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Alone by Teresa Baxley

As a writer, poet, photographer…wanderer of life.  There are no ‘pretty’ words to truly express how the journey has brought me here.  Here…many years later.  Here after fighting so hard on the inside.  545 more words


13 Reasons Why Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" is a Huge Problem

Note: This post contains spoilers for the Thirteen Reasons Why show and the novel that inspired it. This post contains descriptions of graphic sexual, emotional, and traumatic material. 2,565 more words


Adventures in Parenting - Jeff & Jennifer Williams

Adventures in Parenting takes us into the life of an individual or couple who are currently (or have been) parents in order to get an idea of how they navigate their way through the process of raising up their children. 1,451 more words

a cuppa tea and yoga...

Time to be basic…  I have had a rough few weeks…

Another two teenage boys ‘close to home’ have passed away.   347 more words


Teenage Dreams & Teenage Suicide...

There she lays, a few seconds old, cradled in my arms, a gentle whisper of peacefulness, a vision of perfection, the personification of beauty… and I fall in love… for the very first time in my life. 1,655 more words

Mental Health


Suicide. It’s a touchy subject where just about everyone can say they have had some exposure to it, some more personal than others. I’m not at a point where I’m ready enough to talk openly about my experiences, but I do know one thing and that is that it’s a pressing issue in this generation that I am apart of. 288 more words

A Little Black Child Committed Suicide, And Nobody Cares

A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

Maybe she was gay? Yea, that’s it. Maybe she was touched by an adult in her life and the action itself forced her to… 1,437 more words