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The Unexpected Journey: Having to Move On

In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it

– Mitch Albom… 409 more words


Chapter 2 of The Johnny Murozar Compliation: Hide and Seek

Chapter 2: Hide and Seek

Opening his eyes and standing up from the mud, Shooter looked around the clearing’s grimy floor. He could not bear this excitement, this attentive eagerness that he felt. 1,361 more words


Chapter 1 of The Johnny Murozar Compilation: The Finding

Chapter 1: The Finding

Jack Shooter inspected the twisted body of Ezra Willington on the dull morning of June 9, 1789. The cold air clung to his careworn clothes, soaking his black overcoat with soft droplets of water. 1,205 more words


A Day In The Life: Thief

The doorbell rang out obnoxiously upon my entering, tinkling about in its rich, unsettling, indigestible noise in my head. Man, what a headache. The air inside was thick and hot, floating and barely able to keep itself from turning into steaming rain. 314 more words


School vs. Work: A Puzzling Contradiction

Update on my job interview: I was “well qualified” but they needed someone with an “open schedule” even if it was only a part-time job. 471 more words

College Student

Growing Up

To be completely honest, I don’t think I’m completely ready to grow up. To handle my own life by myself. To pay bills, or study for midterms or finals. 234 more words

And like that, I am done.

Today was my last day of high school.

Today was my last day of high school…….

And for being the last official day, it was anything but exciting and fun. 547 more words