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On Tekumel

As I posted previously, I have begun learning how to play Bethorm:  The Plane of Tekumel from UNI Games.  Any references I make to playing in the Tekumel setting are derived from Bethorm and are not intended as a challenge to copyright.  192 more words

Table Top Role-playing Games

Barbarian Archetype: Path of the Labourer

Barbarian Path of the Labourer

Hard laborious jobs are all over the empires and someone needs to get those done. You have spent your life tolling at a craft or tending the fields, like your family before you. 198 more words


Sorcerer Archetype: Psychic Sorcerer

I created this over a year ago when needing a spell-caster that mainly did Psychic spells, specifically for Tekumél as magic is Psychic\Ritual. You’re psychic powers allow you to channel other-planer energies into magical effects. 531 more words


Fighter Archetype: The Legionnaire

Wanting to create a fighter archetype that had a little of the feeling of military groups within Tekumél. The main thing I though was the ability to Assist your group of people. 1,255 more words


D&D5e Downtime Activities

So you’ve been playing for a while and you’ve accumulated some Downtime (DT), now what? Well, your options will be determined by if you’re playing Adventures League (DDAL) or a home game.  1,266 more words


Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame 2

Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame 1

With the fire of Vimúhla in their hearts and in their feet Su’umél Lo’darth hiDavíd and Kuruthúni Changadesha hiZwicker ran from the colossal sand worm, drawing it away. 802 more words


D&D 30 Question Challenge!

1) How you got started?

Back in the late ’80’s with ‘Keep on the Boarderlands‘ and the original starter set. No idea where they came from but I loved them. 1,252 more words