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Moral Chernobyl: A Place Where Kids Die Young

As the father of an only child who just graduated from a college in—of all places—Colorado, I was deeply saddened to hear that disgraced FOX News personality Eric Bolling’s only child Chase was found dead at his campus in Boulder. 584 more words

Cultural Meltdown


Hi, its currently 8:52 pm i went to bed early, and now i’m here writing about depression, mental illness, and suicide. Not sure what made me think about creating this blog but I guess I would say the point of this blog is to show to adults your child can be depressed, mentally ill, or suicidal even without you knowing. 144 more words

She’d Only Started Going to the Number One All-Female High School for Just Five Days, She’d Leapt Off of the Roof of Her Building, Committed Suicide

Tragedy strikes again!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Everyone in Her Family Was Accepted to Her/His First Choice of School, Been a Gifted-and-Talented Student Since the Elementary Years, Went Out in the Morning, Headed Straight for the Roof, Recently, She’d Disclosed, “It’s Too Tiresome, Living in This World, Can I Just, Stay a Child”. 670 more words


Review: 13 Reasons Why

“13 Reasons Why” is a high school themed drama/crime series which tells a story of a suicide of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker. Perhaps it was… 563 more words


Death By Social Media.

According to an article published by The New Age on the 16th of February 2017, South Africa has a cyberbullying rate of 24%, which places it at number four in the world. 614 more words


A “formative” experience. In quotes because I was 23 and experienced. I didn’t get a girl I wanted after she and I messed around. I was an idiot because she was bad news. 406 more words