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To the girl who gets cheated on

​You’ve never seen yourself as anything more than those who haven’t been able to love you.

You’ve always been chasing someone, Someone who wasn’t chasing you. 280 more words


Liebster Award

Wow, so I just got nominated for my first blogging award (Que Sophie dancing around her room in excitement). This is all thanks to the wonderful, Jessx1997. 626 more words

Pathological Failings

Sotd: something by lil uzi vert hopefully I’ll have found one by the end of this post.

I suppose I’ll just put it out straight away, I’m a liar. 355 more words


A Typical Teenager

To be a teenager in a world like this is not as easy as some may think.
Nothing comes easy; life passes you by just as fast as you can blink. 256 more words

Annoying Things People Do On Instagram 

As you might have figured out I am on Instagram (make sure to follow me there). I always loved Instagram and I posted way too much on m personal account. 443 more words


Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert


What’s shaking? 😎 I hope you’re doing well!! *ok so idk how to start this post so here it goes* I’m an introvert and I think I’ve always been. 766 more words


[BTS FF FREELANCE] My Wife's Amnesia? - (Chapter 1)


TITLE: My Wife’s Amnesia?

CAST: Kim Taehyung || Cho Mijoo (OC)/You || Park Jimin || Others!

GENRE: Romance, marriage life, School life

RATED: Teen… 1,435 more words