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Just Friends

The ‘friendzone’ worked for us. I knew I liked him when I noticed I was comfortable stoned around him. I generally went inward when I was high, my introverted nature magnified. 295 more words

Overpowered by Funk

Marge, when kids these days say “bad,” they mean “good.” And to “shake your booty” means to wiggle one’s butt. Permit me to demonstrate…  – Homer Simpson… 577 more words

English Language

Jack Norman's Very Positive Direction

Jack Norman’s parents divorced when he was young. His dad had a drinking problem. When he lost his job, Jack’s mother picked up a second job, to support Jack and his younger brother. 548 more words


Horrible Day at School

Dear Diary,

Today was a horrible day. (Even horrible would be an understatement.) I woke up today with the determination of making the day good. But ha! 354 more words


Easter resources for your EFL classroom

Spring has arrived here in Oxford, and Easter is on the horizon – it’s a perfect time of year to bring some seasonal activities and worksheets into your language learning classroom. 55 more words

Adults / Young Adults

Step Away from Snapchat!

I have one request to all you parents out there. Ok, that’s probably a lie….I tend to request a lot of things (my husband would probably use the word ‘demand’ but he’s not reading this at the moment); but as a parent I want to beg all you wonderful, loving, enthusiastic parents out there to STEP AWAY FROM SNAPCHAT! 917 more words

The Thoughts I Had During Tutoring


Hey guys, welcome back. So today I was sitting with my math tutor and I was having quite a few thoughts during our session and at one point I thought, hey this might just make for a good blog post (but realistically probably not). 882 more words