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The Integration of Teenage Natives into Mainstream Society

Native teenagers living on a reserve feel isolated from
society. Although many Natives have integrated into modern society while
keeping their roots, others continue to live the life of the traditional… 487 more words

Rat meat and teenagers

Do you serve rat meat to your peeps for dinner?

Yeah, me either. :roll: 486 more words


We all know the moment when we have our first day in highschool and the moment when we realize that is not literally like in the movies,but there are some similarities between them,the highschool in the movie and the highschool in real life.I need to say that is possible to be wrong because I talk only from my life experiences. 407 more words


Iron Chef- Family Fun Night Edition!

Lately, my nephew and his wife have been enjoying the culinary competition shows and seeing what the competitors create. They often take turns cooking and are always trying to see who is the better chef in the house. 188 more words


Self-Esteem issues.

I just wanted to share two incidents that have happened at my photography studio in the past month which have left me speechless.
Few weeks ago, a lady was objecting over her 5 year old daughter’s photos. 336 more words


Monday 22nd July, 2019

ck! Being a parent is so hard. My 15 year old had more attitude than Saddam Hussain. He’s a gobby shit who thinks he knows everything in the world and I’m just a moron. 624 more words

Diary Entry

Mental Health Days (one of the things that make me go hmmm)

This morning, I gathered my two oldest kids and my husband to come watch a segment on the Today Show because I knew it would spark conversation in our house. 1,013 more words