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Event, Birthday Party, Mason Turns 1, January 2014

It’s always such a pleasure to work with the Duskeys, and Mason’s first birthday party was no exception. I really love event photography, and especially doing the candid photojournalism type shots (which make up most of the photos at an event like this) so it was a lot of fun for me. 38 more words


Montana on my Mind...

Recently I had the privilege to travel to Montana to photograph the wedding of two beautiful people who I hadn’t ever met in person before but instantly felt like I had known forever… a true blessing to be a part of their special day and the days leading up to it! 116 more words


Percival's Island

Today we visited Percival’s Island for the first time all together as a family. I’m proud of us for being so good about getting out and taking advantage of all the awesome resources Lynchburg has to offer. 382 more words

Lynchburg Va

Keeping it Cosy (and an Instagram change)

I wanted to make the interior of Axel’s teepee a place where he could relax and play quietly (ha! For those of you who know my child I’m sure you are laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of that statement!) but any-who a girl can dream and he has actually managed to do so for maybe 2 minutes max – a work in progress… 282 more words

Mrs Adorable


i teepeed a house for the first time ever and I hit at least 4 houses with some great homies. I love spontaneous adventures. My motto is to do everything once. 24 more words

Γιατί να αγοράσω στο παιδί μου μία teepeelicious;

Γιατί να αγοράσω στο παιδί μου μία teepeelicious; Να μερικοί σημαντικοί λόγοι:
Τα παιδιά, αγαπούν τα παιχνίδια ρόλων. Εμείς ως γονείς, πρέπει να βρίσκουμε τρόπους να τονώνουμε την φαντασία και τη δημιουργικότητά τους. 25 more words

Rock of Ages Teepee by Fieldcandy

Want a really cool teepee or den for a young explorer? How about this fantastic dinosaur fossil tent by Fieldcandy?!

It looks like a pyramid of stone with dinosaur fossils and is made from the highest quality materials from tent peg to pole! 61 more words