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Patrick Sees Katy (Short Story #2)

Patrick is in love with Katy but she doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know him either. She had only run into him in the school hallway, but since the first time they looked at each other for 10 seconds in middle school, he knew. 298 more words

High School

Read the novel before you judge it: Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman

When the hoo-hah about Go Set A Watchman erupted a few weeks ago, I was diffident, since I haven’t read To Kill A Mockingbird in about thirty years (and I don’t think I’ve seen the film), and though my memory of… 1,133 more words


The Tiffany Blues (Short Story #1)

Tiffany and I had been together for 2 years. She broke up with me, and not in a courteous way. She broke the news to me by making out with some random guy that I had never met but apparently goes to our school. 415 more words


Deepest Desire and Delusion

What is this feeling so strange
Which soothes my heart, leaves my rage
Oh, please don't ever go away
Aha! This boy's the reason, they say. 115 more words

"pizza parlor"

A few years back, I wrote a series of suburban stories for my friend Carling’s seventeenth birthday (you may remember that I posted a while back about… 127 more words


Crowds: Ollie Part Two

Here it is!
I’m super excited at the responses that I’m getting to Ollie, haha, some don’t like him, some are intrigued, and I’m honestly honoured that people are here, reading and commenting. 1,223 more words


(My) Romance at Church Camp

I have 7 letters from him in my cardboard “memory” box. I don’t add anything into the box anymore these days, but on a rare occasion I do take some things out. 1,536 more words

Life Signs