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Evaluating Sources AWR TEJ/ Response


”provide background information or context for your topic”(Hacker 376).

“As you plan your writing, you will need to think through the kinds of sources that will help you fulfill your purpose most effectively”(Hacker 377). 657 more words

TEJ 4 3

This TJ is from a ‘writers reference customization for Fresno state with writing in the disciplines’ by Diana hacker and Nancy Sommers. “Evaluating Sources” on pages 375-387. 333 more words


TEJ : Evaluating Sources

Since I just went to the page 375 and started reading off the bat, I got a little bit of information from section before the “Evaluating Sources” section. 559 more words


TEJ and Word Response- "Evaluating Sources"

In the reading, “Evaluating Sources” it showed me different strategies to use when writing. Because most want to show the audience what they’re aware of and what we’re there saying they have to show different ways to address the purpose. 681 more words

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