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What to paint ?

Freshly gessoed recycled canvas … Landscape ? Still life ? Abstract decor art? I don’t know! It’s quickly become apparent that despite our forays into minimalism that our house is rapidly becoming too small. 255 more words


Four Fact Survey Tag!

Hey guys welcome back. So a few days ago we were nominated by akatheauthor to do the four fact survey tag! Thanks so much to her and you should go check out her blog cause she’s awesome. 321 more words


Very Fast, and Works Great..


5 Stars

#1 Hair Brush Straightener, Straight Gorgeous looking Hair in Minutes with this Professional Hair Straightening Brush, All Types of Hair by Jouvelle… 314 more words

Product Reviews

Hot Days


Christ guys today was 90 degrees and the day before and before but basically for  the past days I have been studying, test, quiz, and track. 143 more words


Don't Waste Your Time

Student- any person who studies, investigates, or examines coursework thoughtfully. (Dictionary.com)

The Teacher’s Duties:

The teacher is responsible for exposing you to new information.

She shares information. 203 more words


people like us

A person like me:

Vivi, 16 years old

Hobbies: reading, writing, playing violine, dancing, blogging, being tired

Motivation: “You don’t stand between a woman and her caffeine”- J.J.-Criminal Minds… 31 more words


The Special Type of Isolation Teens part of the LGBT+ Community Face.

Adolescence comes with enough troubles. Your hormones are raging, You’re expected to act like an adult but still patronized constantly, there are breakups and fights and you don’t  543 more words