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Career is a job or profession that someone does for a long time.
Student is a person who attends a school, college or university.

Growing up, I had a desire to be an accountant and knowing that I ought to be in the commercial department. 200 more words


House Rules

I’m not throwing shade, I’m just trying to she some light on the darkness. If teenagers were understood by their parents, there wouldn’t be a problem with that stage of development, ever. 44 more words



the uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

It’s something that will always find you. Something that will eat away at every little bit of confidence you have for years on end. 167 more words


Monday morning rundown (Yes, please, for the love of god go back to school.)

1.  It’s time. It’s really really time.

2.  You’ve done the sleeping in until 1:00pm thing. You’ve snoozed like the dead until you walked around like half baked zombies with your hair stuck up all weird. 237 more words


Insights Into Teens: Episode 29 "Resilience"

This week we talk about resilience. What it is, how to obtain it and how it can help you through so many of life’s challenge. We expand on the concept of dealing with life’s changes and challenges from last week and we explore how building up our resilience can lead to self confidence, self respect and the ability to cope with just about anything. 8,236 more words


Home-work for the family - Words to memorize and know the Meaning.

Check these out and search the meanings. If you love a challenge dig deeper. Do it with your family, you will be surprised how many “I know it but I can’t explain it.” 51 more words

Child Development

How we grow

No seriously, how?

At times ……. Which one comes first again?

Expectation leading to crying as a baby, lying in waiting with a magnetic helplessness? Maybe I shouldn’t let them sleep in my room so much? 587 more words

Child Development