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am i happy?

so is happiness a feeling or a state of mind? many of us confuse the two, and i for one am one of those people. 608 more words



Pale skin blossoms

plum wine,

as she shoves off, her

pelagic musings

yet another time.

Sickening slide

stretch and slice

Oozing an ocean of red… 64 more words



i believe that we as a society

are so terrified of mirrors

and use them in horror films

and as a scare tactic

because they are the realest reflections of us– 22 more words

I was so blessed growing up with a team of cheerleaders around me; always telling me how loved I was.

My parents and aunties and uncles were determined to teach me how beautiful, loved, valued and fantastic I was. 1,165 more words


Seventeen Souls

A strong mother kisses her new born son,

Emboldening him with a sense of pride, of purpose,

Of self worth that slowly erodes

As the years lumber on. 125 more words


Young Adult Series Blockbusters

I swear and, as God is my witness, I had a terrible prejudice against anyone who wrote a series, or planned to write one before their first book was even picked up. 485 more words

Branches of a tree.

No one can prepare for you the worst day of your life. Not a blog, or a guidance book on ‘death and loss’, or months of making last memories, because when the day strikes, it’ll always feel a day too soon. 359 more words