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Day After Break

It feels like forever seen I’ve been at school. Walking in the hallways felt weird. In fact, it’s only been three days. When I came to school, I once again jammed my lunch into the locker. 356 more words

It's weird.

Stop whatever you are doing. Close your eyes. Breath and do not move, don’t think.
Do you hear that? “This is your heart it’s alive  It’s pumping blood.” You are alive. 397 more words


A Family Dinner After A Long Time

My sister arrived at the door at dinner time. It was a long wait, but I guess it was worth it. We finally got to cut up the huge cake my other older sister brought. 359 more words

A Peaceful, Perfect Friday

The alarm clock rings at 5:50 in the morning, as it always does on a weekday. A part of me dies as I try to get up. 681 more words

What I Have Learnt In My Teens

As I have reached 20 I feel as though I am at one with myself. It is something I actually take pride in as I am aware that not everyone can achieve this in a life time and unfortunately there are mental health issues in every day life that highlight how important this is but can be hard to achieve. 383 more words


Back from Oregon

Not me, of course. I’ve been at home for my whole life. My father, however, arrived back home this morning at about one o clock, but I was sound asleep. 297 more words

Depression - My personal experience

Do you ever just convince yourself into a bad mood? Have you ever caught yourself worrying about the smallest things? Do you find yourself to be super paranoid? 734 more words