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Romeo and Juliette

Kate was leant against the wall, one foot raised and resting on the wall so that her bent knee pushed toward Ben. He tried not to look, even though he knew it was there, because then she would know. 156 more words

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3-star quick review: Remembrance (Michelle Madow)

This is a very cute book. It hit a lot of the Twilight beats (basically, the paranormal over-the-top obsessive and stalker teenage love beats), but with less creepiness, and with more agency and personality for the female lead. 145 more words


Book Review:: The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury

Date started: August 26, 2016

Date ended: September 8, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★


Wow, between The Sin Eater’s Daughter and  318 more words


My First Kiss

I was 13 and two months away from my 14th birthday. All my friends had already had their first kiss. I was waiting though because I wanted it to be special, with someone I knew and who wouldn’t tell everyone I was a shit shift. 155 more words

My First Boyfriend

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything is the story of Madeline, who suffers from SCID, which basically means she’s allergic to the world. She spends her days locked in her air filtered house with her mom and nurse Carla. 224 more words


Teenage Romance

I once spied the burgeoning of
an anonymous romance
on filthy, cracked stairs;

out of the corner of
my curious
little eye

And an impish thought, 62 more words

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