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After falling in love, teenagers Johnny and Sabina pretend to convert to Islam and Christianity respectively, to placate the disapproval of both sets of parents. 232 more words


Holiday romance

(written recently in response to a Writers Group prompt)


Kurt shaded his eyes from the Miami sun, the noise of happy children and swishing waves washing around his ears. 1,055 more words


Review: Susanne Winnacker's 'The Other Life'

Well the good news is this book made me laugh. The bad news is I don’t think it was supposed to. I reserve one star reviews for books which are truly irredeemable, but I’m telling you, this one doesn’t miss it by much. 614 more words

The Space Between Us

An astronaut behaved irresponsibly and went on the first mission to Mars pregnant. Never mind that they won’t even do surgery on me without double checking that I’m fetus-free, somehow they let this woman go into space without peeing on a stick and they blame HER. 355 more words


You Get Me

If you ever wondered what Fatal Attraction would have been like populated with people you didn’t like in high school, have I got a treat for you. 318 more words


First Fall

This is a poem about the first time I had my heart broken. It was a teenage romance, we’d been together for over a year, half of that time he’d been away at University. 446 more words


6 Times Everything Everything Warmed Our Hearts

Do you remember your first teenage love? Nicola Yoon’s debut novel Everything Everything is here to remind you of your first love, when anything seems possible and no problem is insurmountable. 113 more words