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The Man Who Ate Malaysia.....

Food glorious food – I make no bones about it!  Your waist-line is going to expand significantly while in Malaysia.  The food, with its melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence is amazing.  735 more words

Teh Tarik: A glass from the kitchen to the table

Teh Tarik is a popular beverage most commonly ordered at a Mamak Malaysian hawker street stall.  Teh Tarik also known as ‘pulling tea’ or “pulled tea” is the drink’s name in Malay and the reference to how it is made. 333 more words

Malaysian Cuisine

Mình đã biết một chút về Malaysia

Một năm sau bài Mình biết gì về Malaysia, mình có thể tự tin trả lời rằng mình cũng biết chút chút về đất nước này rồi. 1,442 more words

Chuyện Nhặt Trên đường

Teh Tarik Place Klang Parade

Klang Parade, how you have changed!

We remembered the last time we went to Klang Parade and it really looked like a dodgy establishment. Although there were anchor tenants like Parkson and Giant, the mall had a rundown feel to it.  394 more words


A Truly Asian Beverage Hunt

I was told to try Nasi Lemak, a richer Malaysian version of the Bakuteh, Penang Laksa, Clay Pot Char Kway Teow, and… 701 more words

Because I Tehtarik Dengan You

I love teh tarik. Especially if it’s from the teh sarbat stall near Bussorah Street. If Z and I happen to be around the area and have nothing to do, or we are waiting for the next prayer time, we would pay a visit to the stall to have our fix of bubbly, sweet and milky teh Tarik (and a glass of warm water to eradicate any guilt from our hearts). 110 more words

The Wedding Project