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A crazy girl's guide to surviving a broken heart - The road to self discovery (Episode 22)

Shekinah clutched her heart like a small bird that had just fallen prey to a skilled hunter’s gun. “Oh my God.”

She dropped her phone onto the bed and rubbed her fingers against her forehead to quell a peculiar buzzing sensation she could no longer ignore. 517 more words


PJ the Bear Visits DC

We arrived in Washington DC in good time: by 11 a.m. M and our Indian friends gave us a tour of the house they recently purchased, which right now has had the interior gutted and reframed. 89 more words


Out on the Shelves: Connecting rainbow young people with the stories that represent them

I love reading books about characters like me. And I know I’m not the only one like that. Books, stories, movies – we all want to see ourselves in these. 882 more words


Clueless About The Arts

At School of Rock, kids who love ’60s and ’70s music find a home. They learn to play it — and perform in public. And they meet other young musicians just like them. 288 more words



Most people around me do not know the fact that I love getting asked questions. Answering them makes me think about my life and recognizing some truths within it. 303 more words

Unpopular Opinions

What is the best natural remedy for oily skin?

You may always have an oily skin-type. That’s not something you can necessarily change. However, I would recommend a daily toner. Made with witch hazel extract, vegetable glycerin, and avocado oil, it removes the excess oil, without drying out or irritating your skin. 272 more words


A crazy girl's guide to surviving a broken heart - The road to self discovery (Episode 21)

What happened at the tuck shop that day lingered on everyone’s lips for a while. But the day Mama Ju asked all the Form 3’s to go home for a week in order to psych themselves up for their Final Exams, it evaporated from everyone’s minds. 305 more words