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Are you popular? --A Coronet Film, 1947

In summary? If you want to be popular, don’t be one of those girls who parks in cars with boys! ;)



My target market could be anybody but mostly aimed at teenagers to young adults. I will start off with lip glosses and see where my small business takes me!


On My Block- Review

While it is yet  another one of the many shows set in a high school, revolving around a group of friends, this show covers a very sensitive area, which in my opinion, is not yet showcased very often- Gun laws in the United States. 222 more words

Panic attack in class

Okay. So. Not easy
to type this stuff out. But….

I felt ignored on
days I needed to be looked after the most. I took up writing this blog in hopes… 386 more words

Being cool

What does being ‘cool’ mean to you?
It is always a big problem in high schools, while growing up. You HAVE TO be cool or you’ll be pushed away. 327 more words

Be Positive!

Too Soon

the stirring started when he became a teen

a young buck who fell for a beauty queen

the strange sensation in his groin a mystery… 38 more words