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Why It's Important To Express Yourself and Not Be Insecure About It

Be prepared for stories about me being a trendsetter way before the trend was actually set. 714 more words

I've Never Been So Busy!

It’s only Tuesday and I feel like the week should already be over. It’s like Monday was yesterday, Monday is today and Monday is tomorrow. I’ve never had so much to do! 381 more words


Guala Guala

sotd: weekend; louis the child – some white girl one of those white girl bangers that they play and all the white girls make that funny sound and scream in happiness that they can relate to some other privileged white girl from another part of the world. 252 more words


These College Girls Filled A Bathtub With Kraft Mac 'N Cheese And The Internet Is Utterly Beside Itself

For many people, macaroni and cheese is a comfort food, the likes of which cannot be rivaled. I mean, it’s the perfect meal — pasta, melted cheese, salt. 446 more words


Passion and Talent

Malam! Kali ini gue bakal bahas sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan passion dan talent.

Apa sih passion dan talent itu? Mungkin sampe sekarang banyak orang gatau apa passion sama talentnya dia, kemana dia mau melangkah selanjutnya. 315 more words


Your Precocious Kid Was So Adorable. Now, At 15? Not So Adorable.

Your daughter, Jenny, is editor of the school newspaper. She’s a math whiz, a voracious reader, and a star athlete. At 15, she looks destined for a great life. 452 more words

Safety Apps for #TeenDrivers

This day and age, technology is a love/hate thing. It’s inevitable that teens will have their iPhones with them wherever they go. For parents it’s a great thing because it’s for their safety too. 129 more words