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Being A Teenager

Being a teenager is not an easy thing, at least today. There’s this feeling that I have that there seems to be too much at stake during teenage life today. 533 more words


Famous People Talk About Teenage Life in These Teenager Quotes

Famous singers, songwriters, actors, writers and all other categories of artistes have their own teenager quotes to describe the teenage life that they went through. 957 more words



I’m currently writing this as the weather changes between downpours and brilliant sunshine, well you know  what they say about April showers. This month has been super busy with revision for my exams which start in *checks date* 9 days *starts crying* and the start of my final term of Lower Sixth. 443 more words

Teenage Life

If You Are a Teen

Today I started thinking seriously about teenagers around us, or ‘teens’ as they are informally called.

The teen years as you know fall in the age-group of 13-19 years. 521 more words



Their whispers stung like the venom of a thousand wasps. Each word pierced through me like a hot knife slicing through butter. Every night I lay awake, pondering the lies I heard. 81 more words


So today has been a day like any other, I had my share of medical emergencies and even one counselling emergency, both of which were interesting. 687 more words


Choice A or Choice B.

Good Morning Friends.

Guess what? So believe it or not you have the power to decide who you want to be. Everyday when you wake up, you are given the opportunity to make a choice. 68 more words

Teenage Life