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Time to explain

Hey Surfettes!

I know I’ve been away nearly a month but that’s basically because I was feeling really down and when I feel down I cut things out of my life to figure out what it was making me unhappy in the first place but I’ve sorted that know so unfortunately for you you haven’t got rid of me yet. 122 more words



Hiya to whoever is reading this,

The deadline for my short story competition is fast approaching! It would be amazing to have some more entries and they can be as long or short as you like! 18 more words

Calling Collab Bloggers!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Collab bloggers, i have started sending the invites (HappyAlexx, ThoughtfulTash and InfinitMagic plz check your inbox!)

3LiitleBirds, Allison and LittleBl0g, i don’t have emails for you, so please could you comment the email you want the invite to be sent to asap! 10 more words

Weekly blog!🌸

Monday- I forgot…. Ooppss

Tuesday- The day of that dreaded maths exam! And there’s only one word to describe it: Hard! We all got the same paper (the higher tier) and as next year (when I do my GCSEs) the Government are introducing the new English and Maths exams, that are going to be graded by numbers (9-1)… We got to endure a practice paper, which bearing in mind contains new things that we haven’t even been taught yet! 184 more words


Lost my focus!!

Never allow hate in…!!!
Be careful not to confuse your feelings of Anger & Disappointment with Hatred. It easily happens without even realizing it, it happened to me…. 807 more words


Let's Talk About Teen Dating Violence

This coming Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 @ 7pm EST. Let’s talk about teen dating violence! We all know how serious this issue is, so let’s talk about it! 61 more words

Domestic Violence

Some More Photos

Hello everyone:

And as I told you some weeks ago, I went to take photos these days. I also told you I would take more photos, so here I am with even more photos!!!!!! 227 more words