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Within the first week of High School, I got a girlfriend. Looking back at it now, this wasn’t something to be very proud of but at the time I was ecstatic. 671 more words


I do a lot of work. But I do the work only if its my work. I have lots of work. My work is to not do any work.

Do I work or not?


What Every Teenager needs to hear

School is Tough but so are you. School is never a mere structure made of bricks and stone. It is made from memories, successes, failures, first love, heartbreaks and a part of everyone’s childhood. 445 more words


The Younger Years

In my younger years, I was a quiet and shy kid. Sure I had a lot of friends, but were they really my friends? I mean, I’d take a bullet for them but I doubt they would give up their life for me. 469 more words


Welcome 2018

Hey, I’m Miriam! Welcome to my blog ☺️ This is my first post and since it’s January 4th, I thought I would do a New Years blog! 248 more words


Fall Quarterly Goal Reflection


2017. I don’t really know how to think about this past year. As seen in my previous quarterly goal posts, I measure whether or not a quarter was a “success” based on whether or not I completed at least half of my goals. 524 more words


Read: Stranger and stranger (an Emily the Strange novel) by Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner

The second of four in the series, Stranger and stranger by Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner continues to document the life of goth teenager Emily the Strange. 383 more words