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MY life

I realized something today. Everyone keeps saying lately that “life’s too short” and to “enjoy it while it’s here”. While I think everyone understands that we can’t take our time on this beautiful earth for granted, it’s hard. 209 more words

Teenage Girl


You hear so many people talk about the “good old days,” and far too often, the “good old days” refers to high school.  I never understood why so many people say that high school was the best time of their lives.   1,524 more words

Teenage Life

A Teen Life

A teen life. What an adventure it seems to be. Sometimes it feels like Hell, not going to lie, but other times I couldn’t imagine any other way to live. 279 more words

I'm right here

“Sana ako na lang, ako na lang uli”
Basha said to popoy.

I am watching this for the nth time. I guess, I do love this movie. 727 more words


You know what they say, ‘one never truly understands an emotion until one experiences it for themselves’.

It’s odd, being unnoticed. Unlike other feelings such as jealousy and happiness, the feeling of being unnoticed left me with a mixed pool of emotions, none which I can clearly describe with one word. 164 more words

Hong Kong

Taking the Leap

Most people my age know what the word ‘friendzone’ means. More than half of those same people also know how it feels.

My best friend came to me today with the words, “Carly, I think I really like him.” That realization is one I like to call the “oh damn I am in deep trouble” epiphany. 532 more words

A Slice Of Life

Creepy, laughter, fun!

As I promised in my last post I’m going to tell you about the sleepover! The really crazy sleepover!
Every girl knows what you normally do to a sleepover. 108 more words