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Developmental Asset #6: Parental Involvement in Schooling

If you are a Phoenix family, this is part of your way of life. One of our core philosophies at Phoenix is that parents are the primary educators of their children. 268 more words

General Information

I lost my generic white chucks

this make me a n g e r y 😤

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This school pisses me off

I should be in honors English and honors history, but for some reason, I’m not. Last year I finished academic English with a 98.7 and history with a 93. 62 more words


What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Since friendship are often by groups, it can be almost impossible to have a say about everyone you hang out with. It is up to you to have the courge to speak tour heart and mind in an honest way as opposed to just going along with the crowd. 155 more words

Self Study

Was I Raped?

Perhaps our lives are riddled with men like Harvey or much worse things. I will be honest I actually DO NOT know any female who has never been sexually harassed or assaulted in some ways. 934 more words

Fame: The Review

Director: Kevin Tancharoen
Cast: Kelsey Grammar, Debbie Allen, Charles S. Dutton, Megan Mullally
Plot: Several students join a Performing Arts College only to find that the road to fame isn’t as easy as they first assumed. 489 more words

Reviews From The Past

I feel empty

Like I should be doing something but I'm just wasting my life. I've got a driving test soon so maybe I should start studying for it. 12 more words