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Y'all Mind If I Scream

Jesus christ, February and the end of January have just been way to much for me. As always, I don’t know where to start. I’ll focus in the positive for a hot minute. 866 more words

Growing old at 20

As I have reached my last teenage year, many of my friends have started to mourn the loss of their teenage selves. I recently had a conversation with a friend about what it means to turn 20, and it was clear that he viewed this milestone to be a solemn, heavy-hearted shift away from the freedom of younger adolescence. 436 more words

Storytime - Makeup 2018.03.19

Makeup has become a controversial subject over the years. Because of the feminist movement and the evolution of the LGBTQ community. For some women, makeup has become a symbol of the oppression that we have to fit into our roles as feminine and the only way to do that is by masking our faces. 637 more words


A recap of 2017.

This year has had up and down moments, more than I want to think about, but memories that will be in my mind forever.

This year started off very poorly. 550 more words


A Travelling Free Spirit

I am, despite a facade, incredibly hypocritical sometimes. I advocate freedom of expression: I love that we can make our own individual choices, do what we want to do, say and think what we want, so long as we don’t hurt others. 523 more words



By: Annie Barrows


            Do you ever remember when you were an angsty teenager at some point? Those middle school and high school years when you always complained about being bored, but at the same time you would be too lazy and consumed with your phones that you ended just sitting there? 314 more words

Book Reviews


I have my moments of weakness, I fall too hard and laugh too loudly. I’ve hurt people, and that’s not okay. In so many situations, I somehow turn the tables..”You left me, you were the one that walked out” I never stopped to think about what I did. 116 more words

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