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“Teenage girls may have some difficulty adjusting to the onset of puberty, some more than others.  And puberty may be a very difficult time for some teenagers, but there is nothing . 89 more words


Honoring the Seemingly Unseen

We are just recovering from two days of ice..power lines are down and we have lost many beautiful trees.  While, we went 24 hours without power as I am writing this people in my community are still in the cold darkness. 210 more words

About US



Shengliver’s Note: Jianchi the girl still has fond memories of the two elderly people.


In my childhood two elderly people gave me deep impressions. 315 more words

Chinese Teens



Shengliver’s Note: Teen Li Yan is more than a good runner; she is a gifted English writer.


I just want to say, “I’ve tried my best.” 440 more words

Chinese Teens

its been a week.

So today mean’s that I’ve had my blog for a week yay!
I finally managed to get to bed at 4am after the people upstairs turned their music off.So my skin is a bit better today but I still can’t stand to look at myself as It’s not back to normal but I suppose its going to take longer than a day to be cured so what did I expect? 225 more words


Turning Things Around

Hey guys welcome back. So today I stayed in my Pj’s but this time, it didn’t bother me as much. Mostly because I was actually being productive. 263 more words


Muddy Water

I’ll begin this post with a most excellent quote from a wonderful essay of the English language called “The American Pimp” The book establishes some tenets that all master pimps should have, here is one that particularly resounded with me, a  15 year old, middle-class Chinese kid in Scotland. 698 more words