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The Ghost of Henge Forest #1

     Every town has a mystery. If any amount of teenagers live somewhere, they’re bound to make up stories to scare themselves or their younger siblings. No matter where you are in America, there’s an old abandoned hospital, or a creepy old man who lives all by himself on the outskirts of town. 3,798 more words


My -brief- introduction


This is a weird but definitely wonderful experience; it’s always been an aspiration of mine to create and utilise a blog, but I never have had the courage; now finally am! 201 more words


I thought I knew my weaknesses…
Then, I met you.
You were interested, and charming;
And what am I but a lonely soul,
Full of longing, and so painfully naive? 48 more words


THROWBACK: South Africa's Xenophobic History

At a time in 2019, #Xenophobia was headlining the news and social media platforms. Some people talked about it without an idea of what the word meant. 918 more words


get to know me: the childhood

did you read the title, talking about my oh so famous childhood memories, yay :/

if you havent heard, your brain doesn’t like you to have traumatic childhood memories, which is probably why i dont remember anything. 2,975 more words


get to know me: why i write..

As a writer (or, at least, a person who enjoys writing), I’ve asked myself this question a lot: why do I write? Yes, it’s my passion, but… 805 more words



Hearing your child say that he is filled with pain, and he doesn’t want to hurt anymore; it is the most heart breaking, gut wrenching thing. 489 more words

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