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On Solo Healing HGarrosh 10 as a Paladin

Trust me, it sounds more impressive than it is!

Especially in my case, where I got to skip all the learning and strat adjusting attempts, coming in after the guild had already killed Heroic Garrosh twice. 1,676 more words

Teh Paladin

A Last Unexpected Step

Exactly 3 weeks after I wrote my last post, this happened:

It was the guild’s 3rd kill. I didn’t participate in the 200ish learning wipes. 1,902 more words

Teh Paladin

This is how a WoW Raiding Career Ends

Since the Epic Journey became official, I pictured my WoW raiding career ending with a euphoric heroic expansion-end boss kill. My imagination conjured cheering, a few tears and massive mental hugs given to those guildies I get along best with. 427 more words

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