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Elections. Do You Feel The Pressure Yet?

The next federal election feels like it’s coming up soon. This coming October we will vote to have a new prime minister in office. A new person will be running our country and having the power to make extensive changes within our society — control over our rights, our rules, our lives. 138 more words


I Stay in the Light

Who are you? Who do you feel like? What does that person feel like doing? Are there only one of you? Two? Maybe even more? Who am I? 252 more words



I’m not a huge fan of the word “awesome” – unless it’s used in an ironic way. It’s in the same group as “you guys”, “blue-sky thinking”, “reaching out” and “touching base”. 235 more words

Family Life

My First Book

Cover for my first book

Hello, everyone. This is the cover for my first book, 30 Days, a teenager romantic drama. It will hopefully remind you of your last year in school, the uncertainty and worries about not just your coming exams and the tension and anxiousness of love, lust and a lot more.

My Current Musical Obsessions 3.0

It is time for some more music, my friends! And my, do I have quite a lot!

Random photo from my first ever college fest back in March. 1,199 more words


I see stars in your eyes - a playlist

I got bored last night and decided to create some concept playlists because why not. This one has some softer songs and some songs that build. 105 more words