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Circa 2016

Me to youths – “I am going in the basement to work – please let me know when the oven timer goes off” 43 more words

Nearly 9th Grade

While the girls swim and jump off the bridge, I read a chapter in a history of Vermont — same old, same old.

We’re in the long, slow, cricket-singing days, just before school starts. 117 more words


What I learn from my children

My children are all teenagers now and when I recently stood still to look back and focus on what is happening right now, I looked at all the ups and downs, the very difficult and the easy moments, the moments of joy and the ones of deep sadness. 1,248 more words


Teenage Wonders To The World

“When They See Us” is a story that is still as fresh as I watched it about 2 months back. The 5 Boys went through hell but they came of it alive. 637 more words


Teens who hit puberty late may end up with weaker bones

Girls had their growth spurts earlier, at an average age of 11.5, while boys spurted on average at age 13.5

“Teens who mature later than their peers tend to have lower bone density on average as they grow and so they are likely to have a risk of breaking a bone” 139 more words


Monday: you're on notice

Yesterday was a day. Ugh.

Short version: My excellent suggestions were ignored by family members. Result was epic fails all day. 🙃

At end of day I jokingly tried to teach them my mantra (repeat after me: mom was right), but they refused (ha) and so I escaped with my 3rd glass of wine to the back porch after dinner. 685 more words



So I MIGHT have been temporarily insane when I planned this part of the trip, and it had been causing me anxiety attacks the whole time when I woke up late at night. 737 more words