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i think you are

less of a villain

than everyone believes

for you feel so strongly

that you are right

in your mistakes

and it seems to me… 21 more words

Versions and Verses

Do you remember how you were a year ago? Or maybe a month ago?

Do you recall how you felt yesterday, at this very minute? 867 more words

Get to know your exploring buddy (me)


In this post I will tell you more about me, what this blog is about, why I decided to start it and why you should read it. 249 more words

Teenager Morning Routine for Success

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You look in the mirror and hate what you see. Then you look at the floor to see all your work and your papers lying all over the place and you dread the day ahead. 807 more words


The Spiral

I was taught by my parents growing up that it’s always my fault. My mother had a rule. If I fought with any kid, I’d get beaten. 1,606 more words

One on Awkward moments

Awkwardness is a prerequisite for almost every teenager and a bane of existence so if you aren’t an awkward teen then congratulations(pass me that elixir you used).To outsiders it might seem cute,particularly to someone smitten with you like in those cliche wattpad books where the clumsy girl gets the hot guy(rant for another day). 101 more words

Black Swan (film review)

Hello, earth inhabitants! I am back with the first of many film reviews, and the one I’ve chosen for my first, is Black Swan.

Holy hecking shite. 2,100 more words