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Final Full Day

Greetings Humans!

Today is Thursday, the final full day at PIHMS, and this time instead of going to an epic trampoline park or paint weird banners, we’re actually learning about the training we will recieve if we study here. 410 more words

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Let's Talk About ... Anxiety in a Relationship

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I would like to branch into another topic to do with anxiety and that is being in a relationship. I feel like anxiety as a whole is a massive subject and no one ever really realizes the consequences it can have on different areas of their lives until it happens to them, much like this one. 1,668 more words



ire(I’ve wrote this, 2 months before and this is how I felt)
I did not know before I can get tired, beside having hard-working days, waliking to much, having headaches,drinking to much or a lot more reasons. 307 more words


Holidays and PIHMS

Greetings Humans!

Today I’m at the Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) for their career week. Currently I’m in the room of some new buddies, 6 in total. 324 more words

Teen Life

Weight... gradually becoming not such a heavy topic... (Pt 3)

Aloha! I promised you a recovery post, and so ever the humble servant I have delivered.

» Yes, it’s cliché, yes, it’s difficult, but acknowledge that everyone is different. 586 more words


A Birthday Party with the Cops

You all would have noticed from my previous “regular” blog posts, I love storytelling. I have loads of experiences and I’m glad  I have a medium to share it with others. 1,209 more words



What would you do?

Consider the following scenarios:

Nothing makes Jennifer happy anymore. For no apparent reason, she cries uncontrollably every day. She avoids people and barely eats. 700 more words

Teenage Life