high school, but that’s not it. Finding yourself takes your whole life. High school is about exploring – the beginning of truly finding yourself. 301 more words

Something's Lost

I’ve recently just finished school, and I now have the freedom to do whatever I want. I have my whole future ahead of me, except something is lost. 192 more words


Sweet Torture...?

Hey Famalam!

Is it possible to become addicted to barley sugars? I won a bunch during the 40 hour famine playing sevens – and by a bunch I mean an entire stash of 52 – a little while ago and just as I was thinking of reducing my sugar intake I realized I hadn’t eaten them at all. 440 more words

Teenage Life