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The Number Nine Bus

I rode my bike up to the bus stop and parked it neatly next to the trash bin and sat myself down on the blue metal bench. 1,273 more words


such a friggin long time!##$%%

So the last time I graced everyone with my complicated life was almost two years ago. I’m sorry for such a long delay! My life has been a flippin roller coaster these last two years! 338 more words


Don't let your kids trade their wings for worms

I heard a tale the other day that is especially applicable to today’s teenagers. Indulge me a moment, for it’s worth hearing:

There once lived a bird and a fox. 600 more words


The World of Teenagers

I don’t think it’s fair how people criticize this generation of teenagers. How we succeed is the work of the people who raised us, but how we fail—how people believe we… 863 more words

Short Stories #1 - Something Special 

I never understood popularity, and how it will get you where you have to be. I mean yes it gets you recognized by everyone, and yes people will like you, but will doing flips and cheering going to get you anywhere? 348 more words


My Youngest Daughter is Going to Change the WORLD!!!

Sure, go ahead, laugh, think me blinded by love but I am telling you now…my youngest daughter is going to change the world!
At twelve years old she puts together thoughts and challenges the way everyone around her thinks about things better than any philosopher I’ve ever read about. 315 more words


You deserve better

Her eyes teared up and her vision blurred as she typed “I’m fine” Just like the pieces of a mosaic painting, she was beautiful. Beautiful and broken. 122 more words