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Tarantula Hill - Novel Excerpt


Inside the house, I can hear them sobbing. As I push past the front door, I see fifty or more crammed into the cavernous foyer, clutching at one another in messy knots of twos and threes. 293 more words


“Confessions: What It Really Feels Like Being Labeled Gifted and Talented Since Kindergarten” Series - Part 2 of 5 “Middle School” (2 min read)

Hello, again! Hope you’re doing well! If you’re reading this, thank you for your time. I really appreciate it!

So in “Elementary,” I briefly recorded experiences of students labeled gifted and talented since kindergarten based on personal experiences of my own and others. 267 more words

Getting Back to School

We have three more days of summer vacation before Sunny gets back into another school year. I’m always sad to see summer go. It’s a reminder to me of how fast my girl is growing up and how little time I really have left before she has to take those first steps out into the world on her own. 960 more words

quiet here at least (# 54)

It has been a peaceful week, mostly. I have stopped perseverating about the job I didn’t get. After talking to husband, therapist, and a friend, I have made a mental shift and decided to focus a little more on making my current (boring) job more interesting. 687 more words


Youth Unemployment Hits 52-Year Low

Data suggest more opportunities are available to some groups that historically struggled to find jobs.

>Andrew Duehren reports: The unemployment rate among young Americans fell to its lowest level in more than 50 years this summer, though the share of young people looking for work remained well below its peak in 1989. 225 more words

U.S. News

Fantasies of a Stressed out Mom

TEENAGER (by definition)

{WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY} – Any person between the ages of 13 and 19.

{URBAN DICTIONARY} – God’s punishment for enjoying sex.

The reality of it all is that teenagers suck (usually from a couple of years before until a couple of years after the actual teens). 361 more words

Just My Thoughts

It's Exhausting

Day three of high school for Little Man. Let’s just say he was falling asleep on the way to school this morning (it’s a fifteen minute drive), complete with head-bob and full body twitch.  465 more words