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i miss the days

of eating chick-fil-a

for every meal

and visiting

different restaurants

with no thought about

the cost

but rice and beans

are okay too… 17 more words

one of my biggest regrets

Having no idea what I wanted to talk about in today’s blog post, I did the most obvious thing to do in such a situation; I went to the internet for help. 540 more words

First, Prioritize.

Hello, there!

I should be writing this from Dubai but school did not allow me to join my friends who are currently chilling there. Anyways, I’m planning towards my trip so you can start telling me what you want me to get for you so that I can prayerfully add it to my shopping list. 793 more words


Me big - she small

If Saturday, it is table tennis lesson for my daughter.

It’s me biking with her to the training.

Suddenly, on our way, I realise that she is wearing the wrong shoes (black street footwear instead of sporty ones), so I suggest her to play bare footed today (as 2nd best option). 49 more words


Daily Blog #20

14 November, 2019

Edit : Due to a technical glitch, I am posting this about a day late

Happy Children’s Day, Y’all!

Look all of you non- Indian peeps, I feel bad for you because you guys don’t have children’s day like us. 1,654 more words


to everyone who broke my heart

idk this isn’t meant to get any likes or support. i am truly sad rn. idk like is hard yk. i created all the problems i am dealing with rn. 1,313 more words


The Bullying of Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown is a 15 year old actress who was born in Spain but later moved to Bournemouth, England when she was 4 and later Orlando, Flordia to persue her acting career. 1,114 more words