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Chicken Olympics

Summer? Kinda boring sometimes. Friends? Total flakes, but that’s alright. I do it too. 

Waking up at four in the afternoon? Priceless. Pure. Bliss. 

I roll onto my side, opening my eyes and gazing out across my room. 2,417 more words

Short Fiction

Lush Products I Recommend

Hello! It’s Lau and today I will be talking about Lush products. I’ve only been to Lush once but my experience was amazing.

I went to Lush for the first time in June 2017, it was a trip that my teacher had organised and I was very excited. 160 more words


When is parenting the hardest?

I put a Facebook post up on my personal profile this morning.  It resonated with other parents, as parenting struggles tend to do.  So I’m going to elaborate on my post here, and we are going to clearly ignore the fact that I have not written on my blog in 2 1/2 years. 1,194 more words


Family-Friendly Volunteering in Austin

Summertime. Kids are out of school and at home more, which has many advantages – they get a breather from their hard work during the school year, and there are more opportunities for… 1,138 more words

[Rant and Kinda need some advice] So guess who is gossiped about?

So pretty much I'm gossiped about by some friends… Now how do I explain exactly what happened..

So these were two girls and two guys and the two girls made a questionnaire for the two guys to answer in a paper sheet… sound stupid so far? 245 more words


A Class Period Well Lived

For this blog students from my English class will be posting about something that is a struggle for most of them, not thinking that my class sucks and is a complete waste of their time. 61 more words


whats the fucking point

hi im losing hope in all aspects of life and my depression is not helping, so i thought id rant here

I start college this fall, and having received my reward letter its clear to me that I will be forced to go 12-14 thousand dollars in debt every single year due to the price of campus housing. 240 more words