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Mods y’all need to judge your rules better.

Like seriously. Sometimes you make posts, they get removed and no strikes, but other times you make them and get strikes.

I literally got 20 posts get removed for “spam” and got 0 points, but then for posts for like manipulation I get 4 points. 154 more words


cramps can die

why does my body do the things it do

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So im making pancakes

They look bad but trust me they’re good.. Anyway my dad says we’re leaving in 15 minutes. Like I’m not even dressed yet

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I’m paranoid!! I can’t help it!! – 12th June 2000

Monday 12th I spoke to Miranda again very briefly this morning. I asked if she’d spoken to Robbie and how he was. She told me she had and that he seemed okay. 341 more words


Who Is She???

Do you ever look back at old pictures and think: Who are they? Who is that girl who used to laugh at anything and everything? Who is that girl with no worries and no fears just drifting through life? 485 more words

In response to my previous post about my drunk snapchat ...

I asked her if she liked this guy in a semi long rant. She just responded with no and a laughing face. I just said “I don’t remember what I sent last night but that’s probably a good thing.” 10 more words


I'm a perfectionist

I always aim for the HIGHEST of the HIGHEST, and if that doesn't work I'll beat myself up until it does.

I'm almost never EVER satisfied with myself. 20 more words