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On Solo Healing HGarrosh 10 as a Paladin

Trust me, it sounds more impressive than it is!

Especially in my case, where I got to skip all the learning and strat adjusting attempts, coming in after the guild had already killed Heroic Garrosh twice. 1,676 more words

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A Last Unexpected Step

Exactly 3 weeks after I wrote my last post, this happened:

It was the guild’s 3rd kill. I didn’t participate in the 200ish learning wipes. 1,902 more words

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This is how a WoW Raiding Career Ends

Since the Epic Journey became official, I pictured my WoW raiding career ending with a euphoric heroic expansion-end boss kill. My imagination conjured cheering, a few tears and massive mental hugs given to those guildies I get along best with. 427 more words

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Thok Follow Up

Ok so, about a month ago (shit, when did time speed up so much?), I made a post about Thok in hopes to improve my healing numbers. 416 more words

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The Suffering Inflicted on Holy Paladins by Heroic Thok 25

Raid: Your numbers suck on Thok. Make them not suck.
Me: /cry

We’ve been working on Heroic Thok for a few weeks now. The strategy has been worked and reworked, we’ve gotten into the flow of the fight and we’ll probably kill that big hungry (thirsty?) dinosaur on Saturday. 1,029 more words

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On Playing my Holy Paladin in 5.4

Alright. It’s a been a couple of weeks since 5.4 and I’ve had time to experiment with our shiny new features. I promised everyone I’d sum up my observations, so here it goes. 1,248 more words

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Long, Long Awaited Challenge Modes

A couple of weeks ago, this happened:

That’s a Challenge Dungeon (or is it Dungeon Challenge?) Gold Run in case you’re wondering. My very first one. 1,319 more words

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