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Empire of the Petal Throne: Observations about the Setting Material Within the Book

Following up on the new print-on-demand version of Empire of the Petal Throne, here’s a link to a post Dyson Logos made about the game on his blog two and a half years ago after he bought the PDF, printed it, had it bound, and began reading it… 367 more words

Empire of the Petal Throne is Back in Print

For those of you interested in Old School gaming, the Tékumel Foundation just announced the release of new new hardcover and softcover editions of Empire of the Petal Throne… 512 more words

Hritlà, The Smugglers' Cove

On the mysterious southern continent there are two competing colonies from the major powers in the north – Linyaró (which I posted a map of previously… 308 more words


The Tsolyani Colony of Linyaró

We are now on our 90th session of our Empire of the Petal Throne campaign run by James Maliszewski and things have shifted dramatically for our group of characters as we’ve been exiled to become the governor of the very very distant colony of Linyaró on the mysterious Southern Continent. 258 more words


My Private Jakalla Map 1H

It is time to dig deep under the city streets of a yet unnamed city of Tekumel. The goal of this project (started last year) is to produce a large set of maps that interconnect to produce something akin to, but very much different in style from, the original Jakallan Underworld map that M.A.R. 493 more words


My Private Jakalla - Map 1G

As we approach the end of January, it’s time to post another piece in the collection of maps of the Jakallan underworld-like project I am taking on. 551 more words