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New Study Urges Teen Checkups To Include Suicide Risk

Medical doctors are now urging teen checkups to include a suicide risk. A recent survey has found that more teenagers are suffering from mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. 240 more words

Suicide Among Children

WTF Should my Goals be?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name the first time we met. I am blah blah,” said the OT person today.  “My name is Amy,” I responded.  894 more words


He ate the pills...

On June 11, Aiden was prescribed Escitalopram otherwise known as Lexapro for mood stabilization.  Aiden hasn’t really had any major highs or lows, but after the gasoline incident it became clear he was having some kinds of feelings and some of them were low.  851 more words


His Mother Busted His Lies, the Middle School Student Took the Leap Off of His Own Rooftop to Commit Suicide

Look at how easily those teens still CRACKED here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first year middle school student, Lee was suspected by his mother for lying to her about helping to celebrate a classmate’s birthday, but instead, he’d gone to a friend’s house to play video games, two night ago, his mother grilled him, they got into a verbal altercation, Lee got angry and went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, the mother said she was going to call the police, the son took her cell phone by force, then, ran out, not long thereafter, the teen was found, to have fallen out of the windows of their eleventh floor residence outside, he’d died. 329 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Reasons why I shun Social Media Sites

My wife loves Facebook. She says that this is the only way she can contact all of her family, and see recent pictures. But she also reads other posts which make her angry; especially those regarding the mistreatment of animals. 563 more words

Reassessment Day

Aiden and I spent all day at Madonna today so that he could see each member of his recovery team for a status check.  Things started a little rocky simply because we owe Madonna money and they demanded a payment plan before treating Aiden anymore.  809 more words


John D. Fitzgerald

Reading Level 4.8


This book is about a young boy that ‘idolizes’ his brother Tom. He is the narrator and he describes life with his family in Utah, but especially the escapades of his brother Tom—the Great Brain. 470 more words

Biblical Worldview