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Ever thought

My life recently has taken a massive down.

👎I’ve started my GCSEs (welcome to 2 years of torture)

👎And recently my only friend decided I wasn’t good enough anymore and told everyone to never talk to me again. 280 more words


What I Learned From Keeping A Journal

You read it right! I keep a journal.

Keeping a journal usually sounds dorky and childish because whenever we hear the word “journaling,” we often think of petty stuff such as girls writing about high school dramas on a pink notebook with the label “My Diary” in sparkly letters. 438 more words

Random Thoughts

Book Recommendations for the Teenage Soul

Yes we did just make a ‘Chicken Soup’ reference (for anyone who knows what we’re talking about).

When Tj and I first thought about creating this blog we knew that we just had to do something to do with books. 930 more words

Teenage Life


In response to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge, here’s to self-forgiveness.

Looking in the mirror, she smiled.


In and around winter's labyrinth

I am Afraid. I am afraid of many things. I am afraid of the thunder sound-effect of lighting, and storms that hit the windows and bang the doors. 400 more words

The 5 Stages of Watching a Movie with Your Parents

Okay lets face it, we’ve all at some point been forced to sit through a movie with our parents that we would of much rather have seen with someone else… cue the awkward moments. 381 more words

Teenage Life