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Tesla, 3 months: The Trouble with Teething

Poor, poor, Tesla. She has been in the worst moods: biting her brother, biting our hands, chewing on furniture, trying to eat the carpet, trying to eat metal, chewing on anything in the garden… we began to get frustrated with her and the level of discipline and supervision she was needing when we realized, oh right, she’s 3 months old, she’s teething HARD.CORE. 320 more words


You can't sack a dog!

Well my furry friends, I was officially suspended from the office on Wednesday…… The sheer cheek of it, it’s not my fault I think I’m teething!…. 128 more words

Room 859

After our trip to the lovely Cottonwood Books of Baton Rouge and an epic quest to buy donuts, I put blue hairspray in my hair and Zooey tried to bite me in the face.


Travels with Zooey

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. October, 2011, Year of the Metal Rabbit.

After I stayed in New Orleans all summer for a variety of reasons, I left. But first, I should explain why I stayed and did not drive north and spend an eccentric amount of time in West Virginia and visit my beautiful friends and family. 788 more words


The Wretched Hour Part II

Friday night of fourth of July weekend. And Zooey won’t stop biting me. And drunk people keep asking me the same questions about him. And he is not a service dog yet. 107 more words


Romeo, is he part Deer Fawn & Alligator?

When I first saw pics of Romeo when Tara’s parents picked him up I immediately thought that he looked like a baby deer…awwww.  Everyone that looks at a pic of him says the exact same thing…”OMG those EARS”. 45 more words