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Working at the Ice Cream Shop #Tidbit Tuesday

Here’s Julie from The Red Dress to tell you about her summer career as a scooper. Take it away, Julie.


I can see why my blind Aunt Polly wouldn’t want to work in a place like The Sugar Shack. 424 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

The Cost of Familiarity

A – “…I tried but she didn’t tell me the truth. I have come to realize that people tend to respect a distant friend who’s older than them, but would despise the ones closer to them” 1,068 more words


Summertime Blues

I bought locks two weeks ago to put on the fridge, freezer and food pantries to try to curb how much food N has the ability to steal. 794 more words


My close friend deleted my number.

Get ready for a thought-provoking story. And don’t worry, I’ll go into why I picked this part of my life to share.

Years ago, there was this girl in my class. 1,133 more words

Food For Thought


Reading Creolia is like a hot cup of coffee…enjoy at http://www.amazon.com

150+ Conversation Starters for Teens in High School [2020]

As children grow into teenagers, their social skills and habits may begin to change. Teens may grow more introverted and closed up, making it harder to connect with them. 1,947 more words


Reality of life trapped in social media.

The irony with social media is that it has affected most people in the exact opposite way. The general public has become less social than ever before. 720 more words