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Teenagers: the most (and least) impressionable group of people

From my observation, I find that most teenagers revere what looks “new” or “innovative” to them. Obviously, being a teenager is a time of experimentation. They tend to imagine themselves being a blank slate ready to be filled with whatever is “new” or “progressive”. 649 more words

Winter wardrobe

So last week for the first time this year it snowed in the UK. I absolutely love snow and the winter but it meant that I really had to sort out my winter wardrobe for the next few cold weeks. 80 more words

Who Writes This Blog?

Who am I?

My name is Tasnimah, and this blog is not about dogs, I hate dogs.

This is probably gonna be my first post, and one of the most personal ones at that. 490 more words


Making The Most Of A Bad Day| Blogmas Day 17

Hey Guys,

How was your day? Hopefully a little better than mine.

I’m not saying it was absolutely terrible, but it could have been a tad bit better than it was. 219 more words


accept yourself

many people ask themselves, when they remain alone just with their thoughts about how would it be to meet their opposite version, which it’s against to all the odds 139 more words



Have you ever felt so complete?

A heart so full that it could explode,

Into little pieces of nerve wrecking joy.

Sometimes it’s a good thing… 71 more words

My Obsessions

How to have fun with your teenager

Hanging out with teenagers is not as easy as it might seem.

Recently, I attended a birthday party. Granted, the party was for a four-year-old, but siblings were welcome. 351 more words

Raising Children