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How I accepted your ruling without demur.

I though I met you for a reason which will define me but what you did was so much cruel you tried to change me make the person I never was. 304 more words

Broken Heart

Day 20 - To The Person I'll Never Know How To Stop Loving


There are still a lot of questions in my head that remain unanswered. For years, I was asking myself what I have done wrong or why I wasn’t enough for you to stay. 706 more words

30-Day Letter Challenge

Day 13 - To The One That Broke My Heart The Hardest


I honestly don’t know how to start this letter. I mean, I know that I have a lot to say and I have rehearsed for a millionth times what I would say to you if we were ever got the chance to talk again but then I realized how I could not bring myself to say my feelings into any form of language so I decided to just write it down… 814 more words

30-Day Letter Challenge

Learning to move on...

    Well, today I learned that no matter what other people tell you, no matter how hard you try for something you want, no matter if you pray (if you’re religious), you’ll never get your way. 130 more words


Dear Kitty

Dear Kitty,

Today I thought I could tackle quite a relevant topic, individualisation and being an individual. Sometimes I find that in a society which seems to be quite accepting of different types of people, it can be still difficult to be an individual when others are not. 599 more words