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didn’t get the job

i was 5 min too late and they were mad af. im an idiot

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Going to my first job ever

pray 4 me that i wont screw things up

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Sweet, friend drama again

I'm a straight dude and im v close friends with a lesbian, let's call her R. She broke up with her gf, E, who's bi. E and i also became v close friends because she's just a swell person. 70 more words


i am disappointed

it is 12:03 AM, september 23, and the world didn't fucking end

gosh dang it

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Logistics of hiking the Three Capes Track as a minor

I only just turned 18 years old, but I am never someone who let’s their age get in the way of me doing what I want. 347 more words


School/Grades + Extracurriculars= Stress

I'd like to preface this upcoming rant by apologizing for the wall of text. I know that will deter many from reading at all but I don't think that a Tl;dr would be able to properly express the situation. 512 more words


I'm tired of getting the succ.

from mosquitos that is. from actual people I wouldnt know ayy lmao

I have bites all over my arm and it's mildly irritating occasionally, but whatever. 42 more words