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Working with conventions in 2016

This is a follow-up to our earlier blog post about plans for 2016 – we want to expand on that post, and explain in more detail our plans for the upcoming year.   229 more words


Plans for 2016

The first post of 2016 for the Foundation blog is about the Foundation’s plans for the upcoming year.  2015 was a successful year: it saw a whole range of activities and events, including… 380 more words

Empire Of The Petal Throne

Adventurers of the Petal Throne

The DM of our weekly Empire of the Petal Throne campaign, James Maliszewski of Grognardia fame, just had this piece commissioned by Zhu Baije of our adventuring party. 424 more words


Conlangery #115: Tsolyáni

Earlier in December, the podcast of constructed languages, Conlangery #115, was released.  A “conlang” is a constructed language, such as Elvish, Klingon or Esperanto.  This particular episode focused on the Tsolyáni language.   112 more words


Party Mapper!

The last two games I played in I got to be the party mapper. This isn’t a role I push heavily in my own games as I often sketch out the map as we go when I’m GMing a game. 299 more words


[Friday Map] The Asymmetric Temple (underground)

Part two of this week’s Asymmetric Temple map, these are the two underground levels of the temple where most of the actual service work of the temple takes place. 402 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Asymmetric Temple (Surface Levels)

Since the beginning of March I’ve been playing in an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign using the classic 1975 rules set. At one point some drawings of temples were shown, and one player pointed out that the temples to one of the death gods of the setting are typically asymmetric. 378 more words