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The Investment of Listening: How to listen so teens will talk

“Mom, you just don’t understand! You’re not even listening to me!” she lamented as she stomped off, slamming her door.

This scene repeated itself countless times during our younger daughter’s pre-teen years (and still does on occasion). 1,379 more words


Brown Teeth

When you’re fifteen years old and drinking all day with your best friend, you need a toilet of some sort.

I was in that situation at Botanie Valley, near the village of Lytton, BC. 487 more words


Pretty in Print

After publishing our poetry book as an eBook, I decided to add content and completely redesign and prettify it for paperback publication. I went a bit crazy with the formatting for the poems, so it took forever. 112 more words


2 Conversations I Overheard Girls Talking About

First Conversation: Boys & Stuff

“Yeah, but what’s your body count?”

I hate when I’m in the bathroom and a group of girls start having a loud conversation. 494 more words


Officially a Mom to a Teenage Boy.

My only offspring is now a teenager and as expected, it kinda hurts my mama heart. His voice is lower than I’m comfortable with, he’s as tall as I am, and his friends are “dating” … 720 more words


Body-Shaming Amongst Teenagers: On How to Handle Their Situation

In all of the years of our existence, we have created ideals for beauty, intelligence, and social + work life.

If a person doesn’t fit into these bounds that have been constructed over the generations, they are considered to be outcasts and even bullied most of their lives. 594 more words


Rich kids

It’s nauseating
How out of touch
Most born rich are
With the rest of us

So many of them think
They’re so much smarter
Because they spent a year in Tibet… 22 more words