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A magyar cím szerintem, inkább egy szerelemtől nedves ponyvaregényt sejtet, nem pedig egy rohadt tökéletes filmet. Szóval, Heathers: mintha a Bajos csajok ’80-as évekbeli változatát néznéd, annyi különbséggel, hogy Cady kinyírja Reginát a francba. 92 more words


IT Issues presentations

Year 9 students study an ICT topic of their choice, and apply design principles in producing a presentation. This years subjects included the usual suspects of Cyberbullying, Catfish and RSI. 63 more words

The Attempted Suicides on the Rise for the Last Three Straight Years

There’s a trend here, a pattern, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-year-old young woman, had knife wounds, covering over her wrist, turns out, that since she was in her middle school years, she’d started slashing her wrist with a craft’s knife time and time again. 504 more words

Experiences Of Life

No Sense of Agency

The cover of this month’s (Dec 2105) Atlantic is compelling. Set against a blank white background a teenager stands, his head down, one hand up covering his eyes. 851 more words

Jim Roy Posts

After He’d Made His Apologies, the High School Student Committed Suicide by Taking the Leap Off of the School’s Building

The teenage years, well, they’re NEVER easy!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first year high school student, Huang, from a certain public high school in the city of Taichung, yesterday around noon, called his father to tell him “I’m sorry”, he’d taken a leap to his own death, the classmates told, that at lunch, they didn’t feel, that Huang was depressed or upset, and, all of a sudden, he’d, flipped over the fifth floor walls, and, it’d caught everybody off guard. 391 more words

Experiences Of Life

Something Was the Matter in My Student’s Weekly Reviews, I’d Saved the Student in Time…

Connecting the recent tragedy with one’s own experiences here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The incident of a middle school student committing suicide in Tainan, the student’s “Letter of Regret” complained of how her primary instructor had insulted her mother, and the words she’d used sounded a lot like her last note, this, had shocked the community. 344 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Last Year Middle School Suffered Serious Injuries After Leaping Off the School’s Building After She Was Made to Write a Statement of Regret After She Threw an Apple Toward Her Instructor

Let’s dissect this now, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A third-year-middle school girl, after losing money and not following the rules of the classrooms, gotten into an altercation with her homeroom teacher, was written up, and after she’d threw an apple at her teacher after she’d gotten into an argument with her instructor, she was sent to the disciplinary office to write a letter, and she’d written it, as her final note, she’d climbed up to the fifth floor and took the leap, yesterday, the mother of the adolescent was accompanied by the city councilman hosted a press conference, ask the school to get to the bottom of this. 507 more words

The Consequences Of Life