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Hurt. (Death and longing)

My grand-father died a fortnight ago and it’s hit me hard.

I can’t believe that the silver-haired man in the tatty oilskins and muddy boots with his twine around his waist isn’t here anymore. 449 more words


Hello there beautiful :)

Hey there, I’m Elia and this is my small blog where I post my ramblings and thoughts on life.
I’ll begin by saying that I’m a normal teenage girl who goes to Topshop and realises that most of the clothes are too slutty, buys excessive amounts of cheap and unnessary make up and then tries to apply it as well as Tanya Burr (but obviously fails miserably…) and I watch way too much Gossip Girl and You Tube. 99 more words



My roommate and I lay in our respective beds, having just turned out the lights and unwinding from a long day.  Somehow or another, our conversation turned to the future, as it so often does during those late-night, just-before-bed roommate talks, and it occurred to us that within five years, some of us, some of our friends from college, would be married.   793 more words

Teenage Life

PAR-ENTS; PAiR from heavEN

I’m about to venture into an online business (do support me :D) & I’ve informed my parents about it (it’s like a pre-requisite, you see). I’m really thankful that I always feel the need to inform them about my any activities. 339 more words


Spring Break Day 1: Monday

Started off the morning bright and early, aka 8:50 in the morning, looking all cool and hip in my snoopy Christmas pajama pants. Holiday pajama pants are never too old to rock, if you’re as awesome as me, you can rock Christmas pajamas in the summer ;) 447 more words

My Teeth Story: Before and After

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today something that I have been looking forward to for so long has happened: I got my braces off! I wrote a blog post about this a while ago (find it… 1,213 more words

Teenage Life

Hi, it's Delancy.

   I’ve thought about blogging for quite some time.  I see people do it, read their blogs and think about doing something similar. I’ve always liked to write even if I was never the best at it, because it helped me express my feelings.   422 more words