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Please Stop Expressing your Condolences that I have a Teenage Daughter.

I met a new neighbor yesterday.  Upon hearing that I have a teenage daughter, she replied, “I’m sorry.”

This happens quite frequently.  Someone asks me how old my children are and when I mention my teenage daughter the response is often, “My condolences,” or “I’m sorry,” or “Can I get you a glass of wine?” 582 more words


Life is good.

Hello, lovelies.

Lately, I’ve been feeling much better. Everything is going as I like and I’m much more social than I was before. I visited a school I really want to go to and have a pretty good shot at it considering I got really close with the teacher I have to audition for. 112 more words

Coconut Crush

sotd: american kid – khalid. AHHHHHHHH this song has actually infuriated and pleased me to no end. I’m pretty sure god has made a decision to never let the two of us unite. 242 more words


Teaching Writing...WOW!!!

Ok, I have to get my students writing. I am utilizing Tumblr to find interesting writing prompts.  Here are a few examples of dialogue prompts and the creative and fantastic writing that emerged!!! 115 more words

Teaching English

Encouraging Creative Writing

Teaching English in high school is a daunting task. Let’s share creative ideas.

Thank you Tumblr Prompt Blogs (hourlywritingpromptscreativepromptsforwriting,


Teaching English

A Pretend Declaration of Love

Once, a popular boy in my class pretended that he was suddenly, irrevocably in love with me. Luciano was the funniest sophomore at our high school, someone whom everyone across all four grades knew and liked. 1,115 more words


Letters To My Future Selves

Dear 18-year-old me,

You’re only two years away, but if the last two years have taught me anything, it’s that a lot can change in 24 months. 1,700 more words