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Green Tomato Cafe @ Kuala Lumpur : Cooking Workshop

Blogged by @joehairie for Green Tomato Cafe & www.mybatik.com

Traditional Nasi Lemak cooking workshop is coming to Green Tomato Café. Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malaysian breakfast that means “rice in coconut cream”. 392 more words


Coffee Tastes Better After MidTerm Test

This few weeks have been pretty crazy with MidTerm Tests & tons of assignments approaching the respective due dates. Then there’s work. No matter how crazy the schedule is, I still squeezed in some time for jamming. 102 more words


#SFATW: Malaysia - A Food Guide

Hi, everyone! It’s another #SFATW post! Souvenirs From Across the World is hosted by Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks. You can join too, just check out the info… 1,756 more words


Craving for something Malaysian? 

If you’re craving for something Malaysian, do make sure that you call to make a booking at Satay Inn.
Satay Inn is located at Kew and has been around for more then 40 years now. 673 more words


Uncle Man's - Amazing Malaysian in the Auckland CBD

Ever wondered where to get the best Malaysian in Auckland? Me too! And though I can’t claim to have found the best, Uncle Man’s is certainly my personal favourite, and cheap to boot! 612 more words


The Man Who Ate Malaysia.....

Food glorious food – I make no bones about it!  Your waist-line is going to expand significantly while in Malaysia.  The food, with its melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence is amazing.  735 more words

Teh Tarik: A glass from the kitchen to the table

Teh Tarik is a popular beverage most commonly ordered at a Mamak Malaysian hawker street stall.  Teh Tarik also known as ‘pulling tea’ or “pulled tea” is the drink’s name in Malay and the reference to how it is made. 333 more words

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