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A Glass of Wine a Day...

This new reality I’m living of working over thirty hours a week, a kid in high school and one in junior high is exhausting. Add the sports practice sessions, competitions and the volunteer duties on top of all that and I’m feeling like a seventy-year-old in poor health. 555 more words

Cayley & Kyle - Matric Farewell 2016

It was great fun to shoot a couple of photos of Kyle and Cayley for their matric farewell this evening.  They looked very classy!  Wishing them all the best for the exams that will start in due course. 7 more words

Teenagers take dumb risks because of a flaw in their brain chemistry, suggests a new study

Whether you call it naïveté or bad judgment, teenagers are notorious for making ill-advised and sometimes dangerous choices—smoking, binge drinking, and reckless driving among them—for a thrill. 528 more words

Teen Idol

Teen Idol

No mere pea in any pod,
nothing about her crass or odd,
all things about her svelte and mod,
designer clothes, designer bod, 65 more words


What Does It Mean To Be A Teen?

What does it mean
To be a teen?
At sixteen one may smoke
But may not buy
This means to die,
Which some may say is a joke. 136 more words


That was Close

“That was close, a little too close.” Those were my thoughts that afternoon. What if they had chosen me?

The summers of my teen years a number of congregations in the Pensacola area helped sponsor the annual Southeastern Soul Saving Workshop on the campus of the University of West Florida.   482 more words

Note to Student #5: Take Ownership.


The following quote is for you, courtesy of the late great poet, Maya Angelou:

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Student, you are 100% responsible for your self improvement. 17 more words