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Disappointment and Daunting Changes

For me, disappointment has always been a result of scenarios like not being able to go play outside because it’s raining. Or, my dad’s deployment has been extended, the movie I wanted to see isn’t playing anymore, I didn’t get the role I wanted. 739 more words


High School Kills my Living

Ever since I’ve received¬†my early decision acceptance, I’ve pretty much taken a long-awaited hiatus toward my studying career.¬† Regular decisions have just come out and I joined a group chat w my fellow incoming 2022s. 355 more words


i would be lying
if i said recovery was easy–
if i pretended it didn’t bother me
that my tiny waist has expanded;
that my clothes still fit, but fit “differently;” 295 more words


Writing Themes? Nah Bro

So when I first came to WordPress, I had this idea that I would create a poetry blog and that it would be so romantic and beautiful. 285 more words


5 Minute Creative Writing Task

I wrote this piece in five minutes based off of a stimulus… something along the lines of what happens after a character from the text drinks a potion. 136 more words


The Fault in Our Stars (Book Review)

Hey peeps!

Today i am going to be sharing with you my view on “The Fault in Our Stars”!

Lets GOooo!!!!!!!

The Amazing photography by moi! 164 more words

What can parents do if they suspect their child is self-harming?

As a parent, there are few things more distressing than seeing your child hurt.

And when their injuries are self-inflicted, it can be particularly distressing. 1,337 more words