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Life is crazy, right?

My life has been super crazy trying to figure out the direction I want to take it. In that time though holy moly there is so many awesome geeky movies coming out! 294 more words

Introducing Tekkit Tuesdays!

I’ve been talking a lot in recent posts about the changes that I want to make to my blog in 2015 (read the main post… 560 more words


Project Red: Illumination

This will be a short post, but it will be all the while worth it on Tekkit.

The first thing to do is place down some colored lamps in the shape of your object. 26 more words


Been busy


If you follow this blog you will soon learn that I’m a huge nerd. Basically I’m keeping myself busy all day doing various nerdy things, gaming, searching information, learning or fixing my server. 340 more words


My Derpy 1.8 Skin Gets Derpier When Playing Mod-Packs.

So this post is basically about what I just noticed about my 1.8 skin and how it is displayed in modded version 1.6.4 for FTB and Tekkit. 289 more words