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The Weekend's Breathless Getaway.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and The other Days.

I missed out

A lot.

Hey it’s been 5 blogless days for me so I guess i failed my daily commitment to actually do it daily, but hey that’s how life is no matter how you plan ahead you just can’t always do it the way you want it. 1,288 more words


Exit Poll

My fourteen year old is in that stage where he doesn’t really want to talk to anyone, especially people he doesn’t know well. Suggest he talk to a teacher about an assignment? 372 more words


Snow day much?

Hey guys today my teacher said tomorrow we may have a two hour delay but I hope it turns into a snow day…

Today was pretty uneventful other than I figured out that on my birthday it will be a chorus day! 106 more words


Literally Dying

Hey guys welcome back. So, as you probably already know, I was sick over the weekend. And yesterday, I was fine. I thought, “this is great! 251 more words


Being Unaccepted || Life101

2 days ago, I went to my great grandmothers funeral. Some of you guys know that I lived in Canada for almost all my life and just moved back to where I was born recently, so there’s a lot of family members who I don’t know. 248 more words


The Drive, Your Drive

So based off of the title, some of you may know where this is headed, and some of you may be completely clueless. Either one is okay. 457 more words