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Sitting on the balcony at 4 a.m., creepily waiting for my brother to get home + How did i get here?

It’s currently 3.53 a.m.and i’m sat outside on my balcony floor waiting for my little (17 year old) brother to come home. It smells like piss out here and i’m pretty sure there’s a rat somewhere around here observing me but i want to know who’s sending my brother home and i want to know if it really is who he says it is. 789 more words


True Life: We Are All Afraid.

This post has gone viral, which it most certainly should. It is a very strong reminder to remain prideful and humble. I remember many days and nights spent with that same distressed look, because I grew up not knowing who I wanted to be or was going to be professionally and generally. 329 more words


Loving Yourself Means Freedom

In a society ruled by image, it becomes very difficult to love yourself, inside and out, especially as an eighteen year old girl. We are being told constantly that we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, just enough. 906 more words

When Teaching Children To Be Bad Is Bad

As I have said before about our kidlets, “We are not helping them if we are helping them.” I am not talking about giving $20 for a tank of gas or making them breakfast on the way out the door. 277 more words

Raising Teenagers


There are all kinds of websites on traveling, but I wanted to start a new blog to invite people to experience a teenagers view on the world. 48 more words


Summer Reading 2015

Here is my summer reading book list. It’s a collection of old and new, professional and unprofessional, kid and adult (somewhat). I also have several books that have been RECOMMENDED so I’m not sure how that will shift my tags as I work through these texts.


Jazzy June Favourites 2015

Hi, everyone! So it’s the end of June and the start of July which means a favourites post. I love doing favourites and I’ve actually starting to like to read other people’s favourites of the month. 615 more words