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What Future Are You Preparing Your Child For?

Dear Parents,

What future are you preparing your children for?

If your children are teenagers and budding adults, you may find that you are confronted with serious decisions regarding their career planning and choices. 309 more words

Musings By Miji

get to know me: a new mantra

hi love,

we all are or most of us definitely feel unconfident at certain times or way too often. and i guess it’s time to stop feeling that way. 393 more words


The Misadventures of Evie Epworth By Matson Taylor

Sixteen year-old Evie Epworth stands on the cusp of womanhood. But what kind of a woman will she become?

The fastest milk bottle-delivery girl in East Yorkshire, Evie is tall as a tree and hot as the desert sand. 228 more words

A New leaf🌱?

Hey guys!!
So I have not updated in ages(this is becoming like an anthem now😂). Anyway, I did some reflecting and spoke to one of my good friends and I spoke to her about how I felt confused as to what I was to writing on my blog and stuff like that and she gave me an idea and she said since you watch movies so much, you should make the most of it and be a movie critic!! 189 more words

Pizza and Anxiety

Yesterday I started my first job at the local pizza shop located in my town. As someone with anxiety and a hard time multitasking I figured a small joint would be easy to manage. 174 more words


something about july - a poem

something about grief having soft hands because she knows pain / something about the diagonally falling rain / something about my blanket being the best shoulder to cry on / something about making my parents proud / something about coming first in English and finding an even bigger void to fill / something about getting rid of afternoon naps / something about an overflowing tap / something about revisiting old scars / something about looking underage in bars / something about the sun peeking out of the monsoon clouds / something about spilling my coffee on my shirt on the worst day in a while / something about recognizing a non genuine smile / something about the crevices in my palm looking like rivers because of the sweat / something about fogging windows with my breath / something about my brain sporadically losing power / something about missed calls that are intentional / something about gus damperton’s favorite fish – … 24 more words