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In School

I had already said that I am a student of class 7.My school starts at 7:00 am but I always go there in 6:30 or 6:40 to get my seat in first three seats. 76 more words

Personal Life


So today has been a more exciting day for me especially.

So recently I have been having issues eating I have just completely lost my appetite so eating things has become more repulsive for me, all of this caught up with me today, it began with me not agreeing with last night’s dinner so it checked out the way it came in which I think was more traumatic for M than for me but we’ll gloss over that bit. 164 more words


My life.

Hello, to whoever reads this. It will be my first blog post. I enjoy writing and needed somewhere to share my thoughts. Or just to vent out something about my everyday life. 97 more words



Friends. We gain some and we lose some. Some are for the best to be honest. You don’t need friends that bring you down or make you feel less. 105 more words

Teenage Life

GCSEs Baby!


Anyway… doesn’t everyone just love an exam, where you have to be in a silent hall, with a few adults who are ever so serious that don’t even know you, about to write down the things in you brain that lead onto whether your life goes one way or another, that thing that since you were young, you have been training for, yet those 16 years of experience, have to be squeezed into an hour or so, yeh we all love a good GCSE. 504 more words

Life + Feelings

My First Dance

One gloomy night

I am staring at the dark sky

Wishing a star to sight

The Lightning strike, the thunders cry

I made a wish… 255 more words


Dress the Part

Conversations aren’t always the easiest to strike up.
          Well, that’s not true! According to my youngest child, I have a knack for chatting up fellow patrons  in the line at the grocery store waiting to pay for their produce, fishing for unbiased feedback from strangers outside the changing rooms while hunting through second-hand haute couture, even alleviating awkward silences on the elevator while scaling urban high rises. 901 more words