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Guard My Heart

I’m in the middle of writing a novel titled “Guard My Heart”. It’s the story of fifteen-year-old Cami Rinelli, a touch, sarcastic Italian girl who has major trust issues. 215 more words

Dear Teenage Me - Writing Advice

Dear Michelle at 16,

Congrats on those half a million words you’ll have by the time you finish high school. I wish I could say that you’ll keep it up that pace in adulthood, but you’ll never have more free time than you do as a teenager. 771 more words

Update time!

There you have it. Death By Revision. That sums me up recently!

I just wanted to update you all on the life and goings on of Em. 274 more words

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Valentines Nails

I love painting my nails. They have to be painted at all times to make them pretty. My nail varnish collection is growing quickly! But, seeing as it is valentines this Saturday – February 14th – I thought it would be appropriate to paint my nails in a valentines theme. 292 more words

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What's on my iPhone?

I love reading and watching ‘What’s on my iPhone’ posts, it’s probably because I’m nosey! But, I thought I would share my own.

I have a white iPhone 5c which I accidentally cracked (for the 3rd time but we don’t need to worry about that). 1,383 more words

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OOTD - Roadtrip

If you follow my Twitter then you would know that this weekend I went on a road trip with my mum. On the first day I wore one of my favourite outfits and I thought I would share it with you all for my first OOTD. 468 more words

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New Year, New Me?

Hey. I know that it is almost the end of January and too late to say my New Years resolutions, I know that you have probably read these kind of posts 3 billion times and, I know that I am… 402 more words

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