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Let’s cut to the chase; I’m not going. Not because I don’t want to or because I want to stick the finger to social norms. It’s actually because I couldn’t get a date. 316 more words

Teenage Life


I had just watched Girl Meets World Season 2 Episode 17 a few hours ago and I teared up a bit. 235 more words

Chapter one

As you can tell I’ve decided to start a blog. Not because I think people want to know about my life but because I want to share it and that’s reason enough for me. 223 more words

Teenage Life

It's Autumn!

It’s finally Autumn and I’m sure many of you enjoyed the blood moon the other night, sadly I didn’t :( but I am excited about this season and winter! 109 more words


Publicising Yourself

So, seeing as this is turning into a what-Meghan-saw-today-that-actually-made-her-write sort of blog (and, to be fair, why shouldn’t it? It’s my blog, and if I want to bore even myself to tears, well… I guess I can.). 498 more words


September Month

So it’s September and this month is suicide prevention month and i just wanted to dedicate a post to those who have left us through suicide but also those who try and get through everyday being strong enough not to do it no matter how much they want to. 148 more words


A wallflower looking through a thick sets of glasses.

Forgetting to wear underwear is not something that just accidentally happen.

I thought wearing underwear was just a habit, something you just do! But how come I know? 496 more words