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for my class I have to fill out a "Getting to know you" worksheet

with my picture, my name, my hobbies, etc. You've done it before, probably in elementary. But im 20 goddamn it I just wanna get my math credit and be on my way… 26 more words


how to deal with depression without telling anyone

can’t buy drugs anymore either cause my mom put my cash in a bank account. I really don’t want to have to tell my parents cause even though they won’t say it they’ll probably think it’s bullshit… 84 more words


I am so bored

My friends have all been busy for some reason lately. I have been stuck at home for 2 days, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have bad adhd and it’s just been the most under stimulating thing I’ve experienced in so long that it’s making my head ache. 11 more words


[RANT] Welp, I officially dont have a reason to live anymore.

I just found out that my crush has a boyfriend that goes to a different school. Don't think there is much of a reason to live anymore. 14 more words


Day one: the idiotic people at my school

So today I was trying to go inside but the doors locked from the outside so you can only open them from the inside. And I was trying to catch the door before it closed on me and I couldn’t get to it in time so I was banging on the door to ask the kids in front of me to open the door for me instead he just turned around and locks eye contact with me, Keeps walking Proceeds to walk farther down the hallway then turns around again and weights at me and leave me outside. 61 more words


I’m lowkey frustrated

sO MANY PEOPLE talk about the way I talk and my voice. People always mock the way I say things & always ask tf I just said like I’m not that hard to understand AH! 38 more words


I'm having major chills rn

like I'm not even that cold but I'm shivering a lot

if I make myself stop it just happens whenever I breathe in again

very annoying… 10 more words